Find Peace And Believe That God Will Repay Those Who Hurt You

We occasionally respond and desire exact retribution when someone wrongs us. That is, to act independently and cause harm to the other person to feel that justice has been served. The foundation of our own revenge is a mentality that seeks to harm an offender for the damage or offense they inflicted, whether that harm or offense was genuine or imagined.

Many Christians that have been injured in some form or another frequently wonder how God would make up for those who have wronged them[1]. It is true that many Christians desire to retaliate when someone wrongs them. But God expects us to respond differently since we follow His teachings. God will repay those who hurt you.

Does God Repay Those Who Hurt You?

God’s justice will not be immediately apparent in this world. Evildoers often thrive, while good-doers frequently suffer. So even though God may be hiding His justice at the moment, it will be clear when Jesus Christ is revealed.

Injuring the other person can also give one a sense of empowerment because an oppressor may make an injured person feel helpless and victimized. Personal vengeance can provide a momentary sense of closure or satisfaction.

Still, it can also lead to a habit of conduct that can be exhausting and never-ending as we feel compelled to exact retribution on all alleged offenders. God’s anger and Word address dealing with wrongdoers who bring us harm and provide instructions on how we are to react.

The central Biblical Truth is that God is just. God never takes revenge on anyone. He always conducts Himself justly. You can be sure that no one will face punishment for a crime they did not commit. No sin shall receive an excessive punishment compared to the offense.

Your immediate and natural inclination will be to desire to hurt someone back if they have hurt you. You have some satisfaction in taking them down since they dragged you low. How do you stop wanting to make things even?

This truth is supposed to assist someone who has been wronged, “If it is possible, live at peace with everyone. Friends, resist the urge to exact retribution and make place for God’s wrath since it is written that He must avenge; and He will repay” (Romans 12:18–20).

The Lord God will make amends, so make way for His vengeance, for He will seek revenge. You don’t need to take it into your own when you know it is in His hands. God will take care of this. You may let Him handle it.

God commands based on this principle, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. You will heap scorching coals on his head if you do this (Romans 12:20).” The most delicate hearts can emerge from the harshest truths. You will constantly seek to make things equal if you do not accept this.

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How Will God Repay Those Who Hurt You?

God is trustworthy and will eventually make eternal destruction for those who injured you. According to Romans 12:14 of the Bible, rather than cursing those who persecute us, we should choose to bless them instead. They require God’s mercy just as much as we do.

Therefore, we are to pray for them and ask Him to bless them. God will provide you the ability to forgive those who have wronged or treated you badly, and in doing so, you will heap burning coals upon their heads (Proverbs 25:22).

It implies that by treating those who have wronged you and your enemies with kindness, you will eventually make them realize their mistakes and regret their actions, preventing them from being at peace with themselves due to their troubled consciences.

We should not exact retribution on those who have wronged us in any way, according to Romans 12:19; instead, God will repay those who have treated us unfairly when it is appropriate.

Never get furious with or take revenge on someone who has harmed you. Instead, leave room for God’s kindness in your prayers for them. So that they can receive the same amount of unpleasantness in the same way that they treat others, God punishes people who have harmed us in numerous ways, including divine judgment, illnesses, disasters, and much more.

But as a Christian, you must emulate our Lord Jesus Christ, who showed no desire for vengeance even though He could have easily destroyed His adversaries with fire with the aid of His mighty angels.

Remember that Jesus Christ commanded us to treat everyone, including our enemies who harm us, with love and kindness in Matthew 5:44, just as our heavenly father treats everyone, even His cruel foes, with goodness.

Examples Of God Repaying Enemies

Because He is holy and just and won’t let your adversaries get away with the unjust injustice and grief they have caused you, God has vowed to repay your foes a hundredfold, which He accomplished for David. David’s life was like riding a roller coaster. After being crowned king of Israel at 30, Saul pursued him until he ran away, spent years in exile, regained his kingdom, and then lost it again.

Even though David had been appointed king of Israel by God, it didn’t take long for him to find himself in danger—first from Saul’s jealousy and then from the threat posed by Saul’s son Ish-Bosheth (2 Samuel 4:5–10). David escaped to several locations, including Moab, where he wed Bathsheba and killed Uriah to be with her (2 Samuel 11:1–27).

Also, we learn from 1 Samuel 31:1–11 that Saul, who long wanted David’s eternal life, was ultimately assassinated and destroyed by the Philistines. He took his own life. We also see that in retaliation for the pain and suffering the Egyptians caused the Israelites, God caused Pharaoh’s army to perish in the Red Sea (Exodus 14:1–31).

According to Jeremiah, God would punish the Babylonians and all the inhabitants in proportion to the pain they caused His people. Numerous nations and powerful kings subjected the Babylonians to slavery the same way they subjected His people (Jeremiah 25:14).

Realize God is a just God who will uphold the law. In your pursuit of justice, avoid eye-for-eye mentalities. Justice is different from seeking revenge. Avoid seeking vengeance and making the same mistakes twice.

Ask help from the Holy Spirit and give people who have wronged you, harmed you, cursed you, used you out of spite, or persecuted your forgiveness and turn them over to God. If they don’t turn to God, He knows what to do with them.

3 Bible Verses About God Repaying Those Who Hurt You

Nobody will be able to evade God’s justice. God is all-knowing. To Him, nothing is concealed. Nobody frightens Him. Nobody has any leverage on Him. With Him, wealth and power are meaningless. So, you can trust in God’s unwavering justice.

John 8:44

You are a child of all the evil, and you have his desires as your own. Because he lacks reality, he has always been a murderer and cannot stand the truth. He talks out of character when he lies since he is a liar and the father of lies.

Matthew 26:52–54

Jesus instructed him to reposition his weapon because everyone who wields a sword will die by it. “Do you believe that I may ask my father for help and that he won’t immediately send me more than twelve legions of angels? But given that it is required, how should the Scriptures be fulfilled?”

Ezekiel 18:20

Sin causes the soul to pass away. Neither the father nor the son shall bear the consequences of their respective parents’ sins. The wickedness of the wicked will fall upon himself, and the righteousness of the righteous will fall upon himself.

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Since you need to be saved from a future tragedy, Jesus Christ entered the world. Jesus performed much good during His life. Remember also that we should not be dominated by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

How do you start liking your foes? Once more, the lesson we are considering today is beneficial. You wouldn’t want that on your worst enemy when you think of everlasting devastation and what it would be like to be forever excluded from the Lord’s presence.

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