20 Best Christian Colleges In Indiana To Enrich Your Faith And Education

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Indiana has an impressive selection of Christian universities that present a unique chance to advance one’s religion and education. These organizations take great satisfaction in offering a well-rounded education that combines demanding academic curricula with a strong emphasis on religious principles.

Students will discover various denominational affiliations, theological opinions, and academic specializations in Indiana’s unique landscape of Christian colleges. These institutions provide a variety of possibilities to satisfy every person’s intellectual and spiritual interests, whether they are looking for a liberal arts education, professional training, or a specific program based on Christian principles[1].

20 Best Christian Colleges In Indiana

1. Manchester University

The United Brethren Church founded the Roanoke Classical Seminary in Roanoke, Indiana, in 1860, which is the legacy that Manchester University dates back to. Manchester University, guided by a steadfast mission, is committed to graduating individuals of remarkable ability and unshakable conviction. The university prepares students for prosperous lives and careers in a continuously evolving world.

2. Anderson University

This institution is dedicated to academic excellence. They operate a teaching-learning community of the most remarkable caliber, engaged in the quest for knowledge from a Christian faith perspective, and established and nurtured within the free and open traditions of the Church of God.

3. Bethel University

Bethel University, as a part of the Missionary Church, is deeply committed to upholding the Church’s doctrines. They achieve this through a strong emphasis on community service and by providing Christian education. Their ultimate goal is to nurture and empower future leaders for the church, our nation, and the global community.

4. Spring Arbor University

An education at SAU transcends the conventional notion of degree acquisition. It delves deeper, fostering self-awareness and equipping individuals with a mission to radiate the light of Christ in their careers, relationships, and communities. With Jesus Christ at its core, education at SAU takes on a profound and transformative purpose.

5. DePauw University

DePauw University fosters the development of leaders the world needs by demonstrating a unique dedication to the liberal arts. DePauw’s diverse and inclusive environment offers rigorous intellectual engagement and global learning opportunities. This environment helps students achieve a meaningful and purposeful life.

6. Earlham College

The Earlham story began in 1847 when a group of Quakers wanted to promote education based on community, respect, honesty, peace, and simplicity. For students to become agents of change in a changing world, Earlham is a collaborative learning community that provides them with chances and experiences that inspire and drive them.

7. Franklin College

Franklin College embraces shared values that strengthen the neighborhood and support long-term personal, spiritual, intellectual, and professional development. A Franklin College education develops independent thinking, innovation, leadership, and action for ever-changing professions and a connected world.

8. Goshen College

Goshen College develops leaders who are brave, inventive, and compassionate to impact local and global societies. They combine academic achievement, practical experience, and an active love for God and neighbor, all while being shaped by the Anabaptist-Mennonite heritage.

9. Grace College

The Charis Fellowship-affiliated Grace College is a liberal arts institution in Winona Lake, Minnesota, approximately five minutes from the picturesque Winona Lake. The majority of bachelor’s degree programs only take three years to complete.

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10. Hanover College

Hanover College is a Presbyterian Church (USA) member in Hanover, Indiana. The Reverend John Finley Crowe established Indiana’s oldest private institution in 1827. With hands-on, technical experience in their chosen industry, a well-rounded education from Hanover College prepares students for the real world.

11. Huntington University

A comprehensive Christian liberal arts university with more than 70 academic concentrations, Huntington University offers prestigious graduate and undergraduate programs. Huntington University has produced graduates prepared to change the world for Christ through research and service for more than a century.

They offer financial aid to students who need it and a Christ-centered scholarship to students who deserve it. Huntington University is also affiliated with the United Brethren Athletic Association.

12. Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University, a four-year liberal arts college in Marion, is closely affiliated with The Wesleyan Church. Rooted in a Christ-centered ethos, this academic community is passionately committed to nurturing character, knowledge, and leadership among its students, with the ultimate goal of transforming lives.

13. Oakland City University

A Christian institution of higher learning, Oakland City University is committed to fostering students’ intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social growth for effective leadership. The university has 17 majors, over 50 specializations, and various degree options.

14. Union Bible College & Academy

Union Bible College stands as a beacon of scriptural holiness and a powerhouse for developing servant leaders who have the transformative, unchanging Word at their core. Every student who becomes a part of their community can expect a top-tier, Bible-centered education set in a spiritually enriching atmosphere. It’s important to note that UBC boasts accreditation from the prestigious Association for Biblical Higher Education.

15. Taylor University

Taylor University, a premier Christian liberal arts college in the Midwest, provides over 100 degrees and programs to prepare you for various careers. Gain problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and real-world experience at this school.

16. University Of Evansville

The University of Evansville is renowned nationwide for helping students improve their personal and professional skills. They encourage critical and creative thinking and create moral, global citizens prepared to flourish in a complicated and changing world.

17. University Of Indianapolis

The university prepares its students to become more capable in theory, interaction, and action. They offer courses to enhance their ability to innovate, gain a greater awareness of the Christian faith, and develop an understanding of and respect for other religions. They encourage the student body to use their intellectual capacity in the process of knowledge discovery and synthesis.

18. Horizon University

Horizon University is dedicated to providing students with a Christ-centered education that nurtures critical thinking skills, imparts a broad knowledge base, and integrates their vocation with biblical principles. The overarching aim is to empower students to excel in their chosen professions and, simultaneously, to inspire servant leadership as they actively engage in the mission of winning, disciplining, and sending others for Jesus Christ.

19. College of Biblical Studies, Indianapolis

The College of Biblical Studies in Indianapolis is an exceptional institution, and here’s why: affordability, accessibility, and accreditation. It boasts one of the lowest net costs among four-year private colleges in the nation. Moreover, students have the flexibility to tailor their learning experience, choosing from online or in-person classes or a combination of both.

CBS holds national accreditation from the Association of Biblical Higher Education and the Schools Commission on Colleges, ensuring the highest standards. But what truly sets CBS apart is its commitment to providing a life-changing education that equips students to make a lasting impact in underserved communities.

20. Valparaiso University

Valparaiso University has a remarkable history, having been established in 1859 as an independent Lutheran institution. Throughout its journey, the university has consistently upheld a standard of excellence in academics and has been characterized by a profoundly positive atmosphere that fuels students’ ambitions to change the world. Situated in Valparaiso, Indiana, the university enjoys a prime location, with Chicago just an hour’s drive away.

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Indiana has a wide variety of Christian colleges that offer a superb fusion of academic achievement with faith-based education. These organizations provide caring settings for students looking to advance their spiritual development while pursuing a thorough education.

These best Christian colleges in Indiana are committed to enhancing both your faith and educating you to make a difference in your chosen field while keeping based on your Christian principles, whether you are interested in theology studies, liberal arts, sciences, or professional degrees.

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