10 Best Christian Advent Calendars For An Exciting Holiday Season

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To most Christians, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Some non-Christians also celebrate it as a cultural event. But whatever their belief is, it is undeniable that this day is the biggest and most celebrated festivity in many countries, and the best Christian Advent calendar should make counting down to Christmas both fun and meaningful.

The countdown to Christmas, one of the most anticipated events every year, using Advent calendars is a fun, devotional, and fantastic way for families to build excitement for the upcoming Nativity. Both adults and kids will surely love to engage in this daily activity while being reminded of the true essence of this celebration, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Christian Advent Calendars

Christians are most likely familiar with what Advent[1] is as it is known as the period of preparation leading to the birth of Jesus Christ and His second coming. The Advent season starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, but most Advent calendars typically cover the days of December 1st to 24th.

Advent calendars are great tools for the whole family, especially kids, to discover and learn God’s Word and truth while they await the much-anticipated day in December. Each calendar normally has 24 doors or windows to be opened one at a time every day until Christmas Eve. Putting up a Jesse tree and an Advent wreath, along with Advent calendars, is a tradition that signifies the start of the Advent season.

Stained Glass Nativity Advent Calendar

1. Stained Glass Nativity Advent Calendar

This 14″ x 11″ Nativity calendar has a window for each day of December which presents a picture with a Bible text about the story of the Nativity—an excellent way to teach kids about the story of Christ’s birth. It is a fantastic option for families, individuals, and anybody wishing to add a little holiday magic to their house.

Kurt Adler J3767 Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar

2. Kurt Adler J3767 Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar With 24 Magnetic Pieces

The Kurt Adler Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar is made from high-quality wood and has 24 numbered doors containing magnetic pieces that will allow you to relive the true meaning of Christmas.

Each day, children can open the door for that day and place the magnetic piece on the calendar, building the nativity scene piece by piece as Christmas approaches.

Precious Moments O Come Let Us Adore Him Nativity Advent Calendar

3. Precious Moments O Come Let Us Adore Him Nativity Advent Calendar

Learn about the Nativity characters and their role in this Precious Moments Advent Multicolor calendar. It is made of wood, while the figurines are made out of resin, stored in each numbered drawer.

They include the three wise men, shepherds, a lamb, a donkey, and more. The last pocket, on Christmas Day, contains a special figurine of baby Jesus. The pockets and figurines are sturdy and well-made, ensuring that the calendar can be used year after year. It also includes a nativity storybook poem.

No Room At The Inn Advent Calendar

4. No Room At The Inn Advent Calendar

The No Room At The Inn Advent Calendar is a unique and thought-provoking way for counting down the days until Christmas. Made by Vermont Christmas Company, this advent calendar features a beautifully illustrated nativity scene with 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a Bible verse and its corresponding image.

Novernat Advent Countdown Calendar

5. Novernat Advent Countdown Calendar

This Novernat Advent Countdown Calendar will make a perfect gift for children as they await the day of Christmas. The design features a cute and colorful Christmas-themed background.

Kids can have Christmas-themed bracelets by the end of the Advent preparation as it includes 22 DIY charm beads that they can stack in the 2 bracelets also included in the price of the set.

QianCannaor Advent Calendar Crystals For Kids

6. QianCannaor Advent Calendar Crystals For Kids

Collecting different colored gemstones and crystals is a unique and fascinating way to complete your Advent tradition. Some of the crystals included in the set are amethyst, rose quartz, and tiger’s eye.

The collection of crystals can be used for meditation, stress relief, and promoting overall well-being. Each crystal also comes with a card that provides details about its properties.

Purple Ribbon Christmas Advent Wreath

7. Purple Ribbon Christmas Advent Wreath – For Advent Calendar Season Candle Holder

Praying with your family around the wreath is a great way to spend each day of the holiday season. The pack of four candles in the set symbolizes hope, peace, joy, and love. Its primary theme is purple, with 4 pinecones, 4 bow ribbons, 6 decorative balls, and 2 flowers. It comes in a red gift box which is filled with Christmas sayings.

Vencer Wooden Advent Calendar Storage Organizer

8. Vencer Wooden Advent Calendar Storage Organizer

Celebrate the holiday season with your kids as they practice their creativity in designing this bare, customizable wooden organizer with 24 drawers in varying sizes.

You can put small gifts and treats or Bible texts in each drawer so they can have something to look forward to daily. The box will fit well on a desk, nightstand, or countertop, at an office or school, making it a practical storage solution.

Christmas Advent Calendar for Girls

9. Christmas Advent Calendar For Girls

Add a touch of sparkle to your day! If your daughters love pieces of jewelry, this Advent calendar with 3 adjustable bracelets, 22 pendants related to Christmas, and 1 luminous necklace will be an ideal gift and activity during the festive season. It is suitable for both kids and adults.

D-FantiX Christmas Advent Calendars

10. D-FantiX Christmas Advent Calendars

This DIY calendar is created like a garland with 24 eco-friendly hanging burlap bags designed with Christmas trees, stars, and heart shapes. You can store anything in it as long as it fits to get your kids or family members excited in counting down the days to Nativity.

What Can You Put In Advent Calendars?

You can almost put anything that fits the door or window of your DIY or customizable Advent calendars. Tiny presents or treats, such as chocolates, candies, or small toys and gifts, will make each year memorable for kids and adults. Incorporating religious items or a scripture from the Bible related to the Nativity story is also a great addition.

  • Bible verses
  • Christmas-themed toys and games
  • Small religious gifts or books
  • Christmas bucket list activities for families
  • Handicrafts to create
  • Christmas songs to listen to or sing every day
  • Christmas movies to watch daily
  • Daily acts of kindness
  • Sweets and treats
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Advent calendars are excellent and fun tools that can provide guidance and encouragement for families and Christian church members to focus on Jesus and make Him the center of this celebration. You can walk them through Christ’s coming here on earth using creative methods and other resources. It is a great custom that may strengthen the bond within your family while commemorating the Son of God.

No matter your tradition or how you want to spend the Christmas season, may you not stray away from the fundamental objective of why we celebrate Christmas Day. Nothing will beat the best way to feel the spirit of Christmas than giving hope and spreading love, positivity, and the Word of God to everyone for free.

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