What Is The Spiritual Gift Of Faith: Discover Its Purpose

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Faith, as a universal concept, is deeply ingrained in the human condition, serving as a bedrock for various aspects of life, particularly in religious contexts. However, faith takes on a profound and multifaceted dimension within Christianity, especially when described as a spiritual gift.

According to Christian doctrine, the “gift of faith” is not merely a product of human effort but rather divine empowerment[1] graciously bestowed by the Holy Spirit. It encompasses a profound trust and unwavering assurance in God’s goodness and faithfulness, surpassing ordinary belief’s boundaries. This extraordinary gift enables believers to face challenges with unwavering confidence, persevere in adversity, and experience a deep and transformative relationship with the divine.

What Is The Spiritual Gift Of Faith?

Understanding The Gift of Faith

The spiritual gift of faith, as described in the New Testament, especially in 1 Corinthians 12:9, is a unique capability bestowed upon certain believers by the Holy Spirit. This type of faith surpasses the general faith necessary for salvation; rather, it is an exceptional and heavenly-endowed assurance in God’s promises, power, and constant companionship. This supernatural faith enables a believer to live boldly for God, confidently acting on the promises and truths found in his word.

Differentiating General Faith And The Gift of Faith

Every Christian has a measure of faith (Romans 12:3) necessary for salvation. However, the special gift of faith is a special endowment that not every believer possesses. This specific gift is a supernatural surge of confidence in God’s truth and Jesus Christ, allowing the believer to trust God in situations where others may falter fearlessly. It doesn’t contradict general faith but rather intensifies and deepens it.

Manifestations Of The Gift of Faith

This gift of faith enables believers to exhibit remarkable trust in God’s providence and to pray with extraordinary fervor, believing unwaveringly in God’s ability to intervene in human affairs. They may find themselves led into situations that demand a high degree of faith, thus serving as spiritual pillars within their communities.

The Role Of The Gift Of Faith In The Community

The gift of bold faith has a profound impact not only on the individual but also on the wider Christian community. Those with this gift often inspire others to trust more deeply in God. Their resolute faith can encourage other believers, fostering a more robust community faith and contributing significantly to the spiritual growth of the group.

What Is The Purpose Of The Gift Of Faith?

Building Up The Church

Like all spiritual gifts, the gift of faith is given for the edification of the Church. It’s meant to encourage and build up the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 14:12). Because not every Christian has this gift, when believers operate with it, they inspire others to trust in God’s love, promoting a deeper reliance on his promises.

Gaius was a living example of a faithful servant of the church. While the Bible does not provide extensive details about his life, Gaius’s support to the early church made a lasting impact, as evidenced by the apostolic letters written to and about him.

Manifesting God’s Power

Another significant purpose of the gift of faith is to facilitate the supernatural manifestation of God’s power. The gift of faith often accompanies miracles, healings, and other divine interventions. Those with this gift are typically unshakeable in their certainty of God’s presence and intervention, even in seemingly impossible situations.

Encouraging Steadfastness In Adversity

The gift of faith serves as an anchor in times of storm, enabling believers to remain steadfast despite facing trials or adversity. Those endowed with this gift often exhibit extraordinary resilience, demonstrating an unwavering trust in God’s work and providence no matter how dire the circumstances.

Fostering Spiritual Growth

The gift of faith is also instrumental in fostering spiritual growth among believers. By deepening trust in God and promoting a lifestyle of faith-based decision-making, this gift facilitates the spiritual maturation process—it is the Holy Spirit working to enable believers to grow in their walk with God.

Promoting God’s Kingdom

Lastly, the gift of faith plays a pivotal role in advancing the kingdom of God on earth. Those with this gift often take bold steps of faith, initiating actions that align with God’s plans and purposes, thereby contributing to the furtherance of God’s kingdom and a thriving church.

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What Does It Mean To Have The Spiritual Gift Of Faith?

Having the spiritual gift of faith means possessing an unwavering trust in God’s sovereignty and goodness. This unwavering belief doesn’t waver in the face of trials or hardship. It allows believers to see beyond their circumstances and perceive God’s divine purposes.

This gift equips believers to be conduits of God’s power, often leading to remarkable acts of service and sometimes miraculous outcomes. Additionally, those with this gift can encourage others’ faith, inspiring them to trust God’s promises and fostering unity and growth within the Church.

Having the spiritual gift of faith also gives us a greater appreciation for God’s incomparable power and infinite wisdom. When we have faith, we can rest assured that even in our moments of doubt or fear, God has plans for good that will come to fruition according to his perfect timing. We learn to trust him more completely as our strength and provider.

In What Way Is The Gift Of Faith Obtained?

Like all spiritual gifts, the same spirit of faith is sovereignly bestowed by the Holy Spirit. It is neither a human-generated characteristic nor a reward for personal righteousness or religious devotion. Instead, it’s a gracious and unmerited gift from God.

Scripture does not provide a specific process to obtain this gift. However, the Bible encourages believers to earnestly desire and pray for spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 14:1). Therefore, those who wish to receive this gift can earnestly pray for it while maintaining an open and surrendered heart to the will of God.

It is important to remember that faith is not something we can earn or deserve. God’s gift of faith is given freely and without expectation of reward, just as all other gifts from God are. As such, those who receive it should be continually thankful and recognize the source from which it came.

Moreover, the Bible teaches that even our faith itself is a gift from God. As it states in Ephesians 2:8–9, “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Therefore, we must remember that even our ability to trust in God comes as an undeserved gift from him.

How To Activate The Gift Of Faith

Surrender And Openness To The Holy Spirit

Activating the precious gift of faith starts with a humble surrender to the Holy Spirit. This surrender entails opening ourselves to the Spirit’s transformative work and granting Him the freedom to manifest His gifts in our lives as He deems appropriate.

As believers, it is vital to cultivate a daily practice of heartfelt prayer, seeking the filling and guidance of the Spirit (as encouraged in Ephesians 5:18). Through this intimate connection, we can experience the profound depths of his presence and allow his divine power to shape us into vessels of his grace and love.

Immersing In The Word Of God

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Therefore, to activate and grow the gift of faith, one must immerse oneself in Scripture. Reading, studying, and meditating on God’s Word can nourish faith, increasing understanding of his nature and promises.

This deepening understanding allows faith to take root and flourish, empowering individuals to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and hope. By consistently engaging with Scripture, one can develop a profound connection with God, finding strength, guidance, and inspiration in his word.

Prayer And Desire For The Gift

In 1 Corinthians 14:1, believers are strongly encouraged to desire spiritual gifts earnestly. This means having a deep longing and passion to seek and receive these gifts from God. One specific gift that can be activated through persistent prayer is the gift of faith. By consistently praying and asking for increased faith, believers open themselves to the possibility of experiencing greater trust and confidence in God.

However, it’s important to approach prayer with a submissive spirit, acknowledging that, ultimately, it is God who bestows spiritual gifts according to his sovereign will. This reminds us that while we can desire and ask for specific gifts, we must trust God’s wisdom and timing in granting them to us. So let us seek spiritual gifts through prayer, always surrendering to God’s divine plan and purpose for our lives.

Exercise Of Faith

Finally, like any precious gift, the gift of faith becomes even more potent and transformative through active utilization. This involves trusting God in our everyday lives and embracing and relying on him, especially during challenging situations.

As believers step out in faith and courageously act upon their beliefs, they create fertile ground for the gift of faith to manifest and flourish, bringing forth greater blessings and spiritual growth. Let us cherish and nurture this precious gift, allowing it to shape and enrich our lives in remarkable ways.

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The spiritual gift of faith is a profound aspect of the Christian experience, wherein God gives all Christians saving faith. It edifies the Church, manifests God’s power, and fosters deep resilience in the face of trials. This gift is obtained and activated through the work of the Holy Spirit, prayer, immersion in God’s Word, and the continual exercise of faith.

Understanding the gift of faith reveals the beauty of the Christian faith as not merely a human belief but a divinely empowered trust in God’s sovereign goodness. It is indeed a testament to the richness and depth of God’s gracious gifts to his people.

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