5 Best Christian Colleges In West Virginia To Unleash Your Potential

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West Virginia offers 20 public college and university institutions, all of which have tuition fees of $9,000 or even less, thus making it among the more inexpensive states to get a college degree. Some of West Virginia’s greatest Bible colleges[1] also offer numerous majors for both continuing and prospective first-year students.

On top of that, online Christian colleges also sponsor alternative programs that are recognized worldwide. These are also among the best in the region and aid learners in staying anchored in their faith. These educational institutions even provide academic and sports scholarships. The best part is that students don’t have to be Christians to be accepted; however, they must be open to Christian views.

5 Best Christian Colleges In West Virginia

The list of the greatest Christian institutions that provide an outstanding academic education, a profound school experience, and a supportive community within the four-year course of taking an undergraduate degree follows.

We’ve listed five Christian schools in West Virginia. A school has to self-identify as Christian, provide a wide selection of bachelor’s degree courses, and be fully recognized for them to be featured in this top list of the finest Christian schools and universities.

1. Alderson Broaddus University (AB)

The Higher Learning Commission has granted Alderson Broaddus University accreditation. As of 2016, ABU, a small institution in Philippi, West Virginia, had around 1,052 students in attendance. The school is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of the USA and provides online degree completion programs alongside its undergraduate and graduate degrees.

This unique chance is given to petroleum management and nursing students who have previously earned their associate’s degrees to pursue their bachelor’s degrees. Moreover, the school’s most common majors are Biological and Biomedical Sciences, followed by Registered Nursing and Health Professions.

The ABU’s resident halls comprise seven buildings, and all typical students are anticipated to live on the college campus. In addition to studying ministry and leadership at the institution, students can exhibit their convictions through any of the university’s religious groups.

2. Davis & Elkins College (D&E)

Davis & Elkins College is a private, NCAA Division II-accredited institution in Elkins, West Virginia. This school promises to deliver a high-value, low-cost education with tailored assistance from instructors in a personal, connected community. Unique to the school is the Phipps Lectureship, which is a series of lectures that invites distinguished speakers to explore religious and philosophical subjects.

This college stands at the cutting edge of preparing students to be adaptable, cherish deep and lasting relationships, and understand each other despite differences while learning to value the sacredness of beauty and truth in their natural surroundings. With that, the campus is situated in Elkins, West Virginia, a magnificent mountain setting that offers security, tranquility, and infinite recreational possibilities.

Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, students can participate in a variety of sports, like tennis, cross country, tumbling and acrobatics, lacrosse, swimming, and soccer. The most common undergraduate major is Registered Nursing, which is followed by Business Administration and Management and Marketing or Marketing Management among the 24 majors being offered at Davis & Elkins College.

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3. Wesleyan College In West Virginia (WVWC)

Undergraduate students at West Virginia Wesleyan College may stay on campus in any of the nine residential halls situated in Buckhannon, West Virginia. The Wesleyan Bobcat serves as the mascot for 19 different sports teams, such as track and field, swimming, golf, volleyball, football, basketball, and lacrosse.

Even though there are lots of Greek clubs and school organizations to pick from, individuals are urged to create their own personal interest-based groups. Students can put their religious beliefs into action through faith-based organizations and community service projects under the guidance of the Episcopal Methodist Church.

Furthermore, there are approximately 50 programs to select from at the institution. Business, or commerce, is by far the most popular major among students, followed by Kinesiology, Psychology, and Exercise Science.

4. Bethany College

Bethany College, in the city of Bethany, West Virginia, is a small private institution that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Christian Church faith is the school’s religious affiliation. Together with chapel services and a vibrant campus life, this Christian college is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and offers students chances to share the love of Christ.

In this particular school, Psychology is the most popular bachelor’s degree major. This is closely followed by Speech Communication and Rhetoric and Elementary Education and Teaching among the 23 different majors available.

5. Appalachian Bible College (ABC)

The Appalachian Bible College (ABC) can be found in a location known for its historical past. In its prime, Mount Hope was the residence of numerous prominent civic, educational, and industrial figures. Today, it boasts a population of just over 1,000 residents and is also the location of one of the nation’s most cost-effective Bible colleges.

ABC is a private Christian institution specializing in biblical studies. Although it doesn’t have a formal affiliation with a specific denomination, its primary mission is to support independent churches that align with fundamental Bible and Baptist associations.

Students attending ABC are required to enroll in dual majors: one in Bible and Theology and another in a ministry-related program. They also offer a Master of Arts in Ministry degree.

Under its motto, “Because life is service,” the school also started running accredited classes for inmates incarcerated at Mount Olive Correctional Complex. Additionally, the school is ranked 12th out of 378 in the list of Best Colleges for Religious Studies in America by the US Department of Education.

Special Mention: Wheeling Jesuit University

Wheeling Jesuit University (WJU) granted financial aid to any first-time, full-time college student who was accepted in 2015. There are seven departments available for study at this Wheeling, West Virginia-based institution: language, communication, and fine arts; business; education; history, political science, and law; health sciences; philosophy and theology; and science and math.

Multiple majors and minors are available within these programs of study. Registered Nursing is the most popular undergraduate major at Wheeling Jesuit University, followed by Psychology, and Organizational Leadership.

Undergraduate students join the Kairos Weekend retreats and Freshmen Overnight to immerse themselves in the Spirit while taking some time away from their schoolwork. WJU also conducts weekly chapel services, intimate prayer groups, and one-on-one spiritual guidance alongside these retreats. Individuals who are not Catholic can participate in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) program in order to gain knowledge about Christian churches and Catholic values.

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Most West Virginia Christian Colleges deliver a mix of conventional faith-based curriculum and rigorous secular study. These reputable colleges aim to uphold the Christian legacy while preparing undergraduates for the world. The most important views are subjected to discussion on all levels; assisting students in developing a Christian Worldview will allow them to defend their faith effectively.

Some of these best Bible colleges, along with the available online Christian colleges in West Virginia and the Appalachian Bible College in Mount Hope, strive to enhance their students through bachelor’s and master’s degree programs with different majors that contend with secular educational institutions. Each specific major is thoroughly reviewed for its potential before it is established on a biblical foundation.

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