20 Best Christian Colleges In Georgia To Unlock New Horizons

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Students can open up a world of opportunities by selecting one of the top Christian institutions[1] in Georgia. In these universities, students can explore their Christian beliefs while pursuing their chosen fields of study since they combine demanding academic programs with a strong emphasis on faith.

The top Christian colleges in Georgia provide a distinctive educational experience that combines academic excellence and spiritual development to help students open new doors. Students graduate with a strong foundation that equips them to successfully navigate the complexity of the modern world while adhering to their Christian principles by embracing their beliefs and exploring their passions.

Top 20 Christian Colleges In Georgia

1. Agnes Scott College

Through a cutting-edge liberal arts education, Agnes Scott College has enabled students to reach their potential since 1889. They support financial aid, asking big questions, adopting a worldview, and driving change. Dreamers, academically interested people, and socially active people can all reach their potential in this society.

2. Emory University

In Atlanta, Georgia, there is a private research university called Emory University. The Methodist Episcopal Church established Emory College in 1836 and named it in honor of the Methodist bishop John Emory. Buildings for cancer research, biomedical research, scientific computation, mathematics and science, vaccine research, and the performing arts are among the newest additions to the Atlanta Campus.

The campus was located in an unincorporated region that, according to statistics, was part of the Druid Hills census-designated place before 2018. As part of its largest annexation in 65 years, the City of Atlanta annexed Emory’s campus on January 1, 2018, following a decision by the Atlanta City Council in December.

3. Piedmont University

Piedmont University is a 300-acre residential campus set in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains. It is one of the most vibrant little universities in the Southeast. Piedmont University, founded in 1897, is a comprehensive liberal arts college that provides a range of career-focused degrees in the arts, sciences, business, teaching, and nursing. Piedmont University creates a learning atmosphere by encouraging critical and innovative discourse.

4. Wesleyan College

In 1836, Wesleyan, a private Christian women’s institution, was established in Macon, Georgia. As the first institution in the world to be licensed to provide degrees to women, it has a history of teaching women and giving them the tools they need to succeed in any line of work they choose. The study abroad program at Wesleyan is a fantastic way for students to experience life overseas.

5. Covenant College

Covenant College, a Christian liberal arts institution founded in 1955, aims to promote, investigate, and articulate the utmost importance of Jesus Christ in everything. Every action they take is based on their Reformed theology and worldview, and they are a community dedicated to the Bible’s status as the infallible Word of God.

6. Shorter University

Shorter University, a four-year liberal arts institution devoted to academic excellence, was established in 1873. The institution is dedicated to giving its students chances for spiritual growth, a top-notch education, and valuable Christian leadership skills. It provides traditional bachelor’s degrees in 40 fields of study and online associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs.

7. Young Harris College

A private college that awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Young Harris College, is situated in the breathtaking North Georgia highlands. They work to create educational experiences that inspire students to explore uncharted territory both within and outside of the classroom.

8. LaGrange College

Since 1831, LaGrange College has been assisting students in realizing their potential. More than 50 academic and pre-professional programs are available at LaGrange, a four-year liberal arts and sciences college. LaGrange College provides the tools and support you need to identify your objectives and achieve them, with an 11-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, caring professors, and a variety of opportunities—both inside and outside of the classroom.

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9. Point University

Point University, a nonprofit, accredited university founded in 1937, educates and prepares a diverse Christian community of cultural leaders driven to practice their religion in the workplace. The university grants associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees and offers a wide-ranging, thorough curriculum created to prepare students for their chosen vocations.

10. Truett McConnell University

Truett McConnell University has been educating students on its 256-acre campus on the side of a mountain for more than 75 years. Truett McConnell University was founded as a private Christian university in Cleveland, Georgia, in 1946. It is a Christian organization based on the four tenets of love for the Lord, love for His Word, love for the Church, and love for the unregenerate.

11. Toccoa Falls College

A private, nonprofit Christian liberal arts college called Toccoa Falls College is situated in the picturesque northeast Georgian foothills. The institution’s goal is to foster a distinctively Christian learning community that combines the search for the truth with the development of godly character to produce graduates who are equipped for service both personally and professionally. The university collaborates with numerous evangelical Christian organizations and belongs to the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

12. Reinhardt University

Reinhardt has prioritized addressing each student’s requirements individually ever since it was founded in 1883. Young people from the adjacent counties of Bartow, Cobb, Dawson, Forsyth, Fulton, Gordon, and Pickens have long found Reinhardt to be a helpful resource. The university has expanded while offering a high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

13. Clark Atlanta University

Atlanta University and Clark College, both of which hold distinctive spots in the annals of African-American history, were combined to establish Clark Atlanta University. The American Missionary Association founded Atlanta University in 1865, making it the first university in the country to grant graduate degrees to African Americans. Clark Atlanta University aims to provide students with the training necessary for upcoming vocations and future success.

14. Emmanuel College

In Franklin Springs, Georgia, Emmanuel College first welcomed students in 1919. It is a private Christian college. The International Pentecostal Holiness Church is a member of the school. On their volunteer trips to hospitals, homeless shelters, and even jails, Emmanuel students share the gospel. They also take part in tutoring young people, supporting the ministry, helping pastors deliver sermons, and going on international mission trips.

15. Brewton-Parker College

Brewton-Parker College offers professional and liberal arts programs in a learning environment of shared Christian principles as a comprehensive Georgia Baptist institution. The institution aims to provide a transformative experience that prepares students for ongoing education and Christ-centered ministry. By integrating biblical truth into academics and focusing on personal development, servant leadership, and cultural engagement, we achieve this.

16. Paine College

Paine College, a private university founded on Methodism, offers the finest caliber of liberal arts education. To train spiritually centered men and women for leadership and service roles, the college strongly emphasizes Christian faith, academic success, ethical and spiritual principles, community engagement, and personal growth.

17. Beulah Heights University

Private, not-for-profit Beulah Heights University provides higher education in Atlanta, Georgia. The university was founded in 1918 and has accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and the Association for Biblical Higher Education. The university had a formal affiliation with the Christian-interdenominational faith.

18. Andrew College

Through higher education that applies to the local community and beyond, Andrew College prepares students for lives of servant leadership and purpose. The experience at Andrew College alters one’s life and experience. You’ll get to know fascinating people from various walks of life and be pushed to go further than you ever imagined.

19. Luther Rice College & Seminary

Luther Rice has advocated for online education for men and women who need help leaving their families and ministries to achieve their educational aspirations. Luther Rice, who holds the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, and whole Word of God—that’s what we teach—has consistently remained committed to conducting its teachings.

20. Carver Bible College

By preparing students to serve Christian churches, the community, and the globe as biblically oriented, professionally competent men and women of character and personality, Carver College exists to exalt God. Carver College was founded to fill higher education needs for students seeking education majors in biblical and theological studies.

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Georgia’s top 20 Christian institutions provide students with a fantastic chance to open new doors in their academic endeavors. These institutions offer a remarkable fusion of intellectual brilliance, spiritual development, and a caring community that encourages students to pursue their chosen fields of study while pursuing their religious exploration.

These Christian universities also give students many chances to volunteer and have a beneficial impact on society. Students are urged to put their faith into action by participating in community service projects, internships, and mission trips. By doing so, they can become compassionate leaders and agents of change in their neighborhoods.

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