6 Powerful Healing Catholic Prayers For The Sick Person

Catholic prayer for the sick is a sacrament of the Catholic Church[1] that can be offered to a person suffering from an illness to restore health. Catholic healing prayers for the sick draw the sick person closer to salvation and the Lord.

Any baptized Catholic can offer this prayer; it does not have to be a priest or pastoral care. It can also be offered to any Catholic online. Many prayers can be prayed during this sacrament. This prayer usually consists of asking God for his mercy to heal and comfort the sick, strength, courage, and thanksgiving.

Catholic Prayer In Times Of Sickness

Father of goodness and loving-kindness,

Please hear our prayer on behalf of our ailing brothers and sisters.

Lord God, restore him to health and grant that he may finally dwell with you in eternal life.

We ask in the name of Jesus Christ, who cured those who believed.

We pray that You heal Your servant and that You provide us with the grace to accept Your holy will.

Help us to understand that all you do is for our sake.


Asking For St. Padre Pio’s Intercession

St. Padre Pio,

You loved the sick and infirm, especially because you shared in Christ’s suffering through the stigmata.

May we be cured in body and soul through your prayer before God’s throne and blessing.


Man Of Strength

So do not be afraid; do not be discouraged; I am your God, and I will strengthen and aid you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

— Isaiah 41:10

He Gives Hope

Prayers for the sick are for everyone, but they can include any loved one in your life. Through meditation and faith, you can ask Jesus for mercy to end their agony, whether they are suffering psychologically or physically.

Catholic Prayer Against Disease

Dear Jesus Christ,

You went about curing everyone and providing comfort to those suffering.

Lord, we offer this prayer and ask that you be the source of our physical strength, spiritual courage, and patience.

Please let us draw closer to you on the cross so that we may draw patience and hope from them.

Assist and heal us so we can be closer to your family and the church and offer credit and honor to your name.


Prayer For Protection

Dear Lord,

We express our worry for people at high risk of becoming ill—the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.

Protect them and be their comfort.


Source Of Comfort

But now I will heal and mend them, make them whole, and bless them with peace and security in abundance.

— Jeremiah 33:6

The Lord Hears Us

The Lord will always look out for us. All we need to do is say a simple prayer, and He will come. He hears our prayers, even when we are scared. Do not hesitate to pray to Him in our time of greatest need.

Catholic Prayer For Doctor’s Wisdom

O compassionate Father,

Whoever has magnificently fashioned man in your image and made his body a temple of the Holy Spirit, sanctify and give grace to medical professionals.

Strengthen your servants, O God, to do what they must do and bear what they must bear so that they may be useful again in your world with a grateful heart, receiving your healing gifts through the expertise of surgeons and nurses.


Asking For St. Luke’s Intercession

St. Luke,

You demonstrated Christ’s divinity and true compassion for all people by authentically depicting his humanity.

Your professionalism and divine care for patients will inspire our physicians.

Allow them to heal the physical and spiritual ailments that plague many people today.


The Divine Physician

And God was working tremendous marvels through Paul’s hands, such that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had come into contact with his skin were carried away by the ill, and their ailments and evil spirits vanished.

— Acts 19:11–12

God Is Rest

Christ is our Savior and will cradle our anguish with His love. This is a prayer for the medical personnel and asks the Lord to take complete control of every element of our lives so that we can be healed from the inside out.

Doctor Talking To Patient And Catholic Prayer For The Sick

Catholic Prayer To Ease Pain For The Sick

Dear Lord,

You converted death into new life and glory through your Son’s resurrection, and you urge us to link our sorrows with Jesus.

Increase everyone’s faith, especially those suffering from chronic pain.

Please strengthen them, give them your grace, and confirm the promise of new life and glory.

We offer these sick prayers in the name of your Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes.


Psalm 18:2

Eternal Saviour,

You are my rock, my stronghold, and my deliverer!

My God, my stronghold, my rock where I take refuge, my shield and horn of salvation—the anguish I am experiencing is little compared to the power you have.

You wield over my life.

I seek you, my sanctuary and pain reliever.


He Takes The Burden

All of you who are laboring and carrying heavy loads, come to me, and I will give you relief. Put on my yoke and listen to what I have to say. I am polite and modest. You will also find rest for yourself. My weight is light, and my yoke is easy to bear.

— Matthew 11:28–30

God Gives Blessings

He never fails to receive and attend to those who come to him. This prayer requests that Jesus heal the sick, ease our anguish, cast out demons from our minds, and maintain angels guarding us while we rest.

Catholic Prayer For Improved Health


May we be changed entirely in heart and mind.

No disease can stand up to your all-curing might. Grant us your grace, love, and mercy.

Hear our prayer, O God of heavenly powers, and you can restore bodily health.

You drive away all sickness and infirmity from our bodies with the might of your command.

Be present at your best with your servant, that his weakness may be banished and his strength and health restored, and that he may bless your holy name through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Prayer For A Healthy Body


You are my strength, and you have all the power.

I pray for a robust and healthy body that can easily do hard labor and resist disease.

I praise you for the fact that, as I place my trust in you, I gain new strength and fly like an eagle.

I will run without becoming tired and walk without passing out.

I am grateful that I am your creation and that you keep an eye on me.


Man Of Healing

I pray that everything goes well for you and that you are in good health, just as it does for your soul.

— 3 John 1:2

Healing With His Guidance

Healing begins with a respectful attitude. This prayer asks God to heal us and bring our bodies to good health, strength, alignment, balance, and harmony.

Catholic Prayer For The Caregivers Of The Sick

Lord Jesus,

In this time of illness, we look to you, divine physician, healer of a sick child, and with everlasting life.

Help those taking care of our ailing loved ones by being a healer of souls and a comforter of the weary.

Surround them with other people’s compassion and strength so that they might feel the healing presence of the saints.

We pray for this through Our Lady of Lourdes’ intercession, in the name of your Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever.


Prayer For Tranquility

God of All Hope,

I come to you now seeking peace to help me continue my work as a caregiver.

My loved one’s health status appears dismal.

Hopelessness easily crushes my spirit when I see my loved ones in their miserable states.

Please speak to me and provide me with the peace only you can provide.


God Of Compassion

A pure soul not only wishes well for himself but also for others. This prayer can help caregivers cope with their concerns, weariness, and bewilderment.

Caregiver With Child And Catholic Prayer For The Sick


Catholics believe that when we pray for someone who is sick, it is a way of drawing the sick person closer to the Lord. We have faith that it is an act of mercy and that the person will be healed. We also believe that it is an act of faith and that God, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will hear and answer our hopes and prayers.

Catholic prayers for the ill have long been a powerful force among Catholics, whether for someone you know or love. The prayers are not only requests for assistance but also paths to God’s love.

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