10 Best Christian Colleges In New Jersey To Transform Your Education

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New Jersey is home to a number of excellent Christian colleges, where you may get a bachelor’s, undergraduate, or master’s degree in fields like apologetics, theology, or Christian counseling[1]. Choosing the most suitable career path in ministry holds equal significance to determining the initial steps toward embarking on that journey.

Acquire valuable leadership skills, along with a deep understanding of the Bible and ministry, which can be immediately applied in practical situations. This will lay the groundwork for future achievements. For students seeking flexibility in education, there are also a variety of online Christian colleges in New Jersey to consider.

Best Christian Colleges In New Jersey

Explore the list below if you are a prospective college student searching for Christian-aligned, academically distinguished institutions. These colleges offer an enriching environment that fosters spiritual growth, critical thinking, and personal development.

Bloomfield College Of Montclair State University

New Jersey’s Bloomfield Township is home to the private Christian college Bloomfield. Around 1,200 undergraduates are enrolled at this institution. More than 80 percent of applicants are accepted at Bloomfield.

Many students opt for fields like psychology, nursing, and the arts at Bloomfield. The institution boasts a graduation rate of 38%, and those who successfully graduate start with an income of $29,500.

Bloomfield College, recognized as a Predominantly Black Institution, receives essential financial aid from the federal government. This vital funding is integral to the college’s ongoing mission of providing quality education to students hailing from low- and middle-income Black American backgrounds.

Centenary University

Explore Centenary University, a cozy Christian-affiliated private college nestled in Hackettstown, New Jersey, boasting a close-knit community of just 1,028 undergraduates.

There is a 98 percent admission rate at Centenary University. Majors in Business, Criminal Justice and Safety, and Equine Studies, are also very popular. Centenary University has a 68 percent graduation rate, and its graduates have an average starting income of $37,900.

Drew University

Step into the legacy of Drew University, a quaint private institution founded in 1896 in Madison, New Jersey, now offering a diverse array of both undergraduate and graduate degrees. It is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

According to the most current data available, 3,542 applicants and 2,823 spots were available. Around 359 students were accepted and ultimately enrolled. In the academic year 2021-2022, this institution accommodated 1,872 full-time students and 372 part-time students, with in-state tuition and fees amounting to $41,820, excluding room and board.

Pillar College

Pillar College, formerly Somerset Christian College, stands as a distinguished private evangelical institution with its primary campus in Newark, New Jersey, and multiple educational sites in Somerset, Paterson, Plainfield, and Jersey City, all accredited by the esteemed Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Pillar’s foundation in Christian faith and love drives the cultivation of a diverse global student community. With an array of practical majors, it’s a launchpad for students’ thriving careers.

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Best Catholic Colleges In New Jersey

Caldwell University

Caldwell University, in Caldwell, New Jersey, is a small, private, four-year institution maintaining a Roman Catholic identity. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. During the most recent reporting year, 3,494 students applied to enroll, and 3,353 were accepted. There were 349 new students among the admitted total.

Saint Elizabeth University

Saint Elizabeth University (SEU), once known as the College of Saint Elizabeth (CSE), embodies the essence of academic excellence and spiritual values in the heart of Morris Township, New Jersey. This college’s deep-rooted Roman Catholic identity sets it apart, influencing its values and principles throughout your educational journey.

Established in 1899 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, SEU was initially an all-girls college. Saint Elizabeth University went co-ed in 2016 and gained official university status in 2020 through approval by the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. It takes pride in its strong commitment to serving the community and supporting the less fortunate.

Felician University

Established in 1942 by the Felician Sisters, Felician University is a unique Franciscan institution, the only one in New Jersey, known for its strong focus on service and respect for humanity. Embrace Felician University’s unwavering mission, dedicated to instilling a profound love for learning, a yearning for a deeper spiritual connection, self-discovery, selfless service, and an unwavering reverence for the world and all its creations.

Georgian Court University

Georgian Court University, previously named Mount Saint Mary College, originally provided exclusive liberal arts education for women. It transitioned to co-education with the Class of 2017.

Today, under the guidance of its motto “Expand Possibility,” GCU’s mission extends beyond preparing students for diverse careers and advanced studies; it nurtures them into global citizens with a profound sense of purpose.

Saint Peter’s University

Saint Peter’s University, a private Jesuit institution located in Jersey City, New Jersey, was officially chartered in 1872 with its origins as a liberal arts college for men. What sets this Jesuit university apart is that 80% of its students dive into experiential learning, including field experiences, practicums, paid internships, faculty-mentored research, study abroad, and community engagement, which goes well beyond the national average.

These opportunities are made possible through the extensive professional networks of faculty across various sectors, as well as the commitment of their loyal alumni.

Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University, located in South Orange, New Jersey, is a private, four-year institution with a middle-sized student body offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The institution maintains a Roman Catholic identity.

In the most current data available, 23,417 applicants and 17,940 spots were available. There were 1,688 students admitted to the institution. The total number of students is 7,652, with 2,229 only attending classes part-time. Room and board are not included in the $44,420 cost of in-state tuition and fees for the academic year 2021–2022.

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Christian colleges in New Jersey not only provide education grounded in Christian faith but also extend support to students facing financial constraints in pursuing college. HESAA (New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority) and the Educational Opportunity Grant Fund are only two of the many scholarship and grant programs in which the state is actively involved.

Anyone interested in a life of ministry service can find the groundwork they need at one of New Jersey’s Christian universities. Whatever school you choose, Christian colleges in New Jersey can provide an excellent education grounded in Christian roots.

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