Does God Work? Understanding His Plan For Your Life

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We sometimes think God does not work. He just sits on his majestic throne and watches us until Judgment Day. We are mistaken! God is at work today! He does not get tired of working and works 24 hours a day.

God reveals that work is an essential component of our existence. But our finite wisdom and innate desire to have more rest and pleasure block us from the true mandate of God’s work. David Brooks revealed that in 1954, about 96 percent of adult American men worked. Today, that number is around 80 percent. One-fifth of all men are not going to work.

It is also estimated that in 2022, around 40 million people will no longer be working. But work is a paramount element of God’s character and an intrinsic part of our being. The Lord God rejoices when our works mirror and express his glory.

Does God Work All Things For Our Good?

And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

— Romans 8:28

We have heard the biblical notion that God is good[1], and He works for our own good. But we sometimes question the truth of these words because we experience bad things and not the good things in life. We ask, “Is God at work? Is he really working for my own good? If He is good, why is there so much pain and suffering in my life and elsewhere?” We have to bear in mind that the context of the biblical passage is anchored on two principal requisites.

Only those who truly love God are the direct beneficiaries of his goodness. We may suffer pain and brokenness, but God allowed these necessary ordeals in order to humble us, give us hope, and remind us of the existence of God. If we remain faithless and unceasingly doubtful about the goodness of God, we forfeit the good work of the Holy Spirit.

The passage in Romans 8:28 is a promise for real believers who love God. If we have clarified our purpose in life, especially our role in God’s kingdom on earth, we earn wonderful access to the good workings of God. Depending on our role in the pursuit and propagation of the gospel, the Holy Spirit grants us the gifts we need for such an endeavor. If we remain stagnant and do not do any good works, we may not be recipients of the grace and goodness of God.

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How Does God Work?

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

— Psalm 19:1

The Great Provider

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

Jesus Christ himself told us not to worry about anything—the food we eat, the water we drink, or the clothes we wear. He also told us that if he could give food to the birds, would he allow us to go hungry?

God has proven to us in many instances that if we trust him and remain faithful to him, he will give us abundant blessings, sometimes exceeding our expectations.

The Great Healer

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the LORD.

Jeremiah 30:17

When the Lord Jesus Christ was working on his ministry, preaching the Gospel, he performed healings and wonders to prove to the people that he was the Messiah. His miraculous works included the healing of lepers, making the blind see, and raising the dead back to life. Today, if we call on his holy name, God works by curing us of any form of affliction or disease. He will also comfort us in times of great stress and trouble.

The Good Shepherd

Then he led out his people like sheep and guided them in the wilderness like a flock.

— Psalm 78:52

Left to themselves, sheep are always lost in their paths and make easy prey for wolves and other predators. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is our Good Shepherd who guides us and lights up our paths. His utmost concern is to lead us into righteous ways and not let us wander on the dangerous roads that lead to harm, destruction, and sin.

God Does Different Types Of Work

Author Amy Sherman shares in her book, Kingdom Calling, the different types of work that God does and how we can learn and emulate them in our lives:

  • Redemption: The promise of reconciliation and salvation is God’s primary work.
  • Creation: God works to mold and develop all of his creations.
  • Providence: He is the Great Provider who supplies all our needs.
  • Justice: God brings righteous rewards and punishment to every human being.
  • Compassion: God’s love is reflected in giving us comfort, healing, and guidance.
  • Revelation: The truth about Father God, his Son, and his Word brings hope and eternal enlightenment.

God works in various ways, showcasing his power, love, and care for all the earth. His plan unfolds in perfect harmony as we align our lives with it. It is worth comparing our lives to the transformative work that Christ did in the world. As Christians, we can find purpose and fulfillment by understanding and participating in God’s plan, knowing that God cares for each one of us and invites us to join him in his work.

How Can I Believe God Works For My Good?

My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.

John 5:17
  • Trust In The Goodness Of God

Since the beginning of time, God has always worked for the good of humanity. He provided our first parents with all they could ever need for a happy and complete existence. Despite the fall of mankind, we continue to enjoy his providence and guidance in all areas of our lives.

God shows his mighty works through the wonders of nature and the miracles that happen to us and others in our everyday lives. Most importantly, he sent Jesus to bring us salvation as proof of his redemptive work and that God is working in our lives. By his grace, our pious lives mean God is working well in us.

  • The Truth Of God’s Word

The Bible is the source of truth. As the infallible Word of God, we draw strength, guidance, and inspiration from its pages in how we conduct our everyday lives. The revealed and accomplished prophecies in the Old Testament testify to the authenticity of God’s goodness. Science and archaeology also attest that there is a Supreme Being who governs the universe for the benefit and good of his most beloved creation, humankind.

The Means Of God’s Work

Working With God

We are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field and God’s building.

1 Corinthians 3:9

In the Bible, God describes the church as a field and a house of God. As our King, he governs us not only in the important aspects of our lives but also in the mundane things that we do every day. As a landowner in a field, God provides the seed, rainfall, good weather, and farm animals for the land’s cultivation. Our role as farmers is to till the ground and tend it until we harvest its produce.

Working Through The Holy Spirit

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

Acts 1:8

As our sovereign God and King, he dwells in us. God’s Spirit gives us the magnificent power to experience God’s authority and capabilities to discharge our purposes and tasks on Earth. Oftentimes, this power exceeds our human limitations and expectations so that we can experience his glory in our lives. This tremendous power also wields the authority to heal others and drive out evil spirits in our midst.

The Holy Spirit enables us to become conquerors in Christ, capable of doing mighty things for him in order to advance his mission and purpose on Earth.

Why Does God Work Behind The Scenes?

Jesus replied, You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.

John 13:7

When Jesus Christ washed the disciples’ feet, the apostles were again mesmerized. Knowing that he is God and the Messiah, the disciples often wondered why he worked so hard in unconventional ways to propagate the Good News.

Jesus prayed hard, trained the disciples rigidly, and exceeded all boundaries of servitude to people. He worked hard to teach the unbelievers that salvation beckons to those who believe in him and that the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Because of the fall of humanity, we have limited capacity for the purposeful pursuit of our lives. First, our physical capabilities are restricted, and our wisdom is short compared to the attributes of God. As such, we are often misled in our ways and commit sin. Without knowing it, we often fall prey to the lure of the enemy, believing that all is well. We continue to live in sin and disobedience to our Master.

The same Jesus Christ who worked hard during the New Testament times is the same God who works hard today in helping and guiding us to live righteously. When we trust God, we can even perform miracles in his name. Our five senses often cannot detect his presence. But rest assured, his Spirit dwells in us and works for our own good.

1. He gave us free will. As his beloved children, he gave us the wonderful gift of free will. Our freedom of choice proves that we are made in his likeness. We were not created like robots, and God gave us the freedom to do what we want.

2. He wants us to increase our faith. God wants us to develop our knowledge of him and his precepts on our own. He does not dictate faith and wants us to trust in him at all times and believe in his goodness.

3. He wants us to grow spiritually. God gave us the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. Without our knowing or noticing it, this spirit guides all our thoughts and actions, especially when we see the number 19, which leads to spiritual growth and maturity.

4. He wants us to learn his Word. God does not need to be visible to us in order to manifest his presence. The Bible is the living revelation of God and his commands that we can access anytime, anywhere.

5. He wants us to learn our purpose. God does not dictate what we want to believe or our purpose in life. He wants us to relate to his divine purposes in our lives. We are made to worship and honor him at all times. God remains glad if we willfully avoid evil and pursue good.

Our Responsibilities

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10

While we may not always perceive God’s hand actively at work, we can trust that he is indeed working behind the scenes. As we strive to glorify God, increase our faith, and prepare for eternity, we become active participants in his divine plan.

  • Continue His Work On Earth

As believers, our ultimate goal is to glorify God and participate in his divine plan. We are often reminded that God works in mysterious ways, orchestrating events and guiding us in our journey of faith. While we may not always perceive his hand at work, we can trust that he is actively involved in the affairs of the world and our lives.

We are called “Ambassadors of Christ.” Our primary aim is to advance his kingdom on Earth by sharing the gospel with people in all parts of the world. By doing so, we not only fulfill our purpose as Christians but also demonstrate God’s love and grace to others. Through our words and actions, we can become vessels through which God works to transform hearts, bring his light into the darkness, and let his glory shine upon us.

  • Increase Our Faith

One way we can actively participate in the work of God is by continuously building our faith in him. This involves engaging in practices that nurture our relationship with God and deepen our understanding of God’s Word. Unceasing prayer allows us to commune with him, seeking guidance, strength, and wisdom in every aspect of life.

Reading and studying God’s Word provides us with the spiritual nourishment needed to navigate the challenges of the world. Additionally, actively participating in church services and activities allows us to fellowship with other believers, learn from one another, and encourage each other on our faith journeys.

Moreover, the role of a senior pastor in the church is crucial in helping Christians grow in their faith and fulfill their life purpose. Through preaching and teaching, pastors provide spiritual guidance, imparting biblical truths that equip believers to live out their faith and make a difference in the world. Their leadership and pastoral care inspire individuals to engage in acts of service, showing the love of God through tangible actions and good works.

  • Prepare For Eternity

While God works in the present, we are also reminded of the eternal perspective of our Christian life. Our constant purpose is to prepare for the kingdom of heaven, our ultimate destination. This preparation involves continually building our faith, growing in our relationship with God, and keeping ourselves free from the entanglements and temptations of this world.

The Bible teaches that only through faith in Christ can we receive the gift of eternal life. It is through His grace and sacrifice that we are reconciled with God and granted the promise of everlasting life. By keeping our focus on eternity and aligning our priorities with God’s will, we can navigate the challenges of life with a perspective that transcends the temporary and fleeting nature of worldly pursuits.

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Since the start of creation, God has always worked for our good. Despite our fall and rebellion, he continues to love and care for us. He sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to save us and give us redemption for the kingdom of heaven.

God does not stop working every minute of our lives. He gives us food for the dinner table, a wonderful job, and a loving family. Through the power of the Spirit, God has also enabled us to heal ourselves and others of pain, brokenness, and disease. Most importantly, he is constantly working for our good place in eternity. 

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  1. Who is God over your life? He is the level of the relationship, so the trial comes. Look at Job, what he did, and see the experience of Polis and Sala in prison, and this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, who You have sent him.” (John 17:3) “At midnight I will arise to give you thanks.” on the judgments of your righteousness.” (Psalm 119:62) I thank you for remembering the body of Christ with consolation so that they may have faith and strength in God Almighty in Christ Jesus the Lord bless you


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