Declaring Your Faith: The Miraculous Power Of The “God Is Great, God Is Good” Prayer

In many Christian traditions, the God Is Great, God Is Good prayer is a simple yet powerful declaration of one’s faith in God. It serves as a reminder that the universe was created and is maintained by something higher than us. This concept offers consolation and meaning to life by positing a divine purpose for everything that occurs.

Affirming “God is great” can also provide courage and hope in adversity. For those who trust in God, there may be comfort in knowing that there is a purpose behind their pain and that they are not suffering in isolation. This idea might help one feel resilient and courageous when facing challenges.

Why Is God Great And Good?

The creation of Heaven and Earth, together with everything on them, is revealed in the Bible’s opening chapter. Throughout the Scriptures, God continues to demonstrate His omnipotence[1] by working miracles to deliver His people from harm, cure the sick, and provide believers with the ultimate deliverance from death.

God possesses the supreme ability to create and the supreme right to judge what is deserving of praise. As we read that God carefully examined each creation and proclaimed it good before moving on to His next design, we are introduced to God’s power to judge things as being worthy during creation.

The Bible also affirms God’s goodness. The greatest manifestation of God’s goodness toward us was His decision to send His one and only Son to earth to suffer and die to atone for our sins and grant us eternal life.

Similarly, Jesus Christ, the second member of the Holy Trinity, demonstrated His profound love for us by deciding to live His life according to God’s will despite the physical and emotional suffering He would endure.

Our Father is not just a God of magnificence and goodness but also a God of mercy. God’s mercy for us is so great that He promises to continue to believe in us even after we stop believing in Him (2 Timothy 2:13). God promises to demonstrate mercy by pardoning our sins and removing all unrighteousness from us if we repent and confess our faults (1 John 1:9).

Those who assert that God is helpless or incapable of doing so obviously contradict the majesty of God. Even some Christians have been known to speak about God as if He were an older man needing assistance.

Yet we fail to remember that God created the universe and does not need us. He receives no help from human hands, as if in need (Acts 17:25). He bestows on us life, breath, and everything else. God doesn’t need us; we need Him.

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God Is Great, God Is Good Prayer

Many Christian traditions frequently use the God Is Great, God Is Good prayer. Before meals, it’s often done to express appreciation and recognize that God has provided for us throughout this life and into the next. The prayer follows the lines: “God is wonderful and good; let us thank Him for our meal. By His hands, we are fed. Bless us, Lord, our daily bread. Amen.”

One of the fundamental outcomes of religion is gratitude, which comes naturally to everyone who believes that God is great and good. Paul says as a result, “Do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God, whether it be in word or deed” (Colossians 3:17).

And being grateful isn’t the only thing you should do. That is evidence that, while we are in God’s presence, we are aware of who we are. In the sight of a righteous ruler, we are filthy beggars. He provides us with everything, even if we don’t deserve it.

This cannot but fill us with gratitude. It may be a sign that we don’t comprehend the gospel if we aren’t grateful. For all, a heart that has freely accepted the valued generosity of God is not inclined to have an attitude of entitlement.

Why Is The God Is Great, God Is Good Prayer Important?

The universe would be a junkyard of damaged stars and planets if not for His magnificence keeping order in the cosmos. And without His benevolence telling each terrible ruler to stop, the world would be a playground under the control of the biggest bully.

That short childhood prayer honors God’s transcendence and immanence, two essential aspects of who He is. His magnificence is transcendent, which means it is incomprehensible to us. His closeness to us is referred to as immanence.

We are humbled by the majesty of the all-powerful God and fall to our knees. But God’s goodness causes us to rise once more in joyful thanksgiving. The One who is superior to all things became a part of us.

Food also serves as a reminder of how God’s goodness is expressed through the work of our neighbors. Your “daily bread” gets tallied by a cashier you don’t know. It has been bought at a store that has yet to stock any of your shelves. It has been transported by a truck that you did not operate. That was taken from fields that you didn’t plant.

God’s goodness is significant because it serves as a reminder that God hates sin, not just because it calls into question His greatness but also because God is good and works for both our good and the good of others.

To put it mildly, God is aware of the disaster that sin creates. Sin devastates our lives. It shatters the harmony between God and us and one another. God is good; hence he is opposed to sin and evil.

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The Bible makes it quite apparent that because of how vast God’s power and love are, they are unmatched anywhere and at any time. Therefore, God alone deserves adoration since He is the God of Gods, the Creator of the Universe, and the Personification of Greatness.

Death will be swallowed up forever, every tear will be dried, and the shattered things will be fixed. God is awesome. God is merciful. Praise God that He does not use His greatness to harm us but to save us and that He does not use His goodness to distance Himself from us but rather to draw near to us.

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