The Biblical Meaning Of Ladybugs

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The appearance of a ladybug is like a little burst of sunshine—a welcome splash of color on an otherwise boring day. Never kill a ladybug; we’ve been informed, and if one lands on us, you’ll have your wish come true!

For some reason, ladybugs are one of the few kinds of beetles that humans generally don’t want to kill or avoid. When they appear among us, they do not pose any sort of danger, and they do not bite or cause any other sort of annoyance.

In fact, they do the opposite by protecting our plants and crops from aphids. We can’t help but be amazed and appreciative of such a kind and helpful bug. Ladybugs inspire a lot of awe and admiration, which leads to a multitude of myths and symbols.

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Ladybugs?

Ladybugs aren’t mentioned in the Bible at all, in contrast to more prominent animals like lions, lambs, and doves. Despite this, there is a lot of speculation regarding what the ladybug represents in the Bible.

Since ladybugs are actually “lady beetles,” the common misconception that their name is a portmanteau of the two words “lady” and “bug” is unfounded; rather, the term “ladybug” comes from the word “ladybird,” which was first recorded in the Oxford dictionary in the 17th century. The term “ladybug” comes from the Middle Ages, when subsistence farming was essential for the impoverished.

The tale goes that farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary so that their crops would thrive through a particularly severe season. In the same year that the pests that harmed the crop first appeared, these lovely red insects began emerging.

Farmers were so appreciative of these insects that they began referring to them as “beetles of Our Lady,” in honor of the Virgin Mary and her association with virtuous acts. The ladybug’s black spots are thus thought to symbolize the Virgin Mary’s grief. Ladybugs, with their seven spots symbolizing Mary’s seven sorrows, are a prime example of this.

Ladybugs are known as “Marienkafer” (or “Mary beetles” in English) in German. Thus, these insects stand for the efficacy of prayer, the shielding of Christ, and the Virgin Mary’s selfless compassion and sacrifice.

ladybug on big leaf and biblical meaning of ladybugs

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Ladybugs?

When compared to other insects, which are often viewed as nuisances or even threats, ladybugs are given a totally different treatment. The stigma around them is almost nonexistent. Ladybugs are a sign of new beginnings and good fortune, in contrast to the more common insect symbolism of death and pestilence (think of the Biblical scourge of locusts).

Many cultures believed the ladybug was a remedy for toothaches, stomach issues, and measles, and there is a widespread belief that ladybugs may carry away your ailments.

When a ladybug rests on a person and then flies away, it is a sign that their hopes and prayers will be carried to the skies, just as all flying insects and birds are symbols of lofty aspirations and a way for those on Earth to connect with the Gods above.

Ladybug Christianity Symbolism

Those who like to tend the garden may have noticed these round, brilliantly colored insects called ladybugs. Ladybugs are divinely appointed guardians of your garden, meaning they protect your plants and prevent pests from devouring your seeds.

What you have prepared out of faith, the ladybug comes to defend from the pests of doubt and evil spirits so that your faith may thrive (Matthew 17:20, Mustard Seed).

Celtic Spiritual Symbolism

The Ancient Celtic culture, among others, believed that a ladybug did more than just bring good fortune; they also thought that it served as a messenger between humans and God. According to ancient Celtic and Irish beliefs, killing a ladybug would bring devastating bad luck since they symbolize protection.

They kept meticulous records of ladybug sightings, and several predictions were made about what may happen to a person should they run across one. It was considered bad luck to kill a ladybug because of the good luck, transition, and safety it represented.

The arrival of a ladybug at the same time as a newborn is considered exceedingly fortunate in many cultures, signifying that the child will have a life of wealth and success.

Ladybug Native American Symbolism

Unlike other insects, which are often connected with ill fortune, wicked witchcraft, and diseases, ladybugs possess a strong positive meaning in Native American culture. Since ladybugs don’t sting, bite, or otherwise cause discomfort to people, they are quite popular.

Native Americans have a deep appreciation for the harmony between humanity and Mother Nature, and they also tend to be modest and easygoing by nature. The ladybug has all of these qualities and more, including cheerfulness.

The ladybug is a symbol of piety and unwavering faith in Shamanism. The brief duration of the bug’s brilliant, multicolored, and fruitful glow is supposed to serve as a reminder that life is fleeting and that we should make the most of each and every moment rather than letting doubt, fear, or uncertainty dictate how we spend our time on Earth.

The moral of the story is to leave a legacy that will be felt for years to come by living one’s life to the fullest, with an emphasis on the uplifting and soul-changing experiences it may offer.

Ladybug Symbolism As Spirit Animal

Being at one with Mother Nature and the arrival of good fortune are all represented by the sight of a ladybug, making her a potent spirit animal sign. If a ladybug spirit appears to you, it is customary to make a wish and then watch it fly away to deliver your message to the world.

The spirit animal is meant to help you remain cool and collected in difficult times, secure in the knowledge that you will emerge stronger in the end, just like the plain and odd-looking larva transforms into a vibrant and colorful ladybug. The ladybug, like the honeybee, has the power to transport you to a simpler time and place. Many people think that calling upon the ladybug spirit animal will help them weather any storm and reach calmer waters.

Ladybug Totem Animal

When you think of the ladybug as your totem animal, you can relate it to traits like determination and perseverance. If ladybug totem bearers direct their positive energy and good intentions toward their objectives, they will bring about the results they seek.

Planning ahead and creating a mental picture of one’s ideal future may help those who carry this totem achieve their goals. It dislikes being unsure of where it is going and may hesitate to act as a result. Yet, sometimes it’s necessary to take a chance.

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize?

Aside from its biblical and spiritual meanings, this brightly colored, tiny spotted insect possesses other symbolisms that are worth knowing.


The appearance of a ladybug is typically seen as a sign that one’s long-lost sweetheart will return to their life. As can be seen below, the Norse thought that Freya, the Goddess of Love[1], was responsible for bringing ladybugs to Earth. If a ladybug lands on your hand, you’ll be engaged within a year, according to an old English superstition.


If a ladybug rests on your clothes, it may be a sign that you’re about to molt or that the transition from a larva to an adult ladybug is underway. The following Sunday will be a good one for you at church if a ladybug lands on you for a brief while before the ladybug flies away again.

In our imaginations, the appearance of a ladybug represents a change in the air and, possibly, a significant change in your day-to-day life because of this metamorphosis. The ladybug reminds us to be patient and tenacious. It also tells us that blessings will come if we can only be open to change and let it unfold naturally and joyfully.

Success And Prosperity

If a ladybug perches atop your car, or even better, inside your car, it is seen as a sign that your trip will be successful and trouble-free. A ladybug landing on you is a good omen that you’ll find your way back home to your loved ones and achieve your goals, especially if you’ve been wandering aimlessly.

Ladybugs are a popular motif for gifts for newborn babies. The notion is that the baby and their family will be blessed with success and happiness thanks to their talismanic qualities of protection and safekeeping, in whatever form.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Ladybugs?

Ladybug dreams are interpreted in different ways, but generally, they indicate some positive or negative news coming your way. They depend on the circumstances surrounding your dreams.

Ladybugs appearing in a dream is a favorable omen, even if they came from an unexpected source. According to this theory, having a dream in which ladybugs play a significant role is a good omen, portending the realization of your hopes and dreams in the areas of your personal and professional lives where they have been most elusive thus far.

If the ladybug lands, pauses, and then takes off again, it means that it has taken your hopes and dreams to the heavens. If you see one flying in your direction, take it as a sign that good fortune is on the horizon and a chance to realize your goals is near.

Negative dream manifestations also exist. For instance, if you have a ladybug dream about being attacked by these creatures, it might mean that you need to face the things you’d rather avoid, such as negative emotions or ideas that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Dreaming about ladybugs can have two meanings: either good things are on the horizon because you have overcome the obstacles in your path, or you are unable to make a decision and are therefore “squashing” the adorable ladybug, which is as ineffective as kicking a pup or slapping a cute child but nonetheless distressing to contemplate.

Seeing a dead ladybug in your dream might be a warning that your hopes and dreams are doomed or that you are about to experience a jarring realization. Also, if you dream that a ladybug is passing you by, it might be a warning that you need to be ready for delays in your endeavors.

What Do Different Color Ladybugs Represent?

Red Or Orange Ladybug

Other than being the traditional emblem of good fortune, the colors have no special meaning. There are no hidden meanings associated with the gray ladybug or any of its rarer, more strangely colored brethren.

Yellow Ladybug

An uncommon yellow ladybug is a different story. Seeing a bright yellow ladybug portends exciting new experiences, whether it’s a brand new chapter in your life or a trip to a foreign land.

If you’ve been feeling bored or unmotivated in your everyday existence or your love life, spotting a yellow ladybug may be a sign that your luck is about to change and that new love is on the horizon. A favorable interpretation of a yellow ladybug might be that it portends a trip far away or, at the very least, a change in your existing situation.

Spotless Ladybug

The absence of spots on a ladybug may not have any significance, but it is sometimes seen as a sign of reconnecting with a former love or even a chance encounter.

What Does It Mean If You Keep Seeing Ladybugs In Your House?

If ladybugs are constantly finding their way into your home, it’s probably because they’re attempting to get away from the dangerous weather outside. But from a religious perspective, this is excellent news. This is not simply a portent of future prosperity but also a sign of good luck.

ladybug on small leaf and biblical meaning of ladybugs


What’s fascinating about dreams and symbolism involving ladybugs is how closely their meaning as a spirit animal corresponds to the practical benefits ladybugs really bring to people.

Numerous cultures and traditions hold positive views of ladybugs, and this admiration stems from the good fortune they bring to humans in many ways. For example, ancient societies saw ladybugs as symbols of prosperity because of the protection they gave crops and the joy they brought to the world with their vibrant colors. Generally speaking, the appearance of a ladybug, one of mankind’s friends, is taken as a good omen.

2 thoughts on “The Biblical Meaning Of Ladybugs”

  1. I have been seeing Lady Bugs in droves over the last couple months, since having been released from jail where I had spent 6 long months. But they always seem to be postioned around me in the strangest most un expected places. A few days ago, I woke up early in the AM and checked my phone for the time, it was 3:33AM. I thought to myself that was interesting, and I went about my regular work day. Later in the afternoon i pulled out my phone once again to check the time, and again it was 3:33PM. Unsure as to how to discern the significance of this, though certain of it as a divine sign as i was, i just put it in the back of my mind and took note of it, trying to remain vigilant of what God and his universe was trying to reveal to me. If you know anything about numerology, (of which I know very little) then you know that numbers that are the same forward as they are backward are referred to as “Master Numbers,” also called “Angelic Numbers,” and supposedly serve as some divine significance. 3 days later, Today. I went to church, had a Bible study in the book of Acts, and had a service with a relatively powerful revival. When I came back to the transitional living center I currently call home after church, I went and sat down outside in the “Brothers Smoking area” and continued in Acts where we had left off. Which was around chapter 9. As I was sitting there, the wind was blowing pages back and forth, (which I often take as a sign God is trying to direct my attention elsewhere in His Word) but today I was rather stubbornly set on reading about Saul’s Conversion to discipleship. When all of a sudden I saw something flying at me in my peripheral. It appeared to fly in or around my hands holding my Bible open. I didn’t see exactly where it went, and lifted the half of the Word that was in my right hand up to look, and there between the pages was a spotless Ladybug. Flown right into my Bible between the rustling pages. I looked up at the chapter verse numbered on the page and it was Acts 13:33. All of this happening in a matter of seconds of course, my mind immediately traveled with my eyes to 3:33, And the seemingly profound occurrence of this creature, of which I have been paying much mind to these last 60 days, in It’s frequenting of my personal vicinity. Only within moments of all of this occurring to me, it flew out of my Bible, it landed on my breast, traveled up to my shoulder, and paused for another moment before taking flight and leaving me. Which all led me to look into the spiritual nature of the Ladybug, which of course led me here and to many other sites. I came back to this one and read through a second time before seeing this comment box and deciding well, I would very much like to share this with someone who may also appreciate and see the profound significance of my encounters with this divine messenger. Thank you for letting me share this with you, whomever you are or may be. 🐞

    • Thank you for sharing your delightful story. I smiled my way through reading it 😊
      I landed here because I too, had a couple of experiences with ladybugs recently.
      Seeing a ladybug inside my home on a sliding glass door recently wasn’t anything unusual.

      However, a couple of days ago there was one sitting on the consul of husband‘s car when we got in.
      The next thing you know it was gone so I figured it the way I want to be startled when it started to crawl along my arm.
      I lost track of it again when I jumped to see what was on me.
      Today, coming home from church. I felt something on my fingers with my Bible on my lap …. And guess who it was my faithful lil’ friend 🐞.

      somehow, this little creature I’ve been living in my husbands car for a couple of days with him, being in and out of it several times as well as leaving a window open for hours…
      🤔 I began to wonder if there was some significant to this unusual occurrence, given the circumstances.

      My mom past two months ago unexpectedly🕊️😭🥺 She was a devout Catholic; devoted to our Lady.
      I’m intrigued & hopeful of what the future holds in for remaining tenure here on Earth🌏 .

      Not a superstitious person, but I do know that God speaks to us in many ways, and through various avenues, if we’re discerning enough to recognize His Voice in & through them.
      To God alone be the Glory🙌

      Praying for for new beginnings and that, if you have an already, I surrender your life to Christ.❣️‼️🕊️🐞


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