Heavenly Signs God Is Preparing You For A Relationship

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There are various signs that God is preparing you for a relationship. These signs of readiness may arise on different occasions, but most of them share a distinct commonality that is easy to identify and often emerges when you find the right person.

These signs may be difficult to spot at first, but once you get accustomed to them, it will be easier for you to understand the truth of God and see your relationship bloom in the mighty name of Jesus.


15 Clear Signs God Is Preparing You For A Relationship

1. You Learn To Appreciate Your Own Company

On top of other signs, God is preparing you for a relationship when you are learning to enjoy solitude in your alone time. As He wants you to be prepared for your future relationship, God leads you on the right path by allowing you to feel how it is to be yourself without the company of friends and your partner.

The greatest indication that you no longer struggle and have become overly sensitive to not having someone to go out with is when you no longer feel guilty or incomplete whenever you decide to spend time out of your home alone.

It means God worked in you and made you feel complete and full of peace, along with all other positive emotions, and you can say that you are finally ready to seek your future partner through God and His many signs.

The Lord God brings you to your wholeness through self-love and heals you of all your past brokenness and hurt until the special person destined to be with you comes knocking at your front door. Once you feel comfortable and at peace in your aloneness, it is a good sign that you are ready for a lifelong relationship.

2. You Gain Emotional Maturity As You Spend Time Praying And Meditation

Praying and meditation play a vital role in your emotional maturity, and being emotionally stable means that you are ready to have a long-lasting relationship with a new person. To completely prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions in marriage or a relationship, you must first anchor yourself in Christ through prayer and meditation.

Emotional stability is a big deal in marriage or any relationship. So instead of rushing into the deep desire to have a love life, we must trust God and let His timing take full control in any relationship we pursue.

3. You Find Peace Within Yourself And Understand The True Meaning Of A Romantic Relationship

When God is preparing you for true love, He wants you to realize the true meaning of singleness, feel good about yourself, and see that being a single woman or man is not something you should be ashamed of.

In the process of seeking a godly relationship, the Lord wants you to be prepared and completely comprehend in your heart the truth of committing yourselves to your significant other, and only then can you be confident about marrying and know that your love is genuine and not a fleeting feeling that is only good at the beginning of a relationship.

4. You Feel Confident With Yourself After Dealing With All Your Excess Baggage From Past Relationships

When the Lord God is preparing you for a relationship, He wishes for you to be healed of your previous traumas. Letting go of all the things that have happened in the past will prepare you for the things that are bound to happen and will enable you to go all out for that specific person you think God has granted you.

If you walk into your dream marriage, you must be done with the past season of your life filled with pain and teach yourself to be excited about the future you have with the new person God granted you.

Aside from looking into a person’s character, we must be aware of ourselves first and be confident that we are no longer slaves to our previous problems.

5. You Value A Healthy Relationship By Saying No To Things That Cripple Your Relationship With God

The most important part of our Christian faith is setting aside every earthly desire and letting the Lord rule over us. When you no longer see things from a secular perspective, it is one of many signs God is preparing you for a relationship.

To be in a nourishing relationship with a special person or even with your friends, it is imperative that we always put God first and listen to His purpose for us. We must let go of all limiting beliefs that prevent us from seeing every sign God has purposely placed in our paths to remind us of His grace.

A healthy relationship with the people around you and setting up boundaries is a great way to live a quality life and prepares you to be a good partner governed by God’s laws and not by the makeshift rules of men.

6. You Envision Yourself Being In A Relationship And Feel Great About Any Possibility

Before deciding to marry someone, God wants you to be the right person, and to do that, God wants you to become mature enough to handle the difficult feelings that come with any relationship.

Another sign that the Holy Spirit is working to improve you is when you can already envision being with others in a romantic way and are no longer daunted by all the possibilities that come along.

When you can already perceive yourself as someone who is marrying someone, God has already given you the go-ahead to pursue life with the person you wish to marry and build a family with.

7. You Begin Understanding Romantic Relationships By Reading Literature

God wants you to see the reality of any relationship. Aside from bible verses, He uses other forms of literature to help you prepare for the right time when you fully commit yourself to your spouse.

If you seek further knowledge or ideas about dating, building a family, or raising kids to have faith in Christ, God most likely wants you to take a step further. God knows your life more than anyone, and suddenly having the urge to read books about relationships is a great indication that God is telling you that you are ready to take responsibility and coexist with a partner.

8. People Around You See Your Positive Attitude Towards Romantic Love

God is preparing you for dating the right person not only through the books but through the people around you as well.

If family members and friends seem to be wondering how you perceive the idea of love and how you talk positively about it, there could only be one reason: God is preparing you for the thing you are waiting for.

When you shift your perception toward love, you let go of the things that make you feel insecure. You embrace certain things that may or may not be in congruence with the things you like because, in actuality, you can never have things your way but in God’s way.

Having faith and hope for love puts you one step closer to the person you are meant to be with and a step away from being selfish and untrue, which puts great tension on the pure love that must be meant to be between two people.

9. You Feel Happy Thinking About Meeting Your Future Husband Or Wife Rather Than Being Afraid To Meet A Complete Stranger

Physical attraction toward someone can be very daunting for many reasons, but when you feel excited about meeting your significant other on top of other things, it is a sign that you are ready for a blessed life to be spent with another important person who is equally waiting for you.

God wishes to lead you in the right direction in this world full of secular ideologies, and He wants you to prepare your soul for the person who truly deserves your love and affection.

Hand Passing A Heart And Signs God Is Preparing You For A Relationship

10. You Begin To See The Good Things That Your Past Relationship Has Brought You

Bitterness isn’t going to impact your relationship positively in the future. Hence, God wants you to wait and have patience until you realize the importance of your previous relationships in how you perceive guys or women.

God expects us not to forget the hard times we had but to bring with us valuable lessons, for it would be very helpful when the same problem arises.

Wanting to marry a person is a lifetime commitment, and if God has worked to change how you see your previous relationships, this might be one of the signs He is preparing you for a relationship.

11. You Begin To Shift Towards Financial Stability Rather Than Seeking Someone To Satisfy Your Needs

Some of us do not have the patience and jump right into a relationship with varying agendas, and some of these agendas include matters of finances. As the Lord wants us to be prosperous in our relationship, He wants us to wait for His following signs and first work on ourselves to be financially independent rather than entrusting our finances to others.

We marry not because of the person’s status in life but because we genuinely want to spend forever with that person.

12. You Start To Appreciate An Individual’s Inner Beauty Rather That The Physical Attributes

You are not the only person who once thought of having a beautiful or handsome partner and felt good about it. However, the actuality of a relationship is not simply because you are physically attracted to somebody.

God wants us to lead our lives to greatness and to live a life without regret. When choosing a partner, He wants us to take a deep breath and look at the inner beauty that each one possesses.

Appreciating an individual’s inward personality makes you capable of judging purely, allowing you to have a life with no regrets.

13. You Are No Longer Bothered With Every Little Insecurity You Have In Your Body

Your insecurities are the enemy of joy. It also causes you to lose hope and think that you are not worthy of having a relationship. However, God tells us otherwise.

Letting go of your insecurities in life will pave the way for you to have discernment and unclouded judgment when choosing a life partner.

14. You Become Extremely Patient And You Are More Than Willing To Take Things Slowly And Seriously

Growing patient and becoming more willing to take on the course of finding the love of your life slowly are good signs God is preparing you. With enough maturity, you may realize that the best route isn’t always the fastest. Similarly, no great things are made in the blink of an eye, and God wants only the best for you as His child.

15. God Communicates With You About Your Future Marriage Or Relationship

This is the last and most important of the signs that God is preparing you for a relationship. When God tells you directly through His word in the Bible, in your dreams, or even in your daily prayer time, you must acknowledge it and seek His divine guidance as you go further on your journey to find the right person.

God knows every desire of our hearts and the feelings we’ve been keeping there all along, and through prayer, He allows us to receive the answer we expect from Him.

5 Ways To Know God’s Will In A Relationship

1. Surrender All Your Personal Desires

God wants us to surrender everything to Him and allow His plan to take control of our lives as a couple in Christ. We must let go of our plans and desires and let His grace be the captain of the ship that we are on.

2. Meditate Together On The Word Of God

To know the will of the Lord for your marriage and relationship, you must not ignore His words from the Bible. You two must come together before the Lord and ask for guidance and strength as a couple.

3. Seek Other Couples’ Advice

The grace of God is received not only as you pray but also through the people around you. God can work in various ways, and advice from other older couples can be very helpful for your budding love for one another.

4. Think Through All Your Decisions As A Couple

As the other half of one another, you must acknowledge that the decisions both of you make will affect each other. Hence, both of you must think thoroughly and consider all things that might affect both of you.

5. Pray Together

Praying together grants the both of you time to have alone time with the Father and listen to everything He says. It’s a great way to listen to all His plans for the love you have for each other and grow in each other’s company.

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Knowing God’s signs doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a fruitful relationship with your significant other. Apart from knowing the sign that you are ready to take on the new chapter in your life, you also need to know the will of the Father in your relationship.

As a Christian, you must be very discerning and carefully judge the words that fill your heart through false prophets[1], for they only seek your demise and do not lead you to prosperity in Christ Jesus.

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