6 Ways To Practice Christian Mindfulness For Health Benefits

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The term “mindfulness” has been thrown around a lot in our daily lives. For those who don’t know, it is a lesser-utilized human ability to be aware of what we are doing.

Mental health doctors recommend practicing mindfulness to help people live in the present moment. It brings more peace to our minds and increases awareness.

But what about those of the Christian faith? Does Christian mindfulness practice help us come closer to God’s presence, or does it have the opposite effect? Many people stress out while practicing mindfulness meditation because they are afraid to go down the wrong path.

Mindfulness can be non-religious, but by implementing these rules, you can practice it as a Christian and find out how to be present in the world God has created.

Key Takeaways

  • The article emphasizes the compatibility of Christian faith with mindfulness practices, highlighting the importance of aligning mindfulness with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • It provides practical guidance on incorporating Christian mindfulness into daily life, such as through appreciation of God’s creation, meditation on Bible verses, and prayerful reflection.
  • The holistic approach advocated in the article emphasizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, encouraging readers to prioritize physical, mental, and spiritual health through mindfulness and prayer.

What Is The Difference Between Christian And Other Mindfulness Exercises?

Before starting the journey towards being a mindful Christian, you should be aware of the present moment. In secular mindfulness, people pay attention to themselves and explore the reality of their thoughts.

On the other hand, Christians practicing mindfulness should also focus on their religion. They keep in mind that Jesus will help bring hope and joy to your spirit. Christians always look to Him to get over challenging hurdles in their everyday lives. There are plenty of meditation exercises to practice mindfulness, which will be beneficial for your Christian walk.

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How To Practice Christian Mindfulness

Before practicing Christian meditation, it is essential to point out that only Christ can bring spiritual peace to our lives. He is present in every opportunity presented to you through your own experiences. As Christians practice mindfulness, they should pay attention to God and not wholly to themselves.

Keep a vertical view while practicing mindfulness. This means that you should invite Jesus and keep Him present every day in your spiritual life. There are six exercises you should attempt to practice Christian mindfulness properly:

1. Appreciate Your Surroundings

We should learn to notice and appreciate God’s creation around us. Be thankful for the natural beauty we witness in our everyday moments. An effective way of doing so is by going outside and taking time out of your daily life at home, in the office, or at school.

Another method is to go on a relaxing vacation to peaceful places like beaches or forests. Practice mindfulness by noticing your body’s sensations. Hear the calm winds blowing, the birds chirping, or the waves crashing on the blue ocean shore.

Be grateful for everything God has given you to experience at this moment. That will help to get rid of negative feelings like anxiety and depression[1]. It is also better to pray to God to relax the soul and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

2. Read And Meditate On Bible Verses

Another fantastic way to practice Christian mindfulness is by reading the Bible. The Scriptures contain God’s message to the whole world. Therefore, try to take some time to meditate on certain Bible verses or passages that resonate with you.

It is better to keep your eyes closed and take a deep breath first. Focus on how it feels and what makes the passage stand out. Reflect on the message God and the Holy Spirit are trying to deliver.

It gets tricky to do this, as our minds naturally tend to get distracted. But after getting the hang of mindfulness practices, they will bring more wisdom and awareness to our daily lives.

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3. Focus On The Present Moment 

It is essential to take time from our busy lives to be grounded in the present moment. Doing this will help eliminate the compulsion to be overly reactive to everything and teach us to be mindful.

Moreover, practicing meditation can help clear the mind and focus on the present. Doing so will help the person realize that God’s love has blessed her or him with this moment.

Don’t try to get caught up in your thoughts and desires, as they can make people worry more about the future. Instead, focus on God’s presence and continue with the practice of mindfulness.

These meditations help with healing and removing negative emotions from the past. If practiced regularly, it can bring power and compassion to the soul.

4. Take Care Of Your Body

Unfortunately, many people ignore their physical wellness. Some Christians think that the mind and spirit are more important than our bodies. But to practice Christian mindfulness, we have to concentrate on ourselves as someone with a body, mind, and spirit. Also, remember that God has chosen to make our bodies his temple.

In other words, it is crucial to take proper care of the body that God created for us. An effective way of doing so is by performing a mindful body scan. To do this, sit down and close your eyes. Make sure your mind focuses on the top of your head. Then take your attention to each part of your body: your face, neck, chest, arms, back, and legs.

The main difference many will notice is that the body will respond to what it needs right now. This exercise will also help you be aware of the present moment.

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5. Have Control Over Your Emotions

Human beings tend to feel a lot of emotions based on what is happening around them. To be present, avoid allowing extreme feelings to take over the brain. Nothing good ever happens when you are frustrated or sad. You might hurt yourself and others if you don’t have mental control over yourself.

To avoid this, it is necessary to let go of unnecessary emotions and enjoy the gift God has given us. An interesting exercise to assist you in doing so is meditation.

When possible, take a moment to relax and pay attention to how you feel. Be mindful of thoughts of anxiety, stress, and anger and locate them. Stay in the moment and label them with accuracy. Then, ask yourself why you are feeling this way and let the emotions go.

Research has proven that mediation brings peace and positivity to human beings. Therefore, you should try meditating as much as possible for your spiritual well-being.

6. Pray In Silence

The best way to practice Christian meditation is by making a prayer to our God, Jesus Christ, in silence. Many encourage you to practice mindful prayer in the Christian tradition.

Make sure to have quiet surroundings to be in the zone of solace while praying to God. Try focusing on your breath while praying in silence. Seek God’s grace, and recite something in your head based on your experiences with Jesus Christ. Others can read the Holy Bible to find words of God to verbally or mentally narrate while praying and practicing Christian mindfulness.

An oil painting that vividly captures a moment of deep serenity and devotion, depicting a solitary figure kneeling in prayer.


As you may have discovered, everyone can practice mindfulness in different ways. However, we should maintain God’s presence within our Christian framework. Scientific research confirms that we can become more positive human beings by adopting this approach.

Subsequently, mindfulness is not based on Scripture, so don’t replace it with other traditions and prayers Christians have to follow. In Christianity, we are called to be mindful of God’s teachings. As a result, if practiced correctly, we discover encouragement in being united with Christ and living in the light of present reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Christian view of mindfulness?

The Christian perspective on mindfulness differs, with some integrating it to deepen their connection to God through prayer and meditation, while others approach it cautiously due to concerns about secular influences. Many seek to align mindfulness practices with their faith, focusing on awareness of God’s presence and biblical principles of love and gratitude.

What is the Christian form of meditation?

Christian meditation involves focused reflection on Scripture, prayer, and contemplation of God’s presence to deepen one’s relationship with Him and align thoughts and actions with Christian teachings.

Practices such as Lectio Divina, silent prayer, and guided reflection on biblical passages are commonly used to cultivate spiritual growth and communion with God.

Did Jesus practice mindfulness?

The question of whether Jesus practiced mindfulness is open to interpretation. While the term itself may not have been used, Jesus’ emphasis on prayer, meditation, and deep connection with God suggests elements of mindfulness in his teachings and practices.

However, the exact correlation with modern mindfulness practices is unclear, making it a matter of interpretation within Christian theology.

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  1. I want to Thank you for that Mindfulness exercise. It helped me relax which I haven’t been able to do lately. I’ve been through a lot the last couple of years. I guess it has made me stronger but it was difficult to go through. I may have to listen too your video a lot more often for a while. I’ve tried a number of things to relax some help but others don’t. I would appreciate a list of your bible verses, so I can look them up again.


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