20 Best Christian Colleges In Texas To Empower Faith And Education

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A robust array of Christian colleges exists in the vast landscape of Texas, known for its iconic cowboy culture and rich history. These institutions are pillars of academic excellence, seamlessly interweaving rigorous curricula with deep-rooted affiliations with Christian churches. They offer students a distinct college education and journey that equips them with knowledge and skills for their chosen career paths and nurtures their spiritual growth and character development.

From small, intimate campuses to large, bustling Christian universities, each institution provides a unique environment designed to foster both intellectual and spiritual exploration. Highlighting diverse academic programs and a wide range of faith-based activities[1] and resources, these colleges cater to students seeking a holistic education.

20 Best Christian Colleges In Texas

1. Baylor University (BU)

As one of the oldest universities in Texas, Baylor University in Waco is a private Christian university that stands tall with its rich history and commitment to providing high-quality, faith-based education. With more than 125 areas of study across various disciplines, Baylor offers a diverse academic landscape. Furthermore, Baylor’s dedication to nurturing spiritual growth through weekly chapel services, mission trips, and numerous faith-based student organizations makes it a leading choice for Christian students.

2. Texas Christian University (TCU)

Nestled in Fort Worth, TCU emphasizes ethical leadership and Christian values across its broad range of academic programs. Known for its vibrant campus life, TCU encourages students to engage in numerous extracurricular activities, including religious groups and service programs, further enriching their college experience. They offer courses ranging from management, music, and theater to social studies, strategic communication, and legal studies.

3. Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Located in the heart of Dallas, SMU combines Methodist values with academic excellence, creating a diverse and inclusive community. SMU offers over 200 programs alongside numerous opportunities for spiritual growth, including worship services, religious organizations, and mission trips, preparing students to become Christ-centered servant leaders.

4. Abilene Christian University (ACU)

In the friendly city of Abilene, ACU stands out for its commitment to innovative learning and integrating faith with scholarship. Offering a wide range of degree programs, ACU also provides students with opportunities for spiritual growth through chapel services, Bible studies, and mission trips.

5. Houston Baptist University (HBU)

At HBU, personal spiritual development goes hand in hand with academic exploration. Located in the bustling city of Houston, HBU offers a wide variety of degree programs in a welcoming environment where students are encouraged to deepen their faith while pursuing their academic goals.

6. Hardin-Simmons University (HSU)

In Abilene, Hardin-Simmons University stands as a beacon of faith and education. Rooted in Baptist tradition, it creates an embracing, faith-fueled community that nurtures its students.

At this remarkable institution, education transcends the boundaries of the classroom, seamlessly intertwining faith and learning. The result is a unique academic experience that equips students to embark on lives filled with profound purpose and an unwavering commitment to service.

7. East Texas Baptist University (ETBU)

Located in the charming city of Marshall, ETBU emphasizes Christian stewardship and prepares students for leadership roles in their careers and communities. The university offers a wide range of programs, from business and education to theology and human services.

8. Dallas Baptist University (DBU)

Dallas Baptist University prides itself on combining rigorous academics with the Christian faith. The university offers a variety of programs to its students, encouraging them to integrate biblical faith with their academic discipline. The campus boasts a beautiful setting for spiritual reflection with prayer gardens and a chapel, getting students ready to become Christian servant leaders.

9. Concordia University Texas (CTX)

An institution of the Lutheran Church, Concordia University Texas in Austin, promotes academic excellence within a Christian context. The liberal arts university offers numerous undergraduate and graduate programs, and its campus ministries provide worship, fellowship, and service opportunities.

10. LeTourneau University (LETU)

At LeTourneau University, education spans a diverse spectrum, spanning from the skies with aviation to the realms of creativity in the arts, and from the foundations of knowledge in education to the frontiers of innovation in engineering. The university offers a vibrant interdenominational Christian canvas where faith and learning blend harmoniously, preparing students for a future rich in both purpose and achievement.

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11. Lubbock Christian University (LCU)

Situated in Lubbock, this university emphasizes Christian values and offers a broad range of academic programs. From nursing, health care management, and education to biblical studies and business, students have numerous avenues to explore their passions while growing in their faith.

12. University Of Mary Hardin-Baylor (UMHB)

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton weaves a remarkable educational experience deeply rooted in the Baptist faith and community. Beyond academics, it fosters a profound spiritual journey, inviting students to nurture their faith through captivating worship services, enriching Bible studies, and the opportunity to serve others. Here, education transcends the classroom, crafting a holistic experience that nurtures both the mind and the soul within a vibrant and supportive community.

13. Wayland Baptist University (WBU)

Wayland Baptist University, located in Plainview, combines academic rigor with a commitment to Christian values. The university offers a variety of degree programs and encourages students to participate in religious activities and service projects.

14. Southwestern Assemblies Of God University (SAGU)

This Pentecostal institution, located in Waxahachie, provides a faith-integrated education in a variety of disciplines, from Bible and church ministries to business and education, preparing students to serve God in whatever career they choose.

15. Howard Payne University (HPU)

As the university’s hallmark, programs such as business administration, elementary education, and sports medicine stand as shining stars, guiding students toward the zenith of their academic pursuits. At Howard Payne, education is not just a destination—it’s a transformative voyage through the corridors of the Baptist faith and wisdom, all within the cocoon of an intimate and supportive community.

16. McMurry University

This Christian college in Abilene, McMurry University, offers a broad range of programs and fosters a deep sense of Christian community. The university’s spiritual life program provides worship, service, and fellowship opportunities.

17. Texas Lutheran University

In the heart of Seguin, Texas, amid the vibrant vibes of the San Antonio area, you’ll discover Texas Lutheran University—a hidden gem in higher education. This privately funded Christian institution may be small in size, with a close-knit community of 1,351 undergraduates, but it thrives with a spirit of curiosity and excellence.

18. Jarvis Christian University

As a historically black college, Jarvis Christian University boasts a rich heritage and an unwavering dedication to the empowerment of Black Americans. Though it may be a small institution with an intimate community of 615 undergraduate students, it embodies inclusivity with an acceptance rate of 100%. This institution is not just about education—it’s about forging pathways to success and empowerment within a supportive community of the Disciples of Christ Church.

19. Schreiner University

Schreiner University offers a personalized, engaging education within a faith-based community in Kerrville. The university offers a variety of degree programs and fosters an active spiritual life through its campus ministry program. It ranks high in the state for having a robust financial aid package.

20. Texas Wesleyan University

This remarkable university opens doors to a diverse array of degree programs, ranging from computer science and political science to psychology and religion. Here, academic exploration knows no bounds. Yet, it’s not just about textbooks and lectures. Texas Wesleyan University’s campus ministries breathe life into the spirit of worship, fellowship, and service, enriching the student experience.

Special Mentions

University Of The Incarnate Word

Within the hallowed halls of the University of the Incarnate Word, various college programs flourish, beckoning students to explore the realms of knowledge. Here, education transcends the boundaries of textbooks, and compassion takes center stage. It’s a place where excellence and empathy dance hand in hand, creating a transformative and enriching educational experience within the Catholic religion.

St. Edward’s University

Located in Austin, St. Edward’s University combines Catholic tradition with a commitment to social justice and academic rigor. The university offers a variety of degree programs and encourages students to participate in spiritual development activities.

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Choosing a Christian college in Texas means opting for an institution that values academic rigor, spiritual growth, and community engagement. These colleges allow students to engage in robust academic curricula while nurturing their faith and personal development. From small, intimate environments to larger university experiences, Texas’s Christian colleges offer many options for students seeking a faith-based education.

Each of these establishments presents a distinct fusion of scholarly prowess and unwavering Christian principles, crafting an ideal haven for students who aspire to harmonize their faith with their academic journey. Christian colleges in Texas stand ready to offer a nurturing and enriching environment that transcends religious boundaries, providing a welcoming and uplifting experience for students of all faiths.

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