20 Best Christian Colleges In Florida To Achieve Excellence!

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Christian values are woven throughout the nation’s founding documents and historical textbooks. Because Christianity[1] is the foundation of the way we live, it makes perfect sense that Christian principles would serve as the basis of the extensive learning system as well.

For those aspiring college students searching for colleges that share their spiritual beliefs and display academic success, here are Florida’s top 20 Christian colleges and universities. Florida is home to some outstanding Christian colleges and universities. These establishments are highly recommended for anyone who wants to get a Christian academic education.

Key Takeaways

  • The article emphasizes the importance of selecting Christian colleges aligned with one’s faith and ideology, highlighting the unique education provided by institutions rooted in specific denominations.
  • It underscores the significance of campus ministry, fellowship, and community service in fostering spiritual growth and engagement among students, alongside academic pursuits.
  • Criteria such as academic excellence and available majors are outlined, showcasing the balance between faith-based education and rigorous academic standards in Christian colleges.
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20 Best Christian Colleges In Florida

1. Hobe Sound Bible College

Hobe Sound Bible College is one of the best Christian colleges in Florida and serves to deliver Christ-centered learning that adheres to biblical teachings. They are dedicated to developing young people who engage biblically and pursue God in everything they do.

HSBC is a small school with only 82 students and a perfect 100% admission rate. At the college, students most commonly choose majors in Liberal Arts and Humanities, Elementary Education, and Counseling Psychology.

2. Eckerd College

Eckerd College offers a glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters in St. Petersburg, Florida. It encourages students to involve outdoor activities in their subjects, study schedules, and social activities to embrace its setting wholeheartedly. Niche.com ranks it as the 43rd most diverse college in Florida.

Students may use what they acquire in their classes to aid people in need thanks to the school’s 40-hour volunteer service along with educational requirements. The coastal setting of Eckerd College influences the kinds of degrees offered. Individuals at Eckerd College tend to pursue degrees in business and the sciences, particularly one of the numerous biology-based bachelor’s degrees.

3. St. Thomas University

Private, nonprofit, and catholic St. Thomas University is located in Miami Gardens, Florida. Students will spend every moment at STU immersed in a setting that is brimming with diversity, rooted in tradition, and filled with opportunity.

STU seeks to give its students the knowledge and abilities essential for successful leadership in all spheres of life: personally, professionally, and spiritually. STU offers 24 undergraduate majors, 7 doctoral programs, 1 professional program, and 21 graduate majors.

4. Warner University

Contrary to colleges located in bustling locations, Warner University’s peaceful environment near Lake Wales reduces study distractions. Warner University has been placed among the top 140 regional institutions in the South by the U.S. News and World Report.

The humanities, exercise science, and teaching are common undergraduate majors. Furthermore, students can obtain an online bachelor’s degree in fields like ministry, business, and teaching if they are eligible as mature learners who meet all of the requirements. The college’s online programs are mainly geared toward associate degrees that help students make their way to a four-year education.

5. Reformation Bible College

The school was established in 2011 to carry on the tradition and purpose of Ligonier Ministries by offering a new venue for education and fellowship. RBC tries to present students with a full understanding of the Bible and Christian Reformed theology through studies in the Bible, the major works of philosophy, systematic theology, literature, and music, along with church history, apologetics, and languages.

6. Johnson University Florida

Johnson University Florida’s location is just a short distance from both coasts and a few minutes from several of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions. Johnson University was placed 38th on Niche.com’s list of the Best Colleges for Religious Studies in the U.S. Since 1893, Johnson University has remained dedicated to providing individuals with an excellent education and has a wide range of courses to suit every inclination.

7. Florida Memorial University

Florida Memorial University provides 27 bachelor’s degree courses and 3 graduate degrees that support the vision of the institution by assisting students in gaining the expertise and skills needed to pursue lifelong learning and become responsible citizens of the world.

Florida Memorial University is ranked 45th in South Regional Colleges and thirteenth in Top Performers on Social Mobility by the U.S. News and World Report. Students can obtain diplomas in cybersecurity, business, education, and the arts.

8. Southeastern University

According to the U.S. News and World Report, Southeastern University, a private Christian college, is ranked 105th in the Top Performers on Social Mobility. The university is also named among the top 50 most conservative institutions in the country by Niche.com.

Southeastern University is at the forefront of career progression with a special focus on media in different forms, such as music, music and business, journalism, radio broadcasting, visual arts, and film, in addition to typical undergraduate degrees. Also, it features excellent courses in exercise science programs and physical therapy.

9. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is delighted to be regarded as Florida’s oldest Catholic university as well as the largest of the state’s four Catholic colleges and universities. Saint Leo University, established in 1889, has a long tradition of giving students profound, values-centered learning. The school’s fundamental objective, with over 40 fields of study to pick from, is to empower students to grow to their highest potential and to pioneer the path for those who follow.

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10. The Baptist College of Florida

Here at The Baptist College of Florida, each program is conducted from a seminary-esque perspective, and local church leaders and congregations help influence the educational atmosphere. BCF’s mission is to deliver high-quality programs that combine important skills with spiritual insight.

Baptist College of Florida was ranked 37th on Niche.com’s list of the Best Colleges for Religious Studies in the U.S. BCF offers a broad spectrum of learning options, such as Business, Teacher Education, General Education, Worship, Music, and Theology.

11. Florida Southern College

The multiple awards that Florida Southern College has earned attest to its strong standing for integrating a solid academic foundation with Christian values. The U.S. News and World Report ranked the school eighth among regional universities in the South, and The Princeton Review named it among the top 20 in terms of student religiosity. This small university offers undergraduate as well as graduate degree programs, compared to several other small colleges.

12. Bethune-Cookman University

Bethune-Cookman University supports its students’ success by fostering their creativity, inventiveness, and entrepreneurial spirit. Bethune-Cookman was ranked 49th in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and 18th in Top Performers on Social Mobility by the U.S. News and World Report. Anyone can study exciting subjects and find what interests them with the help of programs such as Nursing, Environmental Studies, and Hospitality.

13. Trinity International University, Florida

Trinity International University is a Christian liberal arts institution based in Deerfield, Illinois. TIU has two primary facilities in Florida: the Kendall Site (located in Miami) and the Fort Lauderdale Site (located in Ft. Lauderdale).

TIU’s core principles as a school dedicated to the eternal Scripture, presented by God as our supreme rule for life and faith, hold each other and ourselves responsible for them concerning these principles as we encourage academic success, Christian devotion, and lifelong learning. The following are TIU’s Core Values:

  • Christ-Centered
  • Community Focused
  • Church Connected
  • Culturally Engaged

14. Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University emphasizes students’ Christian religion through regular chapel attendance, voluntary commitments, and community service. In addition, the institution stresses a biblical approach to academics.

The rating of Palm Beach Atlantic University among National Universities and its position as a top performer on Social Mobility by the U.S. News and World Report both attest to the rigorous curriculum of the institution despite the centralization of Christian doctrine. With well-known undergraduate degrees in nursing and psychology, this institution places an exceptional value on healing.

15. Trinity College of Florida

Trinity College of Florida boasts a long history of developing gifted Christian leaders who aid people in succeeding in all facets of their lives. Trinity College of Florida is indeed a tiny college with 171 undergraduate students.

Divinity, Ministry, Business, and Pre-Theology are popular fields of study at Trinity College of Florida. Students who want to build a strong foundation in the subject of Christianity to pursue pastoral work frequently choose these bachelor’s degrees. Public health and counseling psychology are two more popular majors at TCF.

16. Edward Waters University

According to US News and World Report, Edward Waters University is one of the top 100 Historically Black Colleges as well as Regional Colleges in the southern region. Edward Waters University has about 1,000 full-time students and delivers five undergraduate degree programs in Biology, Communications, Criminal Justice, Business Administration, and Psychology.

17. Barry University

Barry University is a Catholic institution founded in 1940 with the help of the Adrian Dominican Sisters. They are a group of scholars dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of education at all levels—undergraduate, graduate, and professional—and have their foundation in the liberal arts paradigm.

At Barry, everyone will make a difference in the community by engaging in an act of service that is meaningful to everyone, such as a beach cleaning or the yearly celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

18. Ave Maria University

Ave Maria University opened its doors for the first time in 2003. The school, which conforms to the Catholic Church’s magisterium, boasts one of the finest classical liberal arts curricula in the entire country, as well as great options for specialized learning in the humanities and sciences.

The students receive a secure and healthy environment, an exciting student community, challenging academic work, and an engaged campus ministry to encourage their spiritual growth. Ave Maria University is interesting to those seeking a more Christian-based curriculum.

19. South Florida Bible College

South Florida Bible College lies directly south of Palm Beach in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It is close to gorgeous beaches and tourist destinations, and it is just 30 minutes away from major airports. Also, the university has an outstanding goal of letting all students graduate debt-free. On affordablecolleges.com, SFBC ranks among the top 50 most affordable Christian universities. There are seven undergraduate degrees, two associate degrees, five master’s degrees, and two doctoral degrees available at SFBC.

20. Trinity Baptist College

Trinity Baptist College serves as a private Christian school in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a modest university with 276 undergraduate learners enrolled. Due to Trinity’s 43% admission rate, applications can be fairly difficult. Popular fields of study are Liberal Arts and Humanities, Biblical Studies, and Secondary Education.

Trinity Baptist College aims to provide students with the abilities, knowledge, and discernment essential to flourishing in our rapidly evolving world. They want students to embark on an enlightening trip that encourages self-exploration and progress, along with a spiritually fulfilling experience that builds a deep connection with Christ.

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Criteria For Selecting Top Christian Colleges

Religious Practices

This is one of the main criteria that every student needs to remember, and many will claim that it’s the most important. This is because a religion-based tertiary education is unique to a specific Christian denomination, making it critical to select the ideal school that aligns with everyone’s faith and ideology.

Campus Ministry And Fellowship

While receiving a religion-based education is essential for undergraduates, you may also be curious about how a school displays its commitment to faith through the opportunities offered to students. On a school’s website, under Student Life, you can find these types of details. Furthermore, you can also find the names of the school’s religious organizations online.

Community Service And Missions

Many Christian schools take pleasure in their strong volunteer and outreach programs, which tend to be among the very first opportunities featured on their website. Such opportunities can be local or global, and some educational institutions even pair missionary service with study abroad experiences, letting students get academic credit while making the world a better place for everyone.

Academic Excellence

You may explore the instructors and certain programs, the majority of which will be evaluated and ranked independently, as well as previous rankings, to get an idea of the caliber of education one can receive from a Christian school.

Alternatively, you could consider looking up a school that interests you and finding out more about how they lecture. Many institutions offer experiential learning possibilities, while others concentrate on teaching traditionally.

Majors Available

You’re probably looking for a school that offers faith-based degrees since you’re seeking a Christian college to attend. Theology, ministry, divinity, and other subjects are possible fields of study, but they could also indicate that you’re looking for a school that offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in these areas of study.

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With hundreds of Christian colleges and institutions in the country, determining which is ideal for everyone may be challenging. The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities especially emphasizes the need to understand what students desire to choose the best educational opportunity for them.

Prospective students looking for universities in Florida, on the other hand, have several excellent choices. Faithful Christians can go to whatever institution they desire. Still, those whose primary goal is to be nurtured in their faith have wonderful possibilities for finding Christian schools and universities all around Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 christian college in Florida?

According to various rankings and reviews, Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, is often regarded as the number one Christian college in the state. Known for its strong commitment to faith-based education, Southeastern University offers a diverse range of programs and a supportive community for students to grow spiritually and academically.

How many Christian universities are in Florida?

Florida is home to numerous Christian universities, including Southeastern University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and St. Thomas University, among others, providing students with diverse educational opportunities rooted in Christian values.

Is Florida College a christian college?

Florida College is indeed a Christian college affiliated with the churches of Christ. Located in Temple Terrace, Florida, it offers undergraduate programs with a focus on liberal arts education within a Christian framework.

The college emphasizes spiritual development alongside academic pursuits, providing students with a unique educational experience rooted in Christian values and principles.

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