20 Best Christian Colleges In Tennessee To Unleash Excellence In Education

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Tennessee, celebrated for its vibrant music culture and historical significance, is also the residence of a diverse selection of Christian colleges[1]. These schools provide students with an exceptional fusion of academic excellence and spiritual growth opportunities.

Providing a wide range of programs, they cater to students across various fields of study while emphasizing Christian values and teachings. Whether you’re seeking a small, intimate environment or a larger university experience, Tennessee’s Christian colleges offer a nurturing, faith-based educational journey. Let’s explore some of the best Christian colleges in the Volunteer State.

20 Best Christian Colleges In Tennessee

1. Tusculum University

Tusculum proudly stands as the first university ever established in Tennessee. It is also known as the 28th oldest in the country. While still keeping with its Presbyterian and pioneering heritage, Tusculum has embraced modern amenities and offers online programs for different degrees.

2. Lee University

Lee University, located in Cleveland, Tennessee, is a Christian institution consistently recognized as a “Top Tier” school by the U.S. News and World Report. With a conservative ethos, it offers a demanding academic program that challenges students to achieve their utmost potential. Additionally, Lee is celebrated for its affordability and provides financial assistance to prospective students.

3. Belmont University

Belmont University, a private Christian university with a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, is tucked away in the middle of Nashville. The university has gained recognition for its music business curriculum, which has produced many Grammy-winning alumni. Aside from academics, the university fosters a vibrant spiritual life through chapel services, faith-based organizations, and mission trips.

4. Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University, located in bustling Nashville, is a faith-based liberal arts college that challenges students academically, spiritually, and as global community citizens. It offers over 200 undergraduate majors and minors, and its campus ministries provide ample opportunities for spiritual growth.

5. King University

King University, previously Kings College, is a private institution connected to the Presbyterian Church, situated in Bristol. It has a large selection of undergraduate and graduate degrees, and its obligatory Bible and theology courses make clear how committed it is to the Christian religion.

6. Bryan College

Bryan College, a Christian liberal arts college with a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, is situated in the lovely town of Dayton. Its dedication to blending faith with education positions it as one of Tennessee’s premier Christian colleges.

7. Sewanee: The University Of The South

Sewanee, often referred to as The University of the South, is a university with Episcopal affiliations situated in the charming town of Sewanee, Tennessee. The institution is known for its demanding liberal arts curriculum, and its School of Theology has earned a strong reputation for preparing future leaders within the Episcopal Church.

8. Union University

Union University is a private, evangelical Christian university located in Jackson. It offers over 100 programs of study and is known for its commitment to Christian scholarship. Its beautiful campus is home to a vibrant spiritual community with weekly chapel services and numerous faith-based student organizations.

9. Rhodes College

Rhodes College is a hidden gem among private liberal arts institutions, renowned for its unwavering dedication to service and community involvement. Within its academic programs, the spotlight shines on nurturing critical thinking and honing the art of effective communication. Meanwhile, the heartbeat of its religious life program echoes with a harmonious blend of spiritual growth and a compelling call to put faith into purposeful action.

10. Carson-Newman University

Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City is a Baptist university committed to liberal arts education. It ranks among the top regional universities in the South, and its spiritual life programs offer students numerous ways to deepen their faith.

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11. Johnson University

Located on the banks of the French Broad River in Knoxville, Johnson University is a private Christian university offering a variety of degree programs. Its commitment to Christian education is evident in its Bible-intensive curriculum and vibrant spiritual life.

12. Tennessee Wesleyan University

Athens, Tennessee’s Wesleyan University, is a school with Methodist ties. It provides a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, and its initiatives for spiritual living inspire students to grow in their faith and give back to the community.

13. Welch College

Welch College, located in Gallatin, is a Free Will Baptist college offering various undergraduate and graduate programs. Its academic programs emphasize Christian scholarship, and its spiritual life programs provide students with worship, fellowship, and service opportunities.

14. Mid-South Christian College

In Memphis, Mid-South Christian College provides a range of degree programs designed to equip students for leadership roles in the Christian community. Their curriculum seamlessly blends biblical studies and ministry training, ensuring students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to serve the church and society with impact.

15. Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville is a private Christian university offering various undergraduate and graduate programs. Its academic programs emphasize Christian scholarship, and its vibrant spiritual life provides students with numerous opportunities for worship, fellowship, and service.

16. Cumberland University

Cumberland University stands as a treasured institution as it embraces its role as one of the South’s venerable liberal arts schools. With a diverse array of courses spanning its curriculum, the university weaves a tapestry of academic excellence and spiritual enrichment. Here, campus ministries serve as vibrant hubs for worship and acts of service, while the dedicated chaplain stands ready to offer profound spiritual guidance and unwavering support.

17. Freed-Hardeman University

Freed-Hardeman University, located in Henderson, is a private Christian university associated with the churches of Christ. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, and its spiritual life programs provide students with opportunities for worship, fellowship, and service.

18. Maryville College

Nourished by its Presbyterian Church affiliation, Maryville College, a private liberal arts institution, offers a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs. Within its vibrant campus tapestry, the Center for Campus Ministry opens doors to places of worship, enriching social gatherings, and the chance for students to embrace meaningful volunteer experiences.

19. Tennessee Bible College

Located in Cookeville, Tennessee Bible College offers a variety of religious studies programs. Its curriculum emphasizes biblical studies and ministry training, preparing students for leadership roles in the church and society.

20. Southern Adventist University

Nestled in the heart of the Chattanooga Area, Southern Adventist University, affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, stands as a small yet vibrant hub of higher learning. Under its unassuming exterior lies a realm where the pursuit of knowledge is met with a dash of challenge, as evidenced by its admissions process, which dances at the edges of competitiveness with an acceptance rate of 75%.

Consider their sought-after majors in science, medicine, and business, as upon completing your studies, you might become one of their alumni who experiences a starting salary of around $33,000.

Special Mention: Christian Brothers University

Situated in Memphis, Christian Brothers University is a Catholic institution deeply devoted to community service and advocating for social justice. Its academic offerings prioritize critical thinking and ethical decision-making, and through campus ministries, students have the chance to participate in worship and community service.

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Choosing a Christian college in Tennessee means choosing an institution that values both academic rigor and spiritual growth. These colleges allow students to engage in a robust academic curriculum while also nurturing their faith and personal development.

Whether your journey leads you to the intimate setting of a Bible college or the expansive halls of a Christian university, the state offers a treasure trove of options. Within each of these institutions, you’ll discover a fusion of academic brilliance and the enduring embrace of Christian values, crafting an inspiring path for students in pursuit of a faith-driven education.

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