10 Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum For Your Child’s Academic And Spiritual Needs

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Homeschooling[1], particularly for faith-based education, is becoming more popular, with over two million American children being homeschooled.

Parents opt for homeschooling due to dissatisfaction with traditional schools and differing philosophies. They often take charge of their children’s education to meet their academic and religious needs. For Christian parents, choosing the right Christian homeschool curriculum is essential.

Key Takeaways

  • Homeschooling, especially faith-based, is on the rise in the US. Over two million children are homeschooled due to parents’ dissatisfaction with traditional schools and wish to integrate their religious values into their children’s education. This indicates a shift towards personalized, belief-aligned education.
  • Selecting the right Christian homeschool curriculum is crucial for Christian families. Numerous programs offer a mix of academic rigor and spiritual growth. These aim to promote educational excellence and instill Christian values, underscoring the need for education resources aligned with specific religious beliefs.
  • Christian homeschool programs, adaptable to various learning styles and budgets, are available to all families, not just Christians. Their inclusivity and flexibility make them an attractive option for families seeking personalized education not fully provided by public schools.

10 Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum Programs

Liberty University Online Academy

1. Liberty University Online Academy

Liberty University Online Academy, an extension of Liberty University, is a leading US online education provider. It offers a wide range of K–12 courses, including core subjects, electives, and Advanced Placement courses.

The Academy’s curriculum is designed to provide a rigorous, engaging Christian homeschooling experience. Certified teachers, trained in online instruction, teach all courses. The curriculum aligns with state and national standards and caters to diverse learners.

Instructional strategies include interactive lessons, multimedia resources, discussion forums, and live sessions with teachers. Students have access to on-demand support from teachers and academic advisors.

The Academy is committed to providing a Christian worldview in all courses, incorporating biblical principles and values. It also offers spiritual resources, including chapel services, for students wishing to deepen their faith.

BJU Press Homeschool

2. BJU Press Homeschool

BJU Press Homeschool’s new K–12 curriculum offers a comprehensive learning approach, integrating a biblical worldview into all subjects. It includes interactive online resources, hands-on activities, and video lessons.

Leslie Hargrove, the Director, acknowledges homeschooling’s challenges and commits to providing high-quality, fun, and effective resources.

Known for its rigorous academic standards, BJU Press Homeschool’s new curriculum, developed with educators and homeschool parents, caters to students at all levels.

Memoria Press

3. Memoria Press

Memoria Press, a provider of classical Christian education resources, has launched a new online learning platform. This platform allows students to access the curriculum anywhere, as long as there’s Internet access.

The platform features interactive lessons, quizzes, exams, and on-demand support from certified instructors.

Martin Cothran, Director of Classical Learning, expressed excitement about the platform, which aligns with their mission to provide high-quality education resources.

Initially, the platform will offer Latin, Logic, and Classical Studies courses for grades 3–12, suitable for homeschoolers, private schools, and co-ops, with more courses to be added.

Excelsior Classes

4. Excelsior Classes

Excelsior Classes, an online education platform, offers a range of K–12 courses. Founded in 2011 by parents seeking quality classical education, it focuses on individual student needs.

The platform provides courses in various subjects, including English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language Arts, catering to different grade levels. It also offers AP courses for high school students seeking college credit.

Courses are taught by experienced teachers using diverse methods like online lectures, interactive activities, and group discussions. Students have access to resources like textbooks, study guides, and practice exams.

Excelsior Classes provides high-quality Christian education, offering a unique teaching methodology and a flexible learning environment. It helps students achieve academic goals and prepare for the future.

Enlightium Academy

5. Enlightium Academy

Enlightium Academy, an accredited school in Washington State, has been offering a variety of educational options, including partner schools, hybrid, online, and homeschooling, to K–12 students since 2003.

The curriculum focuses on academic excellence, character development, and spiritual growth. It offers core subjects and electives like foreign languages, music, and art.

Enlightium provides personalized instruction for academic, spiritual, and social growth, preparing students for college or a career. It’s a suitable choice for those seeking academic rigor or a flexible, home-based schedule.


6. SchoolhouseTeachers.com

Schoolhouseteachers.com is a comprehensive homeschooling resource offering a vast selection of courses for all ages and levels, along with parent support.

With over 400 courses covering all subjects, the program is taught by experienced educators. The interactive, engaging courses allow students to work at their own pace and schedule.

The site also provides a resource library with worksheets, lesson plans, and activities. It fosters a supportive homeschooling community for parent interaction and advice sharing. Schoolhouseteachers.com is a complete homeschooling resource for a successful experience.

Kirkwood Education Online

7. Kirkwood Education Online

The Kirkwood Educational Program equips homeschool parents with effective tools for a high-quality education. It focuses on seven character development continuums: Investment of Energy, Value Development, Goal Setting Behavior, Self-Esteem, Responsibility, Independence, and Spiritual Development.

Student progress is monitored, with weekly reports generated for families. Achievements are celebrated with awards.

Kirkwood Education Online offers flexibility, allowing students to study at their own pace and schedule. It provides online lectures, assignments, and exams accessible anytime, anywhere, enabling many to pursue education while managing other responsibilities.


8. Abeka

Abeka provides homeschooling families and Christian schools with quality materials for student success. Their traditional teaching approach, proven over many years, is trusted by teachers.

Their Spiral Learning approach uses repetition and reinforcement for memorable learning. Textbooks, accessories, and hands-on tasks offer an immersive experience.

Content, delivered by professional scholars, is based on extensive research. With Abeka’s curriculum, over a million children become lifelong learners annually.

Compass Classroom

9. Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom offers a comprehensive homeschool curriculum from preschool to high school.

It stands out for its commitment to a Christian curriculum, providing a biblical worldview for families integrating faith into education.

Its engaging, high-quality video lessons are taught by passionate, experienced teachers, making learning enjoyable and interesting for students.

Ignite Christian Academy

10. Ignite Christian Academy

Ignite Christian Academy, regionally and internationally accredited, ensures education meets high standards, which is beneficial for college or university admission.

The Academy offers personalized education, understanding each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses. It provides one-on-one instruction, small class sizes, and a tailored Christian homeschool curriculum.

Christian values are central to the Academy. It’s committed to teaching students about God’s love and living according to Christian principles. The curriculum integrates biblical teachings, helping students develop a strong faith foundation.

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What Makes The Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum?

The best Christian homeschool curriculum should prioritize God’s Word as the truth source, containing His commands and life directives. Homeschool families need to choose programs that uphold God as Creator and Lord. The curriculum should educate children on God’s precepts and righteous living.

1. Compatibility With Your Christian Beliefs

For Christian homeschoolers, it’s crucial to select a curriculum that aligns with their faith, includes biblical teachings, and promotes Christian values. It’s beneficial if the curriculum incorporates Bible study and scripture memorization.

Ensure it supports a worldview that aligns with your beliefs. A Bible-based curriculum will provide a faith-based education that matches your family’s values.

2. Learning Styles And Preferences

Children have unique learning styles and preferences. Some favor hands-on activities; others read and write; some excel at self-directed learning; and others need more guidance.

When selecting a Christian homeschool curriculum, consider your child’s learning style. Choose a curriculum offering mastery learning, diverse teaching methods, and materials. Ensure the online curriculum has a flexible schedule, allowing lesson adaptation to your child’s pace and interests.

3. Budget

Homeschooling costs can vary based on the chosen curriculum and materials. When selecting a Christian homeschool curriculum, consider your budget.

Some curricula provide all necessary materials, while others may require additional purchases. Costs for technology, field trips, and extracurricular activities should also be considered. Despite the varying costs, investing in your child’s education is a valuable endeavor.

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Do You Need To Be A Christian To Enroll In Christian Homeschool Programs?

No, you don’t need to be a Christian to enroll in Christian homeschool programs. They are popular among homeschooling parents for various reasons, including religious beliefs, dissatisfaction with public schools, or a desire for personalized education.

These programs, run by Christian organizations and churches, provide a Christian-based education, incorporating religious teachings and biblical principles. However, they are typically open to all families, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Can Non-Christian Families Enroll?

Yes, non-Christian families can enroll in Christian homeschool programs. These programs are designed to provide a Christian-based education, but they are typically open to all students, regardless of their religious beliefs.

However, enrollment in some Christian homeschool programs varies. Some are open to non-Christian families, while others require at least one Christian parent.

This is because some programs may feel their teachings are unsuitable for non-Christian families or prefer parents to share the teachers’ faith.

Parents should research the program’s policies and curriculum to ensure alignment with their family’s beliefs and values.

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Selecting the best Christian homeschool curriculum can be challenging. It’s important to choose a course that matches your beliefs, challenges your child academically, and fits their learning style.

Exploring one program each day can help you understand all the options. As your decisions greatly affect your children, seek divine guidance.

Consider reviews from parents who have used these programs. By doing so, you can find a faith-based curriculum that prepares your child for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Christian Homeschooling Curriculum?

The best Christian homeschooling curriculum is Liberty University Online Academy. It offers a wide range of K–12 courses, including core subjects, electives, and Advanced Placement courses.

Does The Bible Say You Should Homeschool?

The Bible underscores the significance of education and encourages parents to raise their children in a God-honoring way. It offers guiding principles for educational decisions. The choice to homeschool is personal, depending on each family’s unique circumstances and beliefs.

What Do Colleges Think Of Homeschoolers?

Colleges generally view homeschooled students positively, valuing their academic achievement, community involvement, and strong recommendations.

Homeschooled students often outperform their peers and are noted for their engagement and preparedness. They typically have higher college GPAs, with no difference in graduation rates.

However, due to homeschooling’s varied structure, colleges may emphasize standardized test scores, especially if grades aren’t included in the homeschool curriculum.

Overall, colleges appreciate the unique perspectives homeschooled students bring to their communities.

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  1. I need some help…. my 15-year-old son is autistic and highly functional. I am looking for a Bible-based curriculum for him and wondering if there’s a curriculum that would be geared toward children like him. But I’m also wondering if I should just use a Bible-based homeschool curriculum that would be for all students. Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?


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