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Benton, MS

Shannon is a mental health advocate, church planter and a member of the Bible Keeper team from Kentucky. Raised in a family of church leaders, she has strong moral values centered around serving others through God's will.

Shannon Jacobs is a dynamic force in the literary world, blending a captivating mix of talents that extend beyond the pages of her books. As an accomplished book author, editor, and artist, Shannon has carved a unique niche in the intersection of faith, mental health, and technology.

Champion of Faith-Based Community Work

Rooted in a rich background in psychology, social work, and a profound religious upbringing, Shannon has spent the last decade championing the significance of faith-based community work. Her commitment to uplifting others through a fusion of faith and community service has become the cornerstone of her impactful career.

Author of Groundbreaking Books

Shannon’s literary legacy includes several groundbreaking books on mental health and well-being. Her keen insights, shaped by a deep Christian devotion, unravel the profound impact of one’s relationship with God on mental health. These books are beacons of wisdom, guiding readers toward a holistic understanding of the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Her first book, “Mindfulness in Christ: Blending Christian Spirituality with Mental Health Practices,” explored the integration of mindfulness practices with Christian spirituality, providing a balanced approach to mental health. It made Amazon’s list of Top 100 Bestsellers List of 2012 and 2013. 

Shannon would go on to author four more books after this initial success.  

Innovative Co-founder of BibleKeeper.com

At the helm of BibleKeeper.com, Shannon has found a renewed sense of purpose. Her commitment extends beyond the written word, as she utilizes technology to serve others in alignment with the divine will. The platform is a testament to her visionary approach to fostering spiritual growth through modern tools.

Beyond the Pages

Shannon unfolds her creativity in her leisure moments through meditative hobbies—painting, crocheting, knitting, and sketching. These artistic pursuits not only serve as outlets for personal expression but also weave seamlessly into her community-wide Bible study sessions. 

Shannon’s ability to infuse spirituality into various forms of art creates a harmonious blend of introspection and creativity.

A Holistic Approach

Beyond her professional commitments, Shannon’s impact resonates in the community-wide Bible study sessions she organizes and facilitates. These sessions seamlessly incorporate her love for artistic expression, providing participants with a unique and holistic approach to spiritual growth.

Shannon Jacobs stands as a beacon of inspiration, seamlessly weaving together her diverse talents to enrich the lives of those who engage with her work. Her journey transcends the boundaries of conventional authorship, embodying a true commitment to the well-being of mind, body, and spirit.


  • Experience in authoring books about psychology and mental health within the framework of faith and spirituality
  • Believes in the power of mindfulness and meditation in getting closer to God
  • Runs Bible study sessions that encourage participants to be creative through their crafts and hobbies


Shannon is a prolific author who has penned a series of enlightening books delving into the realm of mental wellness and guiding contemporary Christians on the path to a closer relationship with God.


Shannon earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Boldhaven Institute of Arts and Sciences

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