Top Reasons Why Asking God For Wisdom Is Important For Believers

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At times of difficulty, asking God for wisdom is essential for Christians. A daily prayer for knowledge is a smart practice! In Proverbs 8, a fascinating section concerning knowledge, the author poses the question, “Does God’s wisdom call out?” Truly, God’s wisdom calls out, and those who answer positively and humbly with prayer get his grace and favor.

Praying for knowledge is of utmost importance for a child of God, and certain prayers can aid Christians in their daily walk with God.

What Does The Bible Say About Asking God For Wisdom?

The fear of the Lord is the essence of wisdom[1], as revealed in the Scriptures. Job 28:28 says, “And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.” Knowing when to turn away from evil and serving God wisely are both acts of wisdom. Therefore, let us ask God to strengthen our resolve to serve him and to avoid giving in to temptation.

We know that we will receive anything we ask for if we have faith (Matthew 21:22). Humbling himself like a little child, Solomon asked God for wisdom to be the servant king and reign over God’s people; similarly, we should pray for wisdom to make decisions in our daily lives.

“And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore” (1 Kings 4:29). We know that God will provide us knowledge when we ask for it.

Do you realize how short your time on earth will be? That’s why Psalm 90:12 says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” No one should waste their limited time on Earth. Keeping our walk with Christ intact requires making the right choices daily, and this becomes clear when we remember that our lives are finite.

Why Do We Need Wisdom?

Simply put, we need wisdom so that we can make the right decisions and have eternal life. Wisdom works the same way as the Holy Spirit. The man or woman who understands how to live God’s way in God’s world is wise. The waves crashed down, but the rock-hewn home of the wise man remained unmoved. The foolish man made the mistake of constructing his home on unstable ground, and it eventually gave way.

If you ask God, the godless knowledge of this world is just plain stupid. So we won’t act foolishly, Proverbs 8:5 advises us to prioritize wisdom.

book of proverbs in bible and asking god for wisdom

Why And How Should You Pray For Wisdom?

James 1:5 reminds us, “If any of you lacks wisdom, ask God, and He will give generously to all without finding fault.”

Because God’s views and methods are not the same as ours (Isaiah 55:8–9), it is essential to ask that God instruct us on how to live our lives (Psalm 25:4–5).

God alone is the source of true wisdom. Our giving God is not only the fountainhead of all kinds of wisdom but also the embodiment of wisdom. According to God’s Word, Jesus gained wisdom in his human form, and as God’s Son, he embodied wisdom for humanity. The Holy Spirit instructs us in the ways of wisdom.

The Old Testament says King Solomon’s most desired gift was a wise and perceptive heart. This gift granted the monarch immense insight, prosperity, and fame as God answered his plea. Solomon wrote some of the Scripture’s proverbs, including Proverbs 4:5–7: “Get wisdom, get understanding… Do not forsake wisdom.”

Moreover, James 1:5 advises believers to request or pray for knowledge. God is a gracious provider, and He desires for you to recognize and appreciate His knowledge. In your prayers for knowledge, seek it like a priceless treasure. Tune your ear to it and pay close attention to it. Consider acquiring wisdom and truth, or ingraining it, in order to grow increasingly wise.

“Ask God”—the God identified in verse 17 as the source of “every good and perfect gift” coming “down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does[n’t] change like shifting shadows.” Your heavenly Father is prepared to offer good things to those who ask him in a far more generous and suitable way, and wisdom is one of the wonderful things that may be received when you ask him for it.

How Does God Grant Us Wisdom?

In times of difficulty, it is essential to seek knowledge. James 1:5–8 discusses the manner in which we should pray for wisdom.

“Ask our gracious God for wisdom, and He will grant it to you. He won’t chastise you for asking. However, be certain that your faith is in God alone when you ask Him. Keep your resolve, because a person who has conflicting loyalties is as unstable as a wave of the sea that is tossed and driven by the wind. Such individuals shouldn’t anticipate anything from the Lord. They are unsteady in whatever they do and have a split loyalty between God and the world.”

2 Verses To Pray When Asking God For Wisdom

The Bible is replete with guidance on how to develop knowledge, and as you pray to God for insight, you may consider two of those verses:

“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.” — Proverbs 3:13

As God provides us with wisdom and discernment, we will be more at peace with our decisions because we will know that God is directing us.

“For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.” — Ecclesiastes 7:12

Having money is wonderful and may be a terrific way to get protection. Yet the difference between wisdom and wealth is that only wisdom can safeguard the lives of people who fear God.

2 Powerful Prayers For Wisdom

In making decisions, we can’t just rely solely on understanding. As co-authors of this life’s narrative, we also have the option to seek wisdom from God.

Prayer #1

Dear God,

We are Your creation, made to please You, and You have given every one of us a task. I am confident that You are able to give me the discernment to find employment, to work diligently, and to bring You glory in my career and ministry as I serve in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that You’ll fill my employment with thankfulness and joy and teach me how to avoid burnout. Please give me the stamina to do my responsibilities for today.

Help me to share Your wonderful life lessons and to exhibit godly wisdom. I pray for a spirit of wisdom that will open my eyes and show me the depth of my faith in You. I also pray for others to experience this. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer #2

Dear God,

We are grateful that, despite the fact that we often begin our lives according to our plans and have our own ideas about how they should be, Your overarching goal is achieved. Help us make decisions based on your will, not ours.

Please keep reminding us to stand by your side while we give up every detail to serve your greater good. Connect our thoughts, our desires, and our hearts with yours, O God. Because everything is possible with you, your plans and ways are superior to ours in every aspect. Please guide us at every step. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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When you lack the wisdom to handle life’s trials, turn to God. When you begin to move toward your goal, seek God’s guidance in every choice, no matter how small or big it is. Wisdom arises when we pray for God’s support. God offers this good gift generously and without reproach.

As everything is from God, through God, and for God, he deserves all the praise for eternity. After all, God’s plan of salvation offers him glory and honor forever and ever.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful insight about prayer. How do we ask God to open our spiritual eyes that we can what we’re unable to see with our bodily eyes. Thank you.


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