The Importance Of Being Connected With God And How To Do It

Has your spiritual life reached a stalemate? Do you feel like you’re trapped with no way out? Most likely, you’ve attempted to establish a connection with the Father via reading God’s Word and praying, but to no avail. While getting in touch with God is not as simple as it sounds, He can be reached in more than a hundred ways.

Finding out how to personally connect with God daily is crucial for the lives of every Christian. Thus, to rejuvenate your spiritual life and stay connected with God, choose methods that are consistent with who God created you to be.

How To Connect With God?

We must study God’s Word, have prayer time, and frequently worship with a community of Christians. These factors are crucial for preserving our relationship with the Lord.

3 Surprising Ways To Stay Connected With God

1. Take Note Of Your Attitude

Some of the following beliefs and behaviors can unexpectedly enter our connection with God. Any one of these may make it difficult to develop a meaningful bond with him. By asking yourself the following questions, you may keep track of some of the prevalent mindsets that might prevent you from having an intimate connection with the Father.

  • Do You Wonder If God Does Love You?

God’s love for all people is a fact, yet we may have trouble accepting it on a personal level. It’s like you are the only person on earth that He can’t bring himself to adore.

Faith in God’s character and promises remains the final answer, even if this conviction derives from ingrained distrust. Are you willing to accept God in His Word?

  • Do You Think You Need To Fix Yourself Up Before Drawing Near God?

God tells us to come to Him when we are in trouble (Hebrews 4:16), yet it’s easy to allow that mindset to seep into our devotion to God. But our relationship with God becomes more surface-level when we strive to present a sanitized image of ourselves to Him.

In the midst of your sorrow, worry, and spiteful thoughts that just won’t leave your mind, try turning to God. If you’re confused about anything, He can assist you in sorting it out. You’ve just made His day by asking Him!

2. Get Used To God’s Presence

God wants us to follow Him every step of the way, yet it is not easy. We treat God as if He doesn’t exist by praying and reading the Bible, then going about our day as usual.

Conversely, we may pray to Him in times of trouble, being careful to avoid temptation, but neglect to have fellowship with Him in the midst of daily life.

Try praying in the shower or in the car as a way to maintain your relationship with God. In the morning as you get ready for the day and at night as you drift off to sleep, let your mind wander to His Word.

3. Offer Yourself To Others

God’s deepest desire for us is that we love others as much as He loves us (1 John 4:16), for love is God’s own nature[1]. How often we may need to troubleshoot this aspect of our lives comes as a surprise.

Are the individuals God has put in your life getting lost in the shuffle while you focus on your to-do list? Having a hard time being patient and compassionate with that cranky relative of yours? Do you feel like you haven’t made any meaningful connections with anyone outside of your immediate group recently?

The act of loving others is a certain way to keep your spiritual connection with God strong. Just pray that God will use you as a vessel to spread His love to others. Your connection with God will grow to new heights as you go on a quest to love others.

Why Is It Important That We Stay Connected With God?

The devil is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to drive a wedge between us and God. He may do this by encouraging sin, convincing us to give in to lust, diverting our attention with material possessions, planting the seed of ambition in our minds, convincing us that God is to blame for bad things that happen, disillusioning us, or filling our hearts with bitterness.

Thus, it is crucial that we focus our attention on Christ at all times. The truth is, we will face a barrage of distractions designed to drive us further from God. To counter the onslaught of the adversary, however, God has given us the tools we need.

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How Do You Stay Connected With God?

There is no universal method for Christians to draw closer to God. We each have diverse spiritual temperaments, just as God has endowed us with distinct personalities.

5 Best Ways To Stay Connected With God Daily

If we desire to stay connected with God and maintain a personal relationship with Him, we need to practice spiritual habits in our daily lives.

1. Love God Outdoors

Naturalists feel most connected to God when surrounded by God’s creation. Mountains, forests, and water stir something inside them that nothing else can. Most naturalists learn their most valuable lessons outdoors. Particularly, going outside assists children in visualizing scriptural truths, seeing God more clearly, and learning to rest.

Praise God when viewing a sunrise or sunset; enjoy His artistic expression and worship Him as the colors change.

2. Love God In Simplicity And Solitude

Ascetics are drawn to seclusion, austerity, simplicity, and profound dedication. They discover that discipline (for the purpose of coming closer to God), harshness, and isolation awaken their minds to the divine presence, and they feel closer to God when they are alone with no distractions to prevent them from concentrating on God’s presence.

Ascetics’ self-denial is not motivated by martyrdom or punishment but rather by a desire to adore God more. Ascetics might feel linked to God in a variety of ways, for example, when they spend time on a night watch, remain up for a portion (or the entirety) of the night to pray, read scripture, repent, give gratitude, and simply talk and listen to Him.

3. Love God With All Your Mind

Intellectuals inhabit a world comprised of thoughts and ideas. People must know what they believe, and they exert pressure on churches to clarify and uphold correct theology. They may be found researching or arguing theory and theology. Intellectuals feel they have an intimate relationship with the Lord when they discover information about Him that they did not know before or when they are given time to study God’s truth or other theological works.

God speaks via the Word, and by studying the Bible daily, we gain understanding and wisdom, and through the Holy Spirit, we are able to make decisions according to God’s will for our lives.

There are many ways you can connect to God intellectually—from picking a topic that interests you and spending time studying it to reading the Bible verses that reference it.

Aside from Bible reading, you can also start listening to sermons, reading books, talking to others about it, writing your thoughts, watching movies about it, and asking the Holy Spirit to teach you about that topic through events in your own life. While reading a Biblical passage, ask yourself: What does this text teach me about God?

4. Love God By Adoring Him

Contemplatives are devoted to God. They seek the Father, fix their attention on Him, and endeavor to be in God’s presence. When these people’s emotions are stirred and they sense God comforting them and whispering words of affection, contemplatives feel closest to God.

As they serve God and perform things for Him, their primary goal is to love Him purely and profoundly. Contemplatives prefer to sit alone with God instead of organized worship or an outdoor walk.

5. Love God Through Celebration

Enthusiasts are often faith’s cheerleaders. There are devotees yelling “Amen!” and dancing in the aisles and worshipping God with joy. People experience God’s power and presence most profoundly when their hearts are affected by His power and they sense His presence.

Take classes such as evangelism, theology, and counseling; assist in your church’s nursery or children’s ministry; and write down and discuss key aspirations with God and a trusted individual. Consider the people He used, the discussions that drew you closer to Him, your achievements and disappointments, and special events as you flip through old photo albums and reflect on God’s movement in your life at various stages.

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God did not make all of us worship Him in the same way, contrary to common belief. Not only are our physical appearances and spiritual gifts unique, but so is our relationship with God, which is a lovely thing.

The ways to connect with God are not on a to-do list to win God’s favor. Jesus has already done this. Consider whichever route on the list you are most drawn to and practice the most. Consider, then, your spiritual beat. Would it be beneficial to add extra time for this practice and incorporate more means of connecting with God?

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  1. Yes, there is a universal formula for worship of God, and that is to seek truth, think truth, speak truth and do truth. Be impartial. Do justice . This formula is universal. Meditate and act upon it.


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