3 Best Christian Colleges In Idaho To Elevate Your Education

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Idaho is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and its dedication to offering top-notch higher education alternatives, including institutions that prioritize Christian values and beliefs. These prestigious Christian colleges in Idaho ensure that students obtain a well-rounded education that combines study and Christian faith by combining a solid academic foundation with a supportive spiritual atmosphere.

Idaho provides many excellent options, whether you’re looking for a college that shares your Christian values or just want to further your spiritual development while earning a degree. You can find universities in the beautiful state of Idaho that are committed to nurturing Christian values, promoting intellectual and personal development, and preparing students for lives of leadership and service[1].

Top 3 Christian Colleges In Idaho

Every institution on this list demonstrates a dedication to excellence in education while stressing the significance of Christian principles. Teachers, administrators, and other students foster a community where study and faith coexist, encouraging spiritual inquiry and development.

1. Boise Bible College

In addition to associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in subjects like Christian education, Biblical studies, family ministry, youth ministry, Christian ministry, early childhood education, and intercultural studies, Boise Bible College also provides a Bible Certificate.

Since its inception, Boise Bible’s mission has been to develop young people into servant leaders who will devote themselves to strengthening the church and spreading the gospel through creative means worldwide. The goal of the Boise Bible is a thriving church that results in the return of the kingdom. They are designed to equip any student to serve their church or community well as a leader.

In a Christ-centered setting, the Boise Bible seeks to help students grow in character and leadership so they can stop living for themselves and start living for Jesus. To achieve that goal, they prioritize exceptional study, genuine humility, an uplifted community, and innovative thinking.

Affiliating With Boise Bible College

Boise Bible seeks to help students develop the kind of character and leadership that Christ exhibited. This will encourage you to stop living for yourself and start living for Jesus. The college is linked to and financed by autonomous congregations but is not part of any religious structure. They seek to align with all Christians in support of the doctrines and tenets of the New Testament-based churches. Despite a student’s allegiance to a particular church, Boise Bible College welcomes them all.

2. Brigham Young University, Idaho

Another undergraduate college, Brigham Young University in Idaho, had 42,341 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 22 to 1 in 2018. The college provides associate’s or bachelor’s degree programs in various fields, including dance, geology, child development, automotive technology, animal science, plant and wildlife ecology, communication, and animal science.

Academic And Career Guidance

They put your academic and personal success at the center of all they do. Their goal is to assist every kid in becoming ready to fulfill their potential. They will acknowledge your everlasting identity, instruct you in future planning, give you the knowledge to achieve your objective and fight for your general success.

Special Educational Opportunity

Intending to educate students for lifelong learning, employment, and positions as leaders in their homes, the church, and communities, Brigham Young University-Idaho offers a distinctive educational experience. To do this, BYU-Idaho works to provide a positive social, cultural, and academic environment.

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3. New Saint Andrews College

The NCES estimates that there are 160 undergraduate students enrolled at New Saint Andrews College, with a faculty-to-student ratio of 13 to 1. The institution requires its students to dress adequately for weekly forums, recitations, and seminars. The school provides coed soccer, women’s volleyball, and men’s rugby as extracurricular activities.

The school offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in liberal arts and culture, a master’s degree in theology and letters, a master’s or graduate certificate in classical Christian studies, and graduate certificates in these fields.

New Saint Andrews College’s Mission And Vision

The goal of the college is to produce leaders who authentically live under the rule of Jesus Christ and influence culture. We see this as the Lord’s Great Commission coming to fruition; their theology is being lived out through our hands. The goal of New Saint Andrews College is to use the City of God as a model for rebuilding society. Therefore, they refuse to be just academics and instead translate their lofty intellectual aspirations into practical acts of service.


Theology is regarded at New Saint Andrews as the compass of all learning; it directs all subjects and classes. According to the reformed tradition, they study the two pillars of theology: the doctrines of God and the Bible.


Their culture requires biblical wisdom in addition to intelligence. Students, guided by the light of Scripture, engage with their teachers and classmates using the classical Western tradition. This interaction leads to profound insights that equip them to effectively handle life’s challenges. Additionally, they acquire a broad and adaptable set of cognitive abilities that let them self-learn and adapt throughout their professional lives.


It would be best to have a culture to replace the one you want to shape. Students interact with the local culture and the most difficult concepts in the Western tradition as they commune with a community of saints at the college and in Moscow—a place recognized for its genuine and joyful faith. All the students profess the Apostolic Creed, go to evangelical churches in their communities, and develop a community of believers who submit to the Lordship of Christ and rejoice in his gospel.

Information On Idaho Christian Colleges

For students looking for an education at a facility with a Christian mission, Idaho Christian Colleges and Idaho Bible Colleges provide fantastic alternatives. Students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree have a wide range of programs to select from because numerous programs are accessible.

Students who attend Bible colleges in Idaho are prepared for careers in the ministry. Additionally, online programs and colleges in Idaho allow students to pursue a top-notch, faith-based education at their own pace and according to their requirements.

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Idaho has a wide selection of outstanding Christian colleges that provide students with a life-changing education based on their religion and academic ability. These institutions highly value their students’ total development, encouraging their intellectual and spiritual development.

These institutions ensure that students can pursue their passions while obtaining a solid foundation in their chosen fields by providing various academic programs in many subjects. These institutions offer a thorough education that gives students the knowledge and abilities to succeed in their future jobs, ranging from theology and biblical studies to the sciences, the humanities, and business.

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