The 10 Best Christian Books On Parenting: A Helpful Guide To Raising Godly Children

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Parenthood can be both the most rewarding and the most difficult experience anyone can have. It’s crucial for us to feel confident in our faith in God as Christian parents raising kids in a society that may be cruel and unforgiving.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering, “How can I raise grateful kids who honor their mother and father?” or “What are the things that my child’s heart wants and needs the most?” Or perhaps you’ve found yourself raising a troubled child and are wondering if there is any hope for parents of children with strong personalities.

There are many parenting books to choose from that apply religious doctrine and Christian beliefs to modern society. It’s important to make the right choice, as the basis of your parenting style[1] will be anchored on these Christian parenting books, which should guide you in raising your children effectively and in good faith.

Here Are The Top 10 Recommended Best Christian Books On Parenting

raising good humans

1. Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide To Breaking The Cycle Of Reactive Parenting And Raising Kind, Confident Kids By Hunter Clarke-Fields MSAE

Starting with good and empathetic children, a kinder, more caring world can be created. With the help of Raising Good Humans, we can break free from “reactive parenting” patterns and raise kids who are compassionate, helpful, and self-assured.

You can learn effective mindfulness techniques from this book to control your own stress reaction when challenging emotions erupt. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to cultivate courteous communication, efficient dispute resolution, and thoughtful listening.

In the process, you will learn to look at your own unhelpful tendencies and ingrained responses that are a reflection of the societal norms formed by your parents in order to end this vicious cycle and interact with your kids more effectively. As the coauthors of How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen, Joanna Faber and Julie King positively said, “Hunter Clarke-Fields shares her wisdom and personal experience to help parents create peaceful families.”

With what we understand about child growth as well as human emotions, Hunter perfectly captures the ideal parenting style that lies somewhere between authoritarian and permissive. After reading the book, your viewpoint and whole outlook on life will be completely altered and transformed.

If you want to implement a shift in your parenting or if you need a guide with resources to help you really make the change, then this book is definitely for you. With the help of this indispensable guide, you’ll learn how altering your own “autopilot responses” might benefit future generations, not just your children.

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

2. Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family By Paul David Tripp

Paul Tripp gives parents a whole lot more than a must-list in this life-changing book. Rather, he gives us a broad perspective on God’s vision for our role as parents.

He demonstrates that we require more than the current parenting technique or list of approaches by highlighting fourteen fundamental principles anchored in the gospel. Instead, we require God’s saving grace, which can change the way we perceive all we do as parents.

As challenging as it may be to raise our children as ambassadors for our heavenly Creator, Tripp provides us with a wealth of Scriptures that reassure us that we’re not alone in this endeavor and that we do have the strength to carry out this responsibility through Christ.

Further, it is incredibly uplifting to keep in mind that, ultimately, our children are all in God’s hands and not our own. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to sanctify them. Tripp does such a great job of helping us understand our journey of purification with the Father God in a fashion that will bring us grace, patience, and understanding with our kids since we are just like them.

Additionally, parenting seems to take on a whole new level of significance when we understand that our role as parents is to guide our kids in understanding who they are and how they behave in the context of Jesus’ love and sacrifice for them, rather than to coerce them into doing as we say. After all, God is more interested in who we are than what we do.

The 5 Love Languages Of Children: The Secret To Loving Children Effectively

3. The 5 Love Languages Of Children: The Secret To Loving Children Effectively By Gary Chapman And Ross Campbell

One of the greatest parenting books for Christian parents is The Five Love Languages of Children. This amazing work by Gary Chapman is a book that every parent must read to fully understand how their children express and feel love.

You must learn how to love every one of your children individually according to what they need and be able to distinguish when they are showing you love.

This will help you learn how to show your children love in their own love language once you’ve determined what those are, you can then allow your child’s love language to assist you in parenting them.

Several parenting books are written specifically for certain types of families, such as single mothers or parents of adolescents. Yet, this book offers guidance that may be used by any family, no matter the age of your children, your parenting technique, or your family structure.

Dr. Campbell has worked as a respected clinical psychiatrist for more than 30 years, specializing in the bond between kids and their parents. His research and expertise enabled him to work on this book. In the field of Christian parenting, this book is hardly brand-new. You can rely on this to be a reliable option for parenting guidance considering that it is almost 30 years old and has sold over twenty million copies worldwide.

Shepherding A Child's Heart

4. Shepherding A Child’s Heart By Tedd Tripp

This widely read book was designed for parents with kids of every age. It offers insights and processes for escorting a child’s heart (Luke 6:45) through the course of their life. As Elisabeth Elliot commented, “I am glad to recommend this book for its remarkably clear, biblical, and practical teaching.

Earnest fathers and mothers will find it also eminently “do-able.” Undoubtedly, new biblical ways of child parenting are provided in Shepherding a Child’s Heart.

Giving a child the freedom to develop into an unruly, irresponsible narcissist is a far worse form of abuse than the “spankings” that would have been necessary to instill responsibility in a child at a young age.

The “spanking concept” of Tripp is explained in terms of communication and discipline, and within that perspective makes total sense. Because nowadays, youngsters are often illogical, and they frequently don’t listen to subtle psychological tricks or calm discussions. 

On top of that, this book will assist us in acknowledging that we are fallible humans who must confess our errors and ask our kids’ forgiveness. By teaching your kids to respect and obey you, you’ll give them a secure atmosphere in which to develop. And placing God at the heart of your family as well as demonstrating to your children that you are also subject to God’s mercy and authority, can sow the seeds of a deepening relationship with Jesus.

Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope For Everyday Moments

5. Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope For Everyday Moments By Emily A. Jensen And Laura Wifler

Being a mother is challenging. Mothers are subjected to conflicting messages on who they are along with the decisions they should take in a society of five-step instructions and quick fixes for becoming the ideal parent.

You’re not alone if you feel torn between giving high fives and giving harsh words, with society’s answers just posing additional questions.

When you read this book, you will feel like you’re at the female bible study that every woman desires to attend because of Laura and Emily’s approach, which combines in-depth theology with personal anecdotes. The fact that all we do is by God’s plan and intended for his purposes should be encouraging.

Our well-planned teaching opportunities won’t be enough to save our kids, not even by faithfully going to church every Sunday. The authors point out that only God can save our children. God, our merciful and loving father, determines our physical, mental, and emotional limitations. The gospel will be clear to our spiritually motivated children as long as we uphold His word and demonstrate His love.

This enlightening book put a lot of emphasis on creation, fall, redemption, and consumption. They particularly stood out because reading them will inspire you to take up your bible and learn more about how the Bible relates to parenthood. You’ll become both challenged and inspired by the way it’s written with empathy and care.

The Power Of A Praying Parent

6. The Power Of A Praying Parent By Stormie Omartian

Stormie’s prayers are accompanied by wonderful and illuminating chapters, which are occasionally very profound as a whole. The prayers are of a length that is manageable for a working parent without compromising personality or its purpose.

She has some well-written chapter titles, including Establishing an Eternal Future, Honoring Parents and Resisting Rebellion, Following Truth, Rejecting Lies, as well as Breaking Down Ungodly Strongholds.

This compelling book focuses on the difficulties that young people face from childhood through adolescence, though there’s an ending chapter that guides you in praying with adult children too.

Having Stormie’s advice from both her motherhood and Christian experiences is so helpful when you have trouble praying on your own. Even when our tiny ones need immediate parenting, we can always come back to it and re-engage.

Biblical teachings serve as the foundation of each prayer and chapter. Every scripture is also stated so you can study and meditate on it on your own without having to rely on her assertions.

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

7. Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need To Raise Extraordinary Men By Meg Meeker

Best-selling author and dedicated doctor Meg Meeker provides women who cherish their sons with a practical survival guidebook. In the first chapters of this enthralling book, the author offers personal anecdotes from her extensive professional career.

The author talks about some of her young patients and the significant changes that occurred during their adolescence. Not just the boys but even their mothers change as a result of what took place. Meg Meeker talks about committed mothers, the mother-son bond, and the fundamental problems that mothers face.

She provides support and helpful guidance while outlining the particular demands that boys have. Meg Meeker talks about the difficulty single women have parenting kids and the need to show courage. The author also touches on the critical significance of loving when times are rough.

Meg Meeker further discusses the modern world and the strain young men experience, as their image of being strong starts to fall apart and they join the alarming trend of being less driven to excel. She notably talks about developing strength, challenges with self-confidence, and uncertainty in men as they approach adolescence. The author’s message is that mothers must recognize and accept both their own identities and those of their children.

The Invisible String

8. The Invisible String By Patrice Karst

The Invisible String gives a very straightforward strategy to overcome sadness, separation, or absence with a creative twist that children can fully comprehend and embrace, and it produces a pretty interesting message in today’s difficult times.

It is suggested and embraced by parenting blogs, support groups, hospice care centers, social service agencies, church groups, military library services, and educators. This paperback edition features colorful new illustrations as well as an author introduction.

This children’s picture book, which is about genuine and lifelong love rather than especially addressing grief, is a beautiful tale for teaching kids that love—an “invisible string” that binds humans and animals—never dwindles and never dies, notwithstanding the distance between loved ones. The tone of the story is immensely calming and soothing, which may help its listener feel at ease and comforted.

This is excellent for loss and grieving. Also, it is effective if the children have difficulties detaching themselves from their parents or other family members or sleeping alone. Further, this is the ideal book for any family to read when missing one of the parents. 

The Memory Box

9. The Memory Box: A Book About Grief By Joanna Rowland (Author) And Thea Baker (Illustrator)

The Memory Box was chosen as a winner of the 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, which seeks to enhance childhood learning and lifelong reading by increasing awareness of outstanding children’s books and authors.

This book is suitable for parents with a child who is grieving the death of a loved one or family member. The young girl in the narrative is figuring out how to best keep the precious memories as she deals with her sadness over the loss of a loved one.

She creates a “memory box” and fills it with objects that remind her of her lost loved one. She feels a wide range of feelings, such as perplexity, despair, fear, and tranquility, however, she’s not always certain how to comprehend or express them. On the other hand, her memory box gives her a sense of control and comfort.

This lovely tale is wonderful for readers of all ages, even for little toddlers. because it’s easy to understand. It also incorporates some parts that feature Christian imagery. Even more, a two-page guidance for adults on how to support children in their grieving is included in the final pages of this book.

God Gave Us Heaven

10. God Gave Us Heaven By Lisa T. Bergren (Author) And Laura J. Bryant (Illustrator)

This sweet tale does a great job of conveying how nice Heaven is and how much everyone—children included—would desire to be there. Furthermore, it features some beautiful images that portray Heaven as a magnificent setting that is both equally and even more mesmerizing than Earth.

The story explains the distinction between angels and humans in great detail and the fact that angels do not transform into humans upon entering Heaven. It also compares entering Paradise to crossing a perfect bridge that Jesus had built which is an excellent visual for a five-year-old.

The book does not make the claim that only old people die; rather, it acknowledges that “occasionally accidents or awful things happen” in addition to the fact that “people are normally older when they die.” The tale emphasizes that going to Heaven entails entering a pleasant paradise where suffering and illness will never again exist.

family bonding over a dining table and best christian books on parenting


Whichever stage of the parenting journey you’re in, you’ll be glad to hear there’s a Christian parenting book awaiting you. You’ll find what you’re searching for, whether you’re looking for books on motherhood, books for single parents, or books on raising boys. You may occasionally need a tool to help you navigate the uncertain route of parenthood as a good Christian parenting book can very well act as a cherished friend to a burdened parent.

But keep in mind that even while these texts can aid you in grasping God and his teachings, God’s Word is the ultimate authority. Any other source, author, philosophical approach, opinion, or feeling cannot compare to what the Bible teaches.

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