10 Best Christian Books For Men For Personal Development And Empowerment

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Being a man and striving for righteousness is tough, especially in a society that constantly redefines manhood, bringing inevitable temptations and troubles.

Despite the seemingly unstoppable rise in water levels, we start by regularly reading the Bible and other books that foster men’s spiritual growth and closeness to God.

Key Takeaways

  • Spirituality is key to defining manhood, with regular engagement in religious texts, especially the Bible, being vital. This practice helps men navigate changing societal masculinity definitions and maintain moral integrity amidst modern challenges.
  • Men should redefine masculinity in a Christian context, explore emotions, dreams, and aspirations, and move beyond societal stereotypes. It promotes embracing qualities like humility and resilience, as exemplified by Jesus Christ, for a more authentic self-understanding.
  • Christian literature provides practical tools for daily life, addressing men’s common issues like managing emotions, maintaining integrity, and facing adversities. The suggested books range from daily devotions to deep biblical studies, aiming to boost spiritual well-being and positive influence.

Here Are The 10 Best Christian Books For Men

stand strong

1. Stand Strong: 365 Devotions For Men By Men

It can be difficult to bear the world’s weight as a man. You can feel like you are holding the world up with your strength. Yet, remember that you are not on your own. The Lord is with you as you go through this.

The purpose of this devotional that doesn’t take too much time to read is to enhance your closeness to the Lord through a year’s worth of short daily readings, put your faith in God even when life feels overwhelming, and apply one huge promise of biblical ideas to your daily life. The pressure will ease if you learn to anchor your life in God.

wild at heart

2. Wild At Heart Expanded Edition: Discovering The Secret Of A Man’s Soul

God wants men to explore the unknown. But most men lose track of their dreams sometime between boyhood and their present-day challenges. Don’t worry; best-selling author and psychotherapist John Eldredge is here to show guys how to improve their lives.

In this new and improved version of the classic book Wild At Heart, Eldredge breaks down men’s need for validation, the desire to build courage in one’s soul, and the call to live an adventurous life.

Eldredge uses personal insights, epic stories, and biblical evidence to encourage men to pursue their childhood passions, aspirations, and desires despite the crushing weight of adult responsibilities, expectations, and failures.

In truth, God created men with the capacity for boldness, exploration, and independence. He made men take chances and find their place in the world.

battle cry

3. Battle Cry: Waging And Winning The War Within

Join best-selling author, speaker, and leader Jason Wilson, as seen in the award-winning ESPN docuseries The Cave of Adullam, even though he challenges us to undo society’s masculine stereotypes and explore the power of having to engage with our emotional responses in a culture that tells a biblical man to suppress rather than express.

Jason had been losing the internal conflict he and many other guys faced daily for a long time. He had difficulty controlling his negative inner dialogue, which led to shaky conversations and hurtful actions that harmed him and those he cared about. 

Jason could recognize and healthily express his feelings after enduring years of trauma. He learned that he could forgive, trust, and love without restriction after allowing himself to be completely honest and exposed to God’s Word. Jason’s new habits quickly began to fix his relationships and change the way his life was going.

By letting his guard down, Jason improved as a spouse, parent, and leader; you can do the same. The lessons in the Bible back up Jason’s ideas in Battle Cry and show us how to find the strength to get through hard times. To redefine what it means to be a man in the current world, Jason encourages us to become our best selves and gives us the tools to do it.

cry like a man

4. Cry Like A Man: Fighting For Freedom From Emotional Incarceration

Jason Wilson is a leader in Detroit when it comes to educating, mentoring, and helping young men grow up. In this inspiring autobiography, he writes about his journey to “manhood.”

Jason Wilson’s life was changed by the lynching of his grandfather in the American South, the deaths of his two older siblings, and his father’s verbal abuse and lack of presence. But Wilson is a man and leader nowadays because he accepted his feelings and responded to God’s call on his life.

Wilson had decades of expertise building up the body, mind, and soul of boys and men as the creator of one of the country’s most prestigious youth groups that read God’s word. Wilson warns of the peril that can befall males because of how our culture defines “masculinity.” He also offers hope for recovery in Cry Like a Man.

“My passion is to assist boys and men find the courage to become fearlessly truthful about their brokenness in this morally decaying world as I shine light upon the signs and consequences of childhood trauma, especially ‘father wounds,'” Wilson writes. I hope that one day men will be able to break out of their emotional prisons and experience a renaissance of spirit, a healing of the soul, and a mending of broken relationships.

godly man

5. Disciplines Of A Godly Man

Discipline is essential for success in any endeavor, and spiritual development is no exception. Check out the revised and updated version of Disciplines Of A Godly Man by experienced pastor R. Kent Hughes for more godly advice on prayer, honesty, marriage, leading, worship, and purity that has been proven to work.

This guide equips men to take the call to godliness seriously and focus their energies on what matters by providing biblical insight, vivid images, and engaging study questions.

3-minute devotions

6. 3-Minute Devotions For Men: 180 Encouraging Readings

In 3-Minute Devotions For Men, you’ll get the inspirational boost you’ve sought. This devotional was written with the modern man in mind, and each reading is just the right length to provide a healthy dose of challenge and encouragement.

In the first minute, you will reflect on a verse from the Bible. In the second, you will be reading a brief devotional, and in the third minute, you’ll set up a conversation with God through prayer while you learn about God’s biblical principles. Starting or ending your day with a reading that speaks to your values is an excellent approach to maximizing your time with God.

fathered by god

7. Fathered By God: Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You

How can you begin your road to manhood and know how to avoid the pitfalls at a time when being a father is a God-given position? New York Times best-selling author John Eldredge writes in Fathered by God that there is a way to be a man and, better yet, a loving Father willing to guide us along that path.

In Fathered By God, Eldredge reminds men of a basic yet comforting fact: God is our Father because He wants to teach us what it is to be a man. Eldredge reveals to us the path blazed by men for men throughout the ages on the road to real masculinity.

There are dangers and calamities to be avoided along the way. Among those is sexual temptation, which is why we need a parent who has been there before us to guide us. There is a great deal for a child to learn on his route toward becoming an adult man, and he needs the guidance of father figures and the company of other men to do so.

Eldredge explains that the ups and downs of life are how God makes boys and men into men. Eldredge answers some of the most common questions he has been asked about masculinity over the years. He also uses personal stories and practical advice to show the six stages of a man’s struggle.

3-minute prayers

8. 3-Minute Prayers For Men

This devotional prayer book is perfect for men of all ages and walks of life, as it provides a hefty dose of encouragement in manageable amounts. A collection of 180 prayers, each with a Bible passage and a question to make you think, is made for personal reflection.

The 3-Minute Prayers For Men will guide you step-by-step toward a closer walk with Father God and Jesus Christ. It will do this by addressing the most important problems that all men face, such as loving God and others, having a friend, leaving a legacy, being pure, and having a good life.

daily strength

9. Daily Strength For Men: A 365-Day Devotional

Daily Strength For Men is a devotional that is made to challenge men and get them to think by asking them thought-provoking questions. The author, Chris Bolinger, put together this devotional from verses and passages from the Old Testament.

This devotional is perfect for you if you have challenges with faith both at work and at home. This book will help you gather strength from God’s Word by giving yourself a daily dose of insight.

Each devotional is for two days, which gives you time to think about the message. There is also a prayer, a reading that can be used in real life, encouraging verses from the Old Testament, Bible passages, Scriptures, and questions to help you think about and use what you’ve read.

kingdom man

10. Kingdom Man: Every Man’s Destiny, Every Woman’s Dream

Men have been spectators for far too long. But God wants each of us to participate. Although God has called us to greatness, we have settled for mediocrity. The first step toward a brighter tomorrow for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities is to look in the mirror.

It’s time for us to take up the mantle of our biblical calling and become fully devoted to advancing God’s kingdom. Founder, president, and senior pastor at Oak Cliff Christian Fellowship in Texas, Dr. Tony Evans encourages men to embrace biblical manhood. He urges you to take charge of your life, use the power God gave you, and step into your destiny as a leader who reflects God’s character.

When you follow Kingdom Man’s lead, you can put yesterday in its proper place; use it for learning, but don’t let it shape your present. Consider prayer your principal offensive tool. Follow God’s blueprint for a man in the kingdom. In your sphere of influence, speak with confidence and compassion about your role as a leader. Keep in mind the call to greatness. Gentlemen, it is time for us to fulfill our potential.

a Christian godly man in a tranquil setting embodying qualities of wisdom, kindness, and strong faith

How To Be A Christian Man?

To be a Christian man involves being a man of God, which can be perceived differently by individuals. Some might find this life unexciting, while others may view such a man as weak.

Top Qualities Of A Christian Man

1. God Comes First

A godly man[1] prioritizes God, seeking His strength and guidance consistently. He sets aside time for prayer and praise, and above all, he remains utterly devoted to God.

2. Pure Of Heart In The Eyes Of God

A godly man’s innocence and pure-heartedness set him apart. He lives morally, adheres to religious teachings, and is hardworking and honest. He is always ready to help those in need, be it the less fortunate or disaster response.

3. Has Integrity Close To God

A man of God is marked by honesty and uprightness, living morally to please God. He refrains from lying and is always ready to help when needed. His greatest virtue is his unwavering honesty, strictly adhering to his principles.

4. Never Gives Up

A godly man’s persistence is admirable. He believes God uses challenges for learning. Despite failures, he trusts in God’s grace for another chance. His faith keeps him from giving up, and with each setback, he learns and improves for future attempts.

Benefits Of Reading The Best Christian Book For Men

Many read books to understand God better. As Christians, we know we’ll encounter God personally, revealed uniquely to each other through study and prayer. Reading Christian novels offers insights from others’ experiences.

Theological texts can be intimidating, but there’s always an approachable method for every reader. There’s a book for every knowledge level. Not reading religious novels means missing out on insights into God’s workings.

a Christian godly man in a contemplative pose reflecting his deep faith and spirituality


Many readers seek God’s knowledge as a primary motivation. As Christians, we anticipate a personal encounter with God, who reveals Himself uniquely to each through diligent study and prayer. Reading books offers valuable lessons from others’ experiences.

Theological texts can be daunting, but there’s always a suitable approach. If you’re keen on understanding God and His interaction with the world, reading Christian books is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Christian Masculinity?

Christian masculinity is rooted in Jesus Christ’s teachings, embodying humility, resilience, and service. It emphasizes moral living, honesty, and strength in spirit and morality. Ultimately, Christian masculinity is about reflecting Jesus Christ’s teachings, growing in faith, and treating all with love, respect, and kindness.

What Is A Good Devotional For Men?

A good devotional for men includes options like “Practical Devotionals for Christian Men” for practical encouragement and “Quick Devotions for Men” from Today Daily Devotional for reaffirming truths. These devotionals offer a range of topics and practical encouragement for faith navigation.

What Are The 5 Mandates Of A Godly Man?

The 5 mandates of a godly man, as per 1 Corinthians 16:13–14, are to be vigilant, stand firm in faith, be courageous, be strong, and do everything in love. These mandates guide men to live a life reflecting Jesus Christ’s teachings, encouraging vigilance, faithfulness, bravery, strength, and love in all life aspects.

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