3 Best Christian Colleges In Montana To Transform Your Education

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Montana provides an ideal environment for students seeking a holistic education that nourishes mind and soul, nestled amid the breathtaking Rocky Mountains and tranquil landscapes. Additionally, there are three top Christian colleges in Montana, each renowned for its outstanding academic offerings, biblical studies, and encouragement of its students’ spiritual growth and sense of community.

In the realm of educational institutions, certain organizations have carved out a distinguished identity, standing as paragons of excellence. They offer a nurturing sanctuary wherein students can thrive on intellectual, social, and spiritual fronts. What sets these universities apart is their unwavering commitment to infuse Christian values and principles into every facet of campus life, elevating the educational experience far beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

3 Best Christian Colleges In Montana

1. Montana Bible College

Young Christians often grapple with a significant hurdle: reconciling their faith with the complexities of the real world. Much like many other aspects of life, this journey calls for proper guidance and a robust support system to help strike a delicate balance.

And this is what you’ll get with an education at Montana Bible College. MBC’s mission is to nurture young men and women in the art of disciple-making [1]. The school is dedicated to creating leaders who are deeply committed to advancing the kingdom’s ideals and possess hearts that beat in servitude.  

Creating Disciples For The World

Montana Bible College offers an environment for rigorous discipleship and ministerial instruction. Here, students are fully immersed in the teachings of the Bible and encouraged to apply these teachings to their everyday lives. In due time, graduates from MBC are called on to instill their essence within the faith communities—whether these are places close to home or farther afield.

2. Rocky Mountain College

Rocky Mountain College is a private liberal arts college with a strong emphasis on academic achievement and individual development. With its founding in 1878, Rocky Mountain College is the state’s first college. Its past reveals a dedication to quality and an acceptance of the diverse viewpoints of its constituents. The college is strengthened by combining the history of practical training for specific professions with the liberal arts tradition.

Church Relations At Rocky Mountain College

The United Church of Christ, the United Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church (USA) are affiliated with Rocky Mountain College. These three denominations have a long history of promoting values like service, community, and character.

Educational Programs

Their general education program at the undergraduate level is built on a solid heritage of liberal arts education. They promote students’ growth in leadership, communication, critical thinking, creative expression, and professional accomplishment.

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3. Montana Christian College

Formerly known as Yellowstone Christian College, Montana Christian College continues its mission to guide and nurture Christian men and women. Their curriculum is designed to empower students to influence the church and society by mirroring the qualities of Christ.

Individuals aspiring to enroll at MCC can enjoy several advantages. In addition to a curriculum firmly rooted in a biblical perspective, you will also receive:

  • Education centered around Christ
  • The opportunity to graduate without incurring debt
  • High-quality Christian education
  • Guidance from dedicated mentors
  • The chance to discover the beauty of Northwest Montana
  • A thriving student community

The driving force behind the foundation and continuous support of Montana Christian College is Jesus Christ’s directive to spread His message of repentance, faith, and salvation throughout the world.

Applying To Christian Colleges In Montana

Montana Bible College

Montana Bible College is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation. As such, they are able to offer one-year certificate programs as well as Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biblical Studies.

Applicants at MBC are required to have a high school diploma or an equivalent certified report from the GED. If your high school grade is a C or lower, Montana Bible College might still admit you as a probationary student. Similarly, there are cases where individuals who don’t meet the academic requirements but possess the necessary educational background and experience for college-level studies can be accepted as provisional non-degree students.

If you’re not looking to pursue a degree, their personal enrichment courses might be a suitable path for you. These courses are aimed at individuals looking to deepen their relationship with Jesus, equip themselves to serve in their local church, sharpen ministry skills, and solidify their faith in biblical grounding.

Courses offered in the Personal Enrichment Path can be used either for credit or audit. A credit means students are expected to participate in all required work for the classes, while an audit simply asks a student to be present and observe the goings-on in class.

Rocky Mountain College

Are you about to step into the world of college for the first time? Perhaps you’re a high school student with experience in dual enrollment, a dedicated homeschooler, or someone who has been away from high school for more than five years.

No matter where you are on your educational path, you can access high-quality education at an affordable price at Rocky Mountain College. Their staff and facilities will equip students for a lifetime of learning. Room and meal plan rates will vary depending on your meal plan and accommodation choices.

Budgeting for additional personal expenses like clothing, entertainment, travel to and from the house, etc., is a good idea for families. Each student at RMC has a private spending budget of $5,400 per year, but individual students may spend more or less depending on their lifestyle.

Montana Christian College

You need to be a high school graduate to enroll at Montana Christian College. If you’re looking to transfer to MCC, contacting the Registrar’s Office is strongly advisable to verify whether your transfer credits will be acknowledged before enrolling in courses. It’s important to note that D grades will not be considered acceptable for courses in degree programs, and likewise, F grades will not be eligible for credit transfer.

As you explore your educational options, MCC stands out as one of the more affordable Christian colleges in the country. Here, you’ll find a range of scholarships made available by individual donors, churches, or other religious organizations. To determine if you qualify for any of these scholarships or for financial aid, all you need to do is schedule a consultation with the college president.

The annual cost of an education at MCC varies, typically falling between $22,000 and nearly $28,000. Your choice between staying on campus or commuting to school influences this range. MCC provides a diverse array of courses to cater to your interests, including offerings like Christian Leadership and Music and Worship. Additionally, you’ll find more traditional programs such as business, psychology, and science. Your educational journey, your way.

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The three top Christian universities in Montana have established themselves as remarkable schools that highly value their students’ overall achievement, spiritual development, and academic accomplishment. These universities have developed supportive settings that support intellectual and spiritual growth because they are dedicated to providing a holistic education.

The universities’ active campus ministries, pastoral studies, biblical counseling, and service initiatives allow students to grow spiritually, get involved in the community, and hone their leadership abilities outside the classroom. The focus on moral values and character development guarantees that graduates are not only academically successful but also kind and responsible people, prepared to impact society positively.

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