Powerful Steps To Apply The Word Of God In Our Christian Living

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We have read about the significance, influence, authority, and history of the Bible. We know the need to read the material carefully and develop the ability to decipher what God is trying to say. However, one more vital step is to apply the Word of God and what we have learned from His Word.

Reading the Bible but not putting its teachings into practice is like reading a cookbook but not cooking it; you get the notion of how things should be done but don’t get the advantages that are meant. God’s Word has life and power. It is intended to influence how we live.

What Is The Key To Applying The Word Of God In Our Lives?

We discover God’s dealings with people throughout history, His plan of salvation, His promises, and His character by reading the Bible. We observe what a Christian spiritual life entails. The understanding of Him that we gain from Scripture provides a crucial foundation for implementing the Bible’s life-application concepts.

Study The Bible

Reading is a part of studying, yet studying is different from reading. When we wholly pray and commit time and attention to learning more about a specific person, topic, theme, passage, or book of the Bible, we are said to be studying God’s Word.

Many study tools[1] are accessible, such as published biblical commentaries, that allow us to feast on the “flesh” of God’s Word. We can become familiar with these resources, then pick a subject, a paragraph, or a book that grabs our attention and start reading.

Memorize The Bible

We must only put into practice something we can recall. The word must first be “hidden” in our hearts by memory before we can “hide” it there. Scripture memorization creates a well within us from which we can continuously draw, especially when we cannot read the Bible.


Jesus describes a sower who sets out to plant seeds in his field only to discover that certain seeds—the word of God—had landed on rocky ground, where little dirt was. These seeds instantly sprouted since there was no soil depth, but when the sun rose, they were burnt. They faded away because they lacked a root. This person, according to Jesus, is the one in whom the word is sown but does not germinate.

Applying God’s Word

The degree to which we learn how God’s truth and word relates to our life depends on how much we read, memorize, and reflect on it. But more than knowing how the word describes is required, you must also put it into practice in your everyday life.

Application entails activity, and obeying God’s Word via action is the last stage in making it come to life. The application of Scripture strengthens and further enlightens our study and helps us better discriminate between good and evil by honing our discernment (Hebrews 5:14).

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What Are The Prerequisites For Applying The Word Of God?

He must have You. Jesus tells us that we must follow Him, which is the first and most evident requirement. Spiritual appetite comes before spiritual awakening. His word is inaccessible to you if you don’t have a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus.

You must be starving. A healthy infant has a ravenous hunger. It would help if you grew a desire for truth and righteousness after being born again. He honors those who earnestly seek Him, not those who merely graze on Him. The Bible transforms into the most incredible feast for a hungry heart and provides the energy to follow Christ forever.

You must have modesty. Your willingness to obey it must increase along with your spiritual appetite. It is essential to submit humbly to the ideals it produces. Bible study is stimulating when you obediently and humbly apply its truth.

What Are Some Questions To Ask As We Apply The Word Of God?

1. “What’s the passage trying to say?” Before attempting to interpret the chapter, it’s critical to comprehend what it genuinely states. Even on the surface, some passages, particularly those found in prophetic writings, can be very challenging to understand.

There are so many names, locations, and symbols that it’s simple to get confused. Start by asking yourself the 5Ws and H questions whenever you encounter a passage you need help with knowledge and understanding.

2. “What is the meaning of this passage?” Then, inquire in your mind, “What does this text mean?” You will start interpreting the passage at this point. You need to be sure of the meaning of this verse before you can comprehend how He is trying to communicate with you through it.

We must be careful not to extrapolate from the Bible and attempt to apply it to the circumstances of our own lives. By determining the passage’s intended meaning before making an application, we should study the other way around.

3. “What does this reveal about God, I wonder?” Think about what the Bible says about Him before analyzing its implications for your life. The Bible is primarily literature about God. It teaches us much about ourselves, but it’s really about Him. We read the Bible to get to know Him better. We love God more and more as we get to know Him better.

Why Do We Need To Apply The Word Of God In Our Lives?

Because God is the same and dependable God, the Bible will never be outdated. Because it provides us with all the solutions we require for leading a virtuous life, His word is so potent. The Bible aided in our understanding of the significance of God’s Word.

The significance of the Bible is that as we rely on and study it regularly, we develop a steady relationship with God. We are aware of His will, our purpose in life, and what He wants us to do. When we invoke the Lord’s name in sincerity, He comes near us.

How To Apply The Word Of God In Our Lives And Let It Transform Us?

To apply scripture and Jesus’ written truth, we must be deeply rooted in Him and filled with His Spirit. Prayer is the primary tool of grace for developing a close relationship with Jesus. We are instructed to approach Jesus immediately when we need something. We are to pray constantly in the Spirit to be filled with the Spirit and can apply God’s Word to our lives.

We shouldn’t attempt to modify what we do to change our beliefs. Instead, we must examine our fundamental ideas to change our behavior. You must sincerely and actively place your confidence in the integrity of what God has said to apply His Word to your life.

After having been justified by faith, we have a responsibility to choose to engage in the sanctification process deliberately. The final phase is to apply God’s Word to our lives once we are filled with the Spirit, closely connected to Jesus Christ, praying for the strength to obey, comprehending and learning God’s message, and placing our faith in the accuracy of the Bible.

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As Christians, we should allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and use the Word to change our lives. We might read things that inspire us to love God more, convict us, motivate us to press on, or serve as a gentle reminder to love others.

God’s Word will cause real change in our actions and inactions when it modifies our thoughts, functioning beliefs, and desires. Consider both the religious activities you should pursue and the evil acts the passage exposes in your own life.

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