10 Best Christian Colleges In Nebraska To Unlock Your Potential

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Discover the allure of Nebraska, nestled in the heart of the vibrant Midwest, surrounded by the neighboring states of Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, and Wyoming. Despite its 37th place in population, it commands the 16th spot in land area, offering vast opportunities for growth and exploration. Nebraska takes pride in hosting more than a dozen religiously affiliated universities.

Christian colleges equip students for seminary through the provision of degrees in ministry and theology, as well as a broad spectrum of secular undergraduate and graduate programs. Examples of these secular degrees include nursing, politics, economics, human resource management, public policy, education, law, and communications.

10 Best Christian Colleges In Nebraska

Prospective college students seeking faith-aligned institutions with a strong academic record, here’s a selection of Nebraska’s top Christian colleges and universities. They may have affiliations with Christian denominations, religious groups, or faith-based traditions.

1. Clarkson College

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Clarkson College, a mission-driven institution founded in the late 1800s by the visionary Episcopalian Bishop Robert H. and Meliora Clarkson. With a rich history deeply rooted in healthcare education, the college has thrived by adapting to the ever-evolving medical landscape. Today, it remains steadfast in its mission, shaping students to excel in providing high-quality, ethical, and compassionate healthcare services.

2. Concordia University, Nebraska

Situated in Seward, Concordia University actively promotes the development of students’ knowledge and faith, fostering growth both within the classroom and through engagement in mission work. This university offers a wide range of degree programs catering to various academic interests and goals.

These programs encompass undergraduate, graduate, and degree completion options, with majors spanning from Art and Education to Music and Theology. There are numerous opportunities available for mission work, which provides all students with the chance to receive a comprehensive Christian education.

3. Nebraska Methodist College

As its name suggests, this college has strong ties with the United Methodist Church. It is a not-for-profit school with courses focusing on healthcare—from nursing degrees to health management courses. NMC offers students an exceptional educational setting that prioritizes both compassion and expertise in the healthcare field. By fostering these qualities, students are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their healthcare careers.

During their academic journey, students actively participate in service-learning experiences, community-based education, and leadership development. These activities help nurture their personal and professional growth while preparing them to become outstanding contributors to their communities.

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4. Hastings College

Experience the excellence of Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska. This small, private institution is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Notably, in 2020, it secured the third position in the region for exceptional undergraduate teaching and innovation, as recognized by the prestigious U.S. News & World Report.

5. Midland University

Join the legacy of Midland University, a distinguished four-year institution nestled in picturesque Fremont, Nebraska. Founded and led by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, we’re committed to excellence in serving both undergraduates and graduates.

There were 1,691 applicants in the most recent data year, and only 1,078 spots were available. There were 341 students who were accepted and ultimately enrolled. There are now 1,243 full-time students and 428 part-time students enrolled.

6. Nebraska Christian College

Your path to knowledge and faith begins at Nebraska Christian College, a prestigious four-year Bible college situated in picturesque Papillion, Nebraska.

As an institution affiliated with the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, they extend a warm welcome to all high school graduates and GED holders through their open admissions policy. There are 124 students enrolled full-time and 10 attending part-time. In-state tuition for 2021/22 is $17,350 plus $650 in fees, excluding room and board.

7. Nebraska Wesleyan University

Experience the nurturing community of Nebraska Wesleyan University, where intellectual and personal growth flourish through the avenue of a liberal arts education in a caring Christian environment. With a legacy spanning over 130 years, their enduring affiliation with the United Methodist Church forms the bedrock of our values.

Notably, they take pride in their 82% acceptance rate, ensuring that quality education is accessible to everyone. Furthermore, their commitment to a small student-to-teacher ratio guarantees an environment where academic excellence thrives within a close-knit community.

8. Summit Christian College

Summit Christian College, located in a picturesque area next to Scotts Bluff National Monument, is well-known not just for the outstanding education one would expect from a private Christian institution but also for its inexpensive tuition and commitment to sending students into ministry debt-free. After earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, students can continue their mission work in a variety of settings.

9. Union College

Embracing its roots from 1891 as a Seventh-day Adventist university, Union welcomes students from all faiths, supporting them to uncover their potential in leadership, scholarship, and service. Within a nurturing environment, it combines traditional liberal arts education with hands-on experiences like internships, counseling, global studies, and service opportunities.

10. York College Of Nebraska

York College is a charming and close-knit academic sanctuary nestled in the heart of York, Nebraska. This private, four-year institution exudes excellence and community, affiliated with The Churches of Christ. At York College, the intimate setting fosters a personalized learning environment.

With smaller class sizes, students benefit from individualized attention and mentorship, a cornerstone fostering a deeper understanding of the curriculum.

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Affordable and high-quality higher education is available at Nebraska’s Christian colleges. All students, regardless of their intended field of study, can apply for and receive a scholarship.

For students who are just starting out on their college journey, consider breaking the information down into manageable chunks. Think about narrowing your options by location, religion, school size, number of students, and preferred teaching style. Knowing the range of schools accessible and applying your own set of criteria will narrow the field to a manageable number of Christian colleges for you.

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