5 Best Christian Colleges In Louisiana To Enrich Your Education

Potential college students who want to finish their higher education with exceptional scholastic competencies, an in-depth grasp of their purpose and goal, and the necessary skills to succeed in their life missions must carefully read the school’s academic standing, location, size, and other factors in order to choose the right school for their Christian faith [1].

This list of the greatest Christian colleges in Louisiana is limited to universities and colleges that provide four-year degree programs. We’ve discovered five Christian universities in Louisiana. An institution of higher learning should self-identify as Christian, supply a diverse selection of bachelor’s degree courses, and be fully recognized for them to be considered in this list of the finest Christian schools and universities.

5 Best Christian Colleges In Louisiana

1. Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans, a Catholic and Jesuit university, invites individuals from all walks of life and equips them to live lives of significance for and with other people. Situated in the Uptown district on historical St. Charles Avenue, it is set across from the municipal Audubon Park and just twenty minutes away from downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter.

The in-state tuition cost for 2021 and 2022 is $41,698 in addition to $1,800 in charges. This fee doesn’t include board and housing. Music, Rhetoric and Psychology, and Speech Communication are the most prominent undergraduate majors at Loyola University New Orleans, which has 110 undergraduate courses and 36 professional and graduate courses.

2. Louisiana Christian University

Formerly known as Louisiana College and based in Pineville, LA, this university is a four-year private institution associated with the Southern Baptist faith. Without food and housing, the college’s in-state educational expenses are $17,850, plus $100 in fees for 2021–2022.

Louisiana Christian University is placed 720th in’s 2023 U.S. college rankings. The college’s most common undergraduate major is Registered Nursing, followed by Psychology and Biology, or Biological Sciences, among the list of 41 undergraduate majors available.

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3. Dillard University

Dillard University is a prestigious Christian university in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dillard University, being a historically Black school, has an extensive history of and faculty dedicated to Black Americans’ academic success.

This small college has a total enrollment of 1,128 undergraduate learners and a 56% acceptance rate, making admissions extremely difficult. African-American or Black Studies is the most well-known undergraduate degree at Dillard University, followed by Biology or Biological Sciences and Sociology among the list of 27 majors offered by the university.

4. Xavier University of Louisiana

XULA is a private, liberal-arts-centered school with the primary objective of assisting in the creation of a world with greater equity and compassion by making its learners take on duties of service and leadership in this modern world. XULA is also known as an originally Black Catholic university in the United States.

There are 2,642 undergraduates enrolled in the university, with an admittance rate of 95%. Biology, or Biological Sciences, is the most popular undergraduate degree at Xavier University of Louisiana, closely followed by Psychology, and Chemistry among the 24 degrees offered. According to’s U.S. colleges ranking in 2023, Xavier University of Louisiana is rated 491st nationwide.

5. Centenary College of Louisiana

Centenary College of Louisiana is a community of educators, employees, and students that push one another to look at things critically, care passionately, and strive for more. Centenary College of Louisiana, situated in Shreveport, Louisiana, is an accredited four-year private school that offers both undergraduate and graduate studies, like the well-known Louisiana Christian University and Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, LA.

The college is affiliated with the United Methodist Society. Biology or Biological Sciences is by far the most preferred undergraduate degree at Centenary College of Louisiana, followed by Kinesiology and Exercise Science and Business Administration and Management among the 31 major options. Some of its most popular alumni include government officials, military personnel, lawyers, doctors, and athletes.

Admissions Process And Requirements

Regarding admission requirements, individuals applying to colleges and universities in the U.S. must apply to the specific school in general instead of to particular departments or courses. When submitting an application to a university, individuals usually indicate their desired major as their first choice.

Admissions criteria can range from objective and standard to more subjective aspects concerning the applicant’s “fit” for the school, based on the number of applicants and core principles of the college or university. Generally, individuals are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • GPA and overall academic grades
  • grades related to your desired majors
  • average grade in key subjects (laboratory science, English, academic math, speech, and foreign language)
  • class ranking
  • score on the SAT or ACT
  • personal statement, individual backgrounds, and experiences
  • information from the school’s counselor, and perhaps references from their pastor or other members of the church

These variables are weighted differently by institutions; for example, certain Christian colleges and universities don’t need or even recognize the SAT score for admittance. In rare situations, individuals may be provided some choices by the institution’s state, while certain states demand proof of vaccination against specific vaccine-preventable diseases.

College and university semesters typically begin in the months of August or September for the fall term, while January is for the winter term, with the college application process beginning in your final year of secondary school. In most cases, this entails completing an online or paper application form for the higher education institution within the set deadline.

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Christian students of various religions often discover that an institution of higher learning steeped in their beliefs is an excellent fit for them. Thanks to this list’s comprehensive information, prospective students can rest assured that their selection will meet all their needs and wants.

Christian academic institutions in Louisiana include schools anchored in the liberal arts, colleges focusing on academic excellence and professional training, and universities devoted to developing an upright, service-oriented workforce. May this compilation provide assistance, guidance, and emphasis to the students’ search for an education that meets the Christian atmosphere they are looking for.

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