15 Best Atlanta Christian Colleges To Help You Grow Spiritually

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It’s normal for young people of faith to look for an educational institution that shares their beliefs. The State of Georgia, located in America’s “Bible Belt,” is a welcoming spot for young adults to find their footing since Christianity is so deeply ingrained in the region’s culture.

Particularly, Atlanta, Georgia, boasts several affordable Christian institutions [1] with low tuition and manageable class numbers; some of these schools even provide financial aid to qualified students. They may have the same religious views as their students and host worship sessions on campus.

Key Takeaways

  • Atlanta offers a variety of Christian colleges, providing educational opportunities aligned with Christian values and diverse academic programs.
  • These institutions range from historically black colleges to colleges offering extensive online programs, catering to a wide range of student needs and preferences.
  • The Christian colleges in Atlanta not only focus on academic excellence but also emphasize community involvement, spiritual growth, and personal development.

15 Best Atlanta Christian Colleges

Christian colleges in Atlanta are an excellent place to start if you are a devout Christian who wants to attend a school with values consistent with your beliefs. Here are the top 15 Christian colleges in and around Atlanta:

1. Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College, a private institution affiliated with the Presbyterian faith, was established in 1889 in Decatur, Georgia. It stands as a welcoming haven for women of diverse faiths and backgrounds.

With a modest student body of just over 1,100, Agnes Scott College has earned the top spot on EDsmart’s ranking of the finest Christian schools in Georgia. Among the wide array of academic disciplines offered, public health, business, psychology, and mathematics stand out as particularly sought-after areas of study.

2. Andrew College

Established in 1854, Andrew College empowers graduates to serve both the southwestern Georgia region and beyond. The college offers a wide array of academic programs, including law enforcement, literature, science, technology, nursing, and engineering.

Andrew provides all the resources you might need to participate in international education, join an honors program, or create a flexible online course plan. High school students may take advantage of everything that Andrew has to offer by enrolling in the school’s dual enrollment program.

3. Beulah Heights University

Due to its modest student population, this university boasts small, cost-effective classes. This environment empowers students to extract maximum value from their courses and cultivate stronger connections with their professors. Its study abroad programs equip students for a lifetime of Christ-centered service and knowledge by sending them to locations like Belgium, Brazil, Kenya, and Japan.

4. Brewton-Parker College

Mount Vernon is home to Brewton-Parker College, a Christian-affiliated private institution. It has 16 sports teams and has been around since 1904. Classes with fewer students can better cater to each student’s needs.

5. Clark Atlanta University

Clark Atlanta University is a dynamic private Christian institution born from the harmonious union of two historically black educational institutions in 1988. It stands tall as the premier private college dedicated to serving the black community in the United States, a distinction it wears with pride.

Within its campus, the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, with a rich tapestry of 40 different degrees awaiting eager minds. Clark Atlanta University isn’t just a place of education; it’s a testament to the power of unity and the celebration of heritage, where the past converges with the future to shape a world of possibilities.

6. Covenant College

Covenant College, a haven of Christian education, was initially founded amidst the charm of Pasadena, California, in 1955. Yet, in a transformative shift in 1965, its main campus found its perch on the majestic Lookout Mountain in Georgia. Here, the college stands in profound affiliation with the Presbyterian Church in the United States, embracing a rich legacy of faith and learning.

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7. Emmanuel College

Franklin Springs, Georgia, is home to Emmanuel College, a private Christian college that was founded in 1919. In this case, it’s the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, with whom the school is associated. During their community service trips, Emmanuel students share the gospel in places like hospitals, jails, and homeless shelters. They help out in the community by tutoring kids, serving in the church, listening to sermons, and going on mission trips.

8. Emory University

The Methodist Episcopal Church founded the Atlanta, Georgia, campus of Emory University in 1836. It is recognized for its wide range of academic offerings across more than 70 different departments.

9. LaGrange College

LaGrange College emerges as a distinguished private university with a deep-rooted Methodist affiliation. Here, the campus boasts a vibrant community where students, save for those residing within a 30-mile radius or aged 23 and above, call home.

The academic landscape is as diverse as the community it fosters, with 50 unique undergraduate degree programs to choose from. Whether one’s passion lies in business, kinesiology and exercise science, nursing, psychology, biology, or accounting, LaGrange College provides a rich tapestry of educational opportunities, paving the way for a future shaped by faith and knowledge.

10. Luther Rice College & Seminary

Luther Rice College & Seminary provides degree programs both completely online and on campus. This seminary mostly offers its Doctor of Ministry program online, with some required on-campus meetings. As of the year 2020, the school will have accepted students from 48 different states and 22 other countries.

11. Paine College

This private Christian college was established in Augusta, Georgia, in 1882. Paine College is a historically black college that partners with the Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso, Texas.

Established in 1882 as a private institution in Augusta, Georgia, Paine College has a rich history as a historically black institution. Additionally, Paine College holds a noteworthy partnership with the Lydia Patterson Institute, located in El Paso, Texas.

12. Piedmont University

Boasting a rich history since 1897, Piedmont University is a nurturing home for 1,255 aspiring minds. Here, excellence is more than a tradition; it’s a living legacy. As proof of its commitment to quality, Piedmont University proudly claims the #20 spot on the esteemed Best Value Schools list, reflecting its dedication to offering exceptional education at an accessible price point.

Furthermore, its #24 ranking on the Top Performers on Social Mobility list underscores the university’s mission to empower students from diverse backgrounds. Finally, securing the #44 position among Regional Universities in the South, according to U.S. News & World Report is a testament to Piedmont’s enduring impact on the region and beyond.

13. Point University

Point University began in 1937 in West Point, Georgia. Common areas of study include Biblical studies, counseling psychology, business, the liberal arts and humanities, law, and the development of children and youth. In addition, it provides online learning for enhanced accessibility and adaptability.

14. Reinhardt University

Established in 1883, Reinhardt University is a private Christian institution nestled in the sylvan outskirts of Waleska, Georgia. Its distinguished rankings include #7 among the Best Colleges for Veterans, #20 for Best Value Schools, and #36 among the premier regional colleges in the South.

Prospective students consistently rank business, criminal justice, sport and fitness management, biology, healthcare administration, and accounting among the most sought-after majors. The fact that Reinhardt is the only institution in Cherokee County to provide both undergraduate and graduate degrees at such reasonable prices is one of the school’s greatest claims to fame.

The university’s study abroad program is also top-notch and equips students with valuable work experience. Reinhardt’s mission is to support its students as they grow intellectually and spiritually.

15. Toccoa Falls College

Founded in 1907 amidst the serene beauty of Toccoa Falls, Georgia, Toccoa Falls College stands as a beacon of private Christian education. Today, its mission shines as brightly as its accolades. It ranks #10 among best-value schools, holds the #24 position among top regional colleges in the South, and impressively, it stands at #9 among the champions of social mobility. Those in the know recognize these rankings.

Within its academic embrace, students can explore a myriad of sought-after disciplines, including counseling psychology, biblical studies, mission studies, business, and liberal arts and humanities. Yet, Toccoa Falls is more than an academic institution; it’s a dedicated partner in every facet of its students’ lives. From nurturing personal relationships to fostering career success and spiritual growth, Toccoa Falls College is a true ally on the journey of life.

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Navigating the vast sea of college options can often feel like a daunting voyage. Yet, for students in the bustling Atlanta area who seek a Christian college experience that resonates with their individual beliefs and values, the educational horizon holds a treasure trove of diverse possibilities waiting to be discovered.

For those intending to nurture their Christian faith and values during their educational journey, the option of attending Christian colleges is a path worth exploring. With faith in God’s guidance, you can find comfort and assurance in the knowledge that, wherever your educational journey leads, His providence is your steadfast companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Christian Colleges In Atlanta Known For?

Christian colleges in Atlanta are known for integrating faith-based values with a wide array of academic programs, providing a holistic educational experience that combines spiritual growth with intellectual development.

Can Students Of Other Faiths Attend Christian Colleges In Atlanta?

Yes, students of other faiths can attend Christian colleges in Atlanta as these institutions often welcome a diverse student body and promote an inclusive environment, regardless of an individual’s religious background.

What Types Of Degrees Can Be Pursued At Atlanta’s Christian Colleges?

At Atlanta’s Christian colleges, students can pursue a variety of degrees ranging from associate to doctoral levels, covering fields such as the liberal arts, sciences, business, healthcare, and theological studies.

Are There Online Programs Available At Christian Colleges In Atlanta?

Yes, many Christian colleges in Atlanta offer online programs, providing flexible learning options for students who require a more adaptable academic schedule or cannot attend on-campus classes.

How Do Christian Colleges In Atlanta Support Spiritual Growth?

Christian colleges in Atlanta support spiritual growth by offering chapel services, Bible study groups, community service opportunities, mission trips, and mentorship programs, all designed to foster a supportive and faith-centered community.

What Financial Aid Options Are Available At Christian Colleges In Atlanta?

At Christian colleges in Atlanta, financial aid options typically include scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and student loans, with some institutions also offering aid specifically for students who demonstrate a strong commitment to Christian service.

Are There Extracurricular Activities Available At Atlanta’s Christian Colleges?

Yes, Atlanta’s Christian colleges offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, music and arts groups, academic clubs, and community service organizations, encouraging students to engage with the campus community and develop personal interests.

How Do Christian Colleges In Atlanta Prepare Students For Their Future Careers?

Christian colleges in Atlanta prepare students for their future careers by offering robust academic programs, internship opportunities, career counseling services, and networking events, all aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills and connections for professional success.

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