15 Lovely Birthday Prayers And Wishes For Family And Friends

Birthdays are a once-a-year affair where people celebrate the day they’re born—a substantial proof of endless love from their parents and God. Other people see it as a time of the year to offer thanksgiving for the countless blessings received as well as the divine peace and happiness that the Lord has granted them throughout the years of their existence.

Regardless of the motivations, anyone can seek God’s guidance[1] and unconditional love through these beautiful birthday prayers as you celebrate this special day—a wonderful day to rejoice, for God had planned the day when you were born.

Pray that God will continually give you the guidance that you need to celebrate a happy and blessed birthday. Acknowledge God’s loving presence in your life and seek his wisdom during difficult times.

As your brothers and sisters in Christ, we wish you a happy birthday, and we pray that the Lord bless you with the religious blessings that you need as you journey to seek God’s hand and his everlasting kingdom in heaven.

Happy Birthday Prayer For A Dear Friend

Dear Lord,

Bless my dear friend as he celebrates his happy birthday. Through these beautiful birthday prayers, I pray that he receives happy birthday blessings from you, God. Touch the heart of my dearest friend and remind him that he is an excellent person through the simple act of doing for others.

God, continue to shower all religious blessings on him. Give him the good health he needs and be the good Lord he knows as my friend’s birthday begins. Fill him with so much happiness and wisdom, God. Protect him from any works of evil. Amen.

Special Birthday Prayer For Spouse

Dear God,

As we celebrate the blessed day of my spouse, help them remember that they are the most amazing person to ever come into my life. Grant us the wisdom that we need to be of help to one another and allow us both to live a long and happy life with our son and dear daughter.

Thank you, Lord, for giving them to me. Continue to bless my dear wife/husband and help them remain faithful to you and our relationship. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Birthday Prayers To Help You Grant All Your Wishes

As I celebrate this fantastic birthday celebration with the people I love, I seek God’s divine blessings to take over me. May the Lord allow me to pursue what I want, as long as it is His will. May God bless this celebration as we continually thank God through these purposeful birthday prayers. Amen.

Happy Birthday Prayers For My Dear Brother

Dear Lord,

Bless him as my fun and loving brother celebrates his birthday today. Grant him a happy birthday and hear my prayer message as I wish for the best for him. Allow him to see the importance of friends and family and grant him a fantastic birthday celebration as a young family member of the church you have built.

Let your Holy Spirit guide him in every action he wishes to take in the future. In the name of your Son, I pray these personal birthday prayers for my brother. Amen.

Prayers For My Daughter’s Birthday

As I celebrate the birthday of my precious daughter, may God bless this lovely sister to her siblings and help her see the true importance of God’s love. I pray that her actions will be in accord with the will of the Father, and may God direct her to do the rightful things both in heaven and on earth. Amen.

Sweet Birthday Prayer For My Dearest Son

As God blesses everyone, I ask that my son be blessed and become a good brother like he is. I wish him a happy birthday, and I pray that he may be able to achieve what his heart seeks to accomplish in the future through these birthday prayers. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Heavenly Father, Bless My Sister On Her Birthday

Dear God,

I wish to greet my sister with a happy birthday. I want to pray for her and ask that you enlighten her as she continues to pursue all her wants in life. As she grows older, help her be of aid to both of our parents and give her your loving kindness so that she may be able to pass it on to us, her younger siblings. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Children in Party and Birthday Prayers

Short Birthday Prayers And Blessings From The Almighty God

Almighty Father,

I want to begin this prayer by wishing the celebrant a happy birthday. I pray that you bless him with meaningful gifts of the spirit and help him become the person you want him to be. Hear these prayers and work your powers over him and allow him to seek your mighty name. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For My Dear Mother

On my mother’s special day, I want to wish her a happy birthday. I pray that she may live a longer life to see me in the future as I achieve all my aspirations in life. I am sending birthday prayers to you, God, hoping that you will grant them on this very day for my mother—a dear sister to everyone. Amen.

Prayer For This Special Day Of Your Life

Dear God,

Be with me on this very special day in my life. Continue to walk with me as I seek your kingdom in heaven. Enable me to become Christ-like and help me live the life that your Son lived before dying on the cross. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For The Ones Who Passed

Dear Heavenly Father,

Hear these prayer messages for those who departed as we celebrate their birthday today. Help us reminisce about the days they had in this world. Thank you, Lord, for the chance that you’ve given them to live their lives here on earth. Hear our birthday prayers for them, Lord. Amen.

Thanksgiving Birthday Prayer After A Beautiful Life

Dear Lord,

I express my gratitude as I celebrate and am glad for this happy birthday. More than that, thank you, Lord, for giving your dear Son as a living sacrifice for your people. Hear my religious birthday wishes and grant me the long life I want to have on this amazing birthday, dear heavenly Father. Hear my birthday prayers, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Birthday Prayers For All the Good Things Received

Dear God,

Consecrate me as I turn a year older than I was in my past. I am grateful for all the things you have given, like wisdom, abundant joy, and happiness, but most importantly, I am thankful for the sacrifice made by your beloved Son on the cross.

On top of my earthly wishes, I ask you, through this sincere prayer, that I may have an amazing journey to everlasting happiness. God, grant me the good health and old age I wish to have and help me better serve the people who need a helping hand.

As I celebrate a happy birthday, I pray for birthday blessings to help me become a better servant of yours, Lord. I offer these birthday prayers in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For A Special Someone

Thank God for my very special friend that stayed with me through ups and downs. I wish him a very happy birthday through my birthday prayers on this unforgettable day. May God bless him in all of his endeavors, and may the Lord continue to be with him every step of the way. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For My Dear Father

Heavenly Father,

For my dear father, I pray and wish him a wonderful birthday—dear husband of my beloved mother. With his sacrifices for our family, he deserves all the happiness. Bless him for being a good father and a wonderful husband, and grant him that he may live a happy and fulfilling life. So, with so much joy, we celebrate the day he was born, and we look forward to seeing him achieve all the desires of his heart, so long as it is your will. In Jesus’ name, I pray these beautiful happy birthday prayers. Amen.

Birthday Card and Birthday Prayers


As you celebrate your happiest birthday with other significant people around you, pray that God will continue to be with you every step of your life. Be forever grateful for God’s unfailing love, peace, and happiness. As Christians, express your gratitude to the Lord God’s blessings through these lovely birthday prayers and remember to give back to those people who certainly need a helping hand.

Ultimately, expressing your love to others may not require a very special occasion. A simple yet heartfelt and humble prayer would suffice.

Pray that He will grant you all your dreams and aspirations through God’s richest blessings. Celebrate your birthday today with all the joy and thank God for all that He’s done. I look forward to serving God’s people for the rest of your life as you transition into becoming a full-fledged Christian.

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