10 Best Christian Books For Women Seeking Spiritual Growth

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Women in general have busy schedules. The number of hours in the day never seems to be enough to fulfill work-life responsibilities and household tasks, even less for hobbies. Reading the Bible can be intimidating, especially if women don’t have plenty of time. But reading has been found to promote calmness and is a fantastic method to reduce stress.

For women, Christian books contain teachings and verses from the Bible that can help them grow in their faith. Regardless of whether they have trouble reading the Holy Bible, a Christian woman can still engage in a bit of light reading that incorporates its themes.

A Christian woman’s journey to self-discovery [1] includes choosing Christian books to read. Excellent Christian books offer biblically sound interpretations to aid in a deeper understanding of the more complex meaning—in turn, ultimately helping one grow in faith and drawing one nearer to God.

Key Takeaways

  • Christian books for women offer biblically sound teachings and practical life applications to foster spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God.
  • These books cover a wide range of topics, from overcoming personal struggles to enhancing relationships, all while integrating biblical principles and teachings.
  • Engaging with these Christian books can provide women with comfort, inspiration, and guidance, ultimately enriching their faith journey and daily life

Here Are The Top 10 Best Christian Books For Women

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, And Lonely

1. Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, And Lonely

“Uninvited” is a book aimed to help ladies who are lonely and rejected feel accepted. Furthermore, this Christian-based book is ideal for people who struggle and are unsure of how to develop relationships without feeling the hurt of previous abandonment or rejection.

It is broken up into 16 chapters, each of which has a story from author Lysa TerKeurst’s experience about a time when she or a loved one experienced rejection or felt unloved. In each chapter, she discusses her responses to each circumstance whether they were good or bad. She uses biblical parables and scriptures to inform her decisions about how to approach certain problems. Additionally, she draws on her own life experiences to make her arguments stronger.

There’s also an extra chapter called “Assessment and Corrective Experience Chart”, which can be printed from the book’s web page. This is similarly broken down into chapters, together with key ideas and points TerKeurst wants us to remember.

After reading this book, any woman—young or old—will feel more at peace, cherished, and capable of finding delight in the lives God has prepared for us.

The Reason For God: Belief In An Age Of Skepticism

2. The Reason For God: Belief In An Age Of Skepticism

“The Reason for God” by Timothy Keller offers clear justifications for the fundamental ideas of the Bible as well as a logical case for God’s existence. After reading this book, you will better comprehend biblical teachings and truth. At the same time, you will feel more prepared to discuss God and the quest for purpose and meaning with others. Moreover, it tries to provide a fresh perspective on someone’s repentance and salvation.

The book is divided into two sections: The Leap of Doubt and The Reasons for Faith. The former addresses objections or problems that skeptics could have, such as science disproving Christianity, how a good God could allow suffering, and not taking the Bible literally. On the other hand, the latter offers evidence such as the knowledge of God, the problem of sin, and the reality of Christ’s resurrection.

Get Out Of Your Head: Stopping The Spiral Of Toxic Thoughts

3. Get Out Of Your Head: Stopping The Spiral Of Toxic Thoughts

Jennie Allen’s book “Get Out Of Your Head” focuses on academic studies, the opinions of mental health experts, biblical teachings, and her personal experiences. She frankly recounts her personal experience of a trying time when she lived a lie-filled life full of dread, stress, and uncertainty. Things began to change when she realized this was a plot by the wicked enemy and started fighting against the deception as if she were in an actual battle.

This period served as the inspiration for the book, which she claims “was by a million miles the most difficult” she has ever written. Allen covers retraining the mind to fight seven strategic enemies with the tools God provided for us, such as fighting busyness with silence before God, fighting fear with faith that God has full control, and fighting cynicism with joy in God’s goodness.

Allen presents an easy-to-follow strategy to effectively reroute negative thoughts, getting to the source of self-defeating and demeaning beliefs. She proposes a spiral model to become conformed to the thinking of Christ.

She suggests utilizing a downward spiral to negative doubtful thoughts and an upward spiral to expressing positive, genuine thoughts. Readers can recognize the emotion, reasoning, conduct, impact on interpersonal connections, and outcome of the emotions and feelings. This approach to eradicating negative ideas can change your everyday life.

Angels Walking: A Novel

4. Angels Walking: A Novel

Karen Kingsbury’s novel “Angels Walking” begins with Tyler Ames, who has abandoned everyone dear to him—including his girlfriend Sami and his parents—all to join one of the major league baseball teams. Then a career-ending injury ends his baseball dream. Tyler reaches his lowest point, but thanks to a few close pals, everything works out.

The first part of “Angels Walking” (which has a Christian fiction genre) shows angels gathering in heaven, and it is lovely to envision them discussing how they may assist us on earth when they are gathered in heaven which God created Himself. Through a sequence of miracles, “Angels Walking” tells a narrative of grace, reconciliation, second chances, and love.

It serves as a powerful reminder from Hebrews 13:2, which reads, “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” This shows a glimpse at how angels are still used by the Lord today, but can we still recognize them?

This story acts as an example of what unfolds when the people of God care about one another, which all of us need. The moral of the story is simple: pray for those you care about so they might experience God’s grace and healing from their suffering.

Discerning The Voice Of God - Bible Study Book Revised - How To Recognize When God Speaks

5. Discerning The Voice Of God – Bible Study Book Revised – How To Recognize When God Speaks

If you’re interested in learning how confident you are when seeking God’s advice, this book by Priscilla Shirer is a great choice. “Discerning the Voice of God” will assist us in determining our thoughts and feelings in light of God’s word so that we can make significant decisions in our lives and take an important leap of faith and devotion.

Since first publishing the book, God has continued to test, deepen, and grow Shirer’s relationship with Him. The revised edition has been updated and extended to represent spiritual growth through brand-new stories, imagery, and activities.

Learn the foundational principle of humble obedience via the 7 sessions to establish a clear and consistent connection with God. Discover how submitting to God’s will focuses us on His purposes, enables us to recognize His voice in daily life, and unlocks the numerous rewards He has planned for us. These are the benefits when you read Discerning the Voice of God:

  • Set a challenge for yourself to study the Bible every day.
  • Learn how to recognize and comprehend God’s voice by studying His Word.
  • Recognize the personality, voice, and tone of the Holy Spirit.
  • Strengthen your everyday walk with God and develop a closer relationship with Him.

Relationship Goals: How To Win At Dating, Marriage, And Sex

6. Relationship Goals: How To Win At Dating, Marriage, And Sex

Based on the popular sermon series with millions of views about dating, romance, love, marriage, and sex, this book by Michael Todd is an open, motivating guide to discovering enduring love and maintaining a healthy connection by being honest about your desires.

Levi Lusko, the senior pastor of Fresh Life Church and renowned author, spoke of Michael Todd’s book, “With down-to-earth honesty, he not only provides you a vision for what your relationships could look like, but he also gives you the road map to get you there.” This will undoubtedly aid us in our quest to get closer to the Lord.

It is written remarkably and thoroughly to help us become self-aware while teaching us the proper way to date and mend relationships. It’s a compelling idea to consider that the quickest method to grow closer to our spouses is to become closer to God.

With “Relationship Goals,” Todd delves deep to provide you with encouraging news and practical advice to maximize your most crucial relationships, such as what it takes to embrace meaningful dating to casual dating, and how to go past previous mistakes that you’ve committed.

Love Does: Discover A Secretly Incredible Life In An Ordinary World

7. Love Does: Discover A Secretly Incredible Life In An Ordinary World

This book is written by Bob Goff, who narrates it in a laid-back, intimate, and realistic manner. Due to his refusal to live an ordinary life, his life is full of remarkable experiences. When he makes up his mind to accomplish something, he executes it with love.

In “Love Does”, Goff teaches us how to lead a fully motivated life; how to quit waiting for “next time” but rather discover your place of inspiration, wonder, and delight; and that God frequently uses regular people to accomplish ordinary tasks. Thus, when love is present, life becomes interesting.

So every time we read “Love Does,” we’ll be inspired to live with love because a life filled with God’s love truly changes everything. Goff’s words are bursting with love and passion for everyone. He undoubtedly realizes that people, not possessions, are what matter most in life.

In addition to being humorous, inspiring, enlightening, and informative, this book is most crucially challenging. If you are interested in doing the things you’ve always promised yourself you’d do, read this and expect to giggle. Bob Goff’s tales are relevant and focus on what matters most: how to love as Jesus did.

The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For?

8. The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For?

Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Life” has sold more than 60 million copies, which are partially attributable to its explanation of how our existence is entrusted to us by our God for His grandeur plan and that, unless we accept that, life will not be very meaningful or fulfilling. It describes how the powerful God is the glue holding everything together. It communicates with simplicity, brevity, and no pretense.

All throughout the book, there is no attitude of spiritual supremacy or condemnation of nonbelieving practices. It’s just the most important life lessons presented plainly and honestly. Rick is merely an ordinary person who shares the truth about divine revelation and practices with everyone.

This enlightening book is meant to be read over the course of 42 days, which includes a daily reflection and concrete advice for finding and pursuing your life’s purpose. This book, like “Praying God’s Word” by Beth Moore, contains a powerful collection of biblical verses that begins by examining three of these questions:

  • The existence question: why are we alive?
  • The significance question: does our life matter?
  • The purpose question: why exactly are we here?

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed By A Relentless God

9. Crazy Love: Overwhelmed By A Relentless God

Do you secretly yearn to be set free from the confines of the present situation? Are you seeking a true religion that offers practical, even radical, answers to the world’s problems? You are being called by God to an intensely loving relationship with Him.

“Crazy Love” by Francis Chan is a tough book that urges Christians to abandon our unbiblical and mediocre Christian faith. As some churches have created a cozy form of Christianity that caters to the wants and desires of several so-called Christ believers, Chan invites us to truly follow Christ’s example: to be ready to give up all for the cause of the word of God and to develop into true followers of Jesus.

For so many churchgoers, attending services is a means to an end—hearing a good sermon or learning something. However, the type of Christianity Chan describes is scriptural, and for the congregation to have a significant impact on this world, there needs to be a spiritual revival and a greater shift away from the conventional man-made church standards that are so typically observed today. This is a brilliant book that poses the query, “Are you a sincere disciple of Christ?” to each reader.

When Women Pray

10. When Women Pray

“When Women Pray” by T.D. Jakes shows how effective women’s prayers can be and how God uses them to bring people together and strengthen the community. T. D. Jakes offers an outstanding and unexpected analysis of the prayers of several biblical women and how they impacted others around them.

He addressed several well-known female figures, such as Mary, Sarah, Esther, and Hannah. He also talked about Rhoda (from the Passage of Acts), the Samaritan Woman, the bleeding woman, and Anna (an oracle from Luke). These women—some of whom will go unnamed—each had their own struggles and established a reputation for themselves in their era through their unwavering faith and constant prayer, but they are now forgotten today.

Jakes’ perspectives on women’s prayers are inspiring and refreshing. If you want to be empowered, lifted, and reassured that God listens to your prayers and answers them, then this book is ideal for you. The women’s portrayals will inspire you to never give up looking for God. God is our soul’s lover, and when we yearn to speak with Him, praying is our only option.

What Are The Benefits Of Reading Christian Books For Women?

Reading books is among the most effective means of comprehending a godly woman’s way of living. Of course, we must read the Bible first and foremost, because it is the most reliable source of information, wisdom, and instruction for living as the ideal woman through God’s grace.

Together with the Holy Bible, there are books created in the Christian field by seasoned Christian writers who can impart advice and even elaborate on the written word of God. Reading Christian literature will assist you in the following ways:

  • Grow in spiritual development
  • Be a faithful follower of Christ
  • Be free and aware of the biblical truth
  • Lead by example in your community
  • Assist you in discovering God’s plan for your life
  • Honor God more effectively

With God’s presence, old and young women alike should constantly study God’s word and His teachings. Choosing Christian books to read is an important part of every Christian woman’s commitment and journey toward a life with God. This will help in comprehending the text’s more nuanced meaning while also providing a biblically sound interpretation.

blonde woman reading a book and best christian books for women


It is a wonderful idea to read the aforementioned books if you aspire to become a more devout Christian woman. God has given you a mission that nobody else can fulfill more successfully than yourself. You must realize this and let it flow into your abundant life for the good of the people around you and God’s glory.

Regardless of which of these best Christian books for women you choose to read next, may you receive encouragement, redeeming love, and comfort, and may these push you to thrive, open your eyes to new ideas, and, most importantly, remind you of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Christian Books For Women About?

Christian books for women are about integrating biblical teachings into everyday life, offering guidance, inspiration, and wisdom for personal growth, overcoming challenges, and strengthening one’s faith and relationship with God.

Why Should Women Read Christian Books?

Women should read Christian books to gain spiritual insight, find encouragement in their personal lives, understand biblical principles in a contemporary context, and foster a deeper connection with their faith.

How Can Christian Books Impact A Woman’s Life?

Christian books can impact a woman’s life by providing spiritual nourishment, offering perspectives for overcoming life’s challenges, enhancing relationships through biblical wisdom, and encouraging personal growth and a closer walk with God.

Are Christian Books For Women Only About Spirituality?

While Christian books for women primarily focus on spirituality, they also address various aspects of life such as relationships, personal development, mental health, and professional growth, all within a biblical framework.

How Do I Choose The Right Christian Book For Me?

To choose the right Christian book, consider your personal interests, current life situation, spiritual growth stage, and the specific areas you seek guidance in, then look for books by reputable authors that address those topics.

Can Christian Books Be Beneficial For Women Who Are New To The Faith?

Yes, Christian books can be highly beneficial for women who are new to the faith as they provide foundational teachings, answer common questions, and offer a supportive guide to understanding and growing in their newfound beliefs.

Are There Christian Books That Cater To Specific Life Stages Or Situations For Women?

There are Christian books that cater to specific life stages or situations for women, including topics like singlehood, marriage, motherhood, career challenges, and spiritual growth, providing targeted advice and biblical insights for each phase of life.

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