How To Grow In Wisdom: A Christian Perspective

Do you ever feel like you’re stumbling through life, unsure of how to make sense of it all? As Christians, we’re called to seek wisdom centered on Jesus, but let’s face it: being human makes it tough to fully understand His teachings, even for the most devout believers.

That’s where the journey toward wisdom comes in. It may not be easy, but the benefits are beyond measure. So, how can we establish our growth in wisdom, and why is it so crucial to our lives?

How To Grow In Wisdom 

In seeking to grow in wisdom, there are a few simple ways to help you on your journey toward wisdom. By following these ways, you can begin to understand the truth above all earthly things and grow in true wisdom.

1. Study God’s Word

If we want to grow and be biblically wise and fully conform to the image and likeness of the Lord God, growing wisdom is extremely important. The word of God is full of wisdom for everyone to cherish, cling to, and ponder upon. Anyone who finds God finds wisdom because God is wisdom.

Seek wisdom by studying the words of God. You will be able to create a deep sense of love in your heart because of the truth of God. A wise person spends time with the Lord, striving to love Him more.

Reading and understanding the Bible can be easy for some Christians. But for those who don’t know, reading the gospels of Mark, Matthew, John, or Luke can bring you one step closer to God.

Remember that when you read the Bible, it’s not about speed. It’s about growing in wisdom and insight through the knowledge of God.

2. Gain Wisdom In Communities

One of the most fascinating aspects of Jesus’ life is how He grew in wisdom and knowledge. According to Luke’s Gospel, Jesus achieved this not in isolation but through active participation in theological communities.

Challenging Communities

Being part of communities that challenge us is integral to one’s growth in wisdom. Devotion to God requires the endurance of every challenge. And wanting God’s blessing brings gifts of peace and wisdom far above anything else.

Jesus reminds us that challenges foster growth in wisdom. Additionally, Jesus’ knowledge grew as He faced the theological communities discussing the Bible.

These ideas emphasize the importance of joining challenging communities. To grow in wisdom, everyone needs challenging people in this world.

Humble Communities

“Fools only enjoy expressing their opinions, but wise men listen and ask[1].” Jesus’ growth happened as He stayed behind and became a part of a community. Everyone needs to be a part of communities that are open to questions and have people who are willing to listen.

Learning Communities

Great discussions matter if you want to grow in Jesus-rooted wisdom. Everyone needs to be a part of a community where there’s an exchange of knowledge between two parties. Whether it is a child with his teacher or a pastor, the Bible emphasizes that there must be an exchange.

Growth in wisdom does not happen overnight. It is the compounded result of joining challenging, humble, and learning communities.

Lady Reading and Growing in Wisdom

3. Gain Wisdom In Trials

Living in this world, people tend to avoid any form of suffering. But it is important to remember that one must undergo trials to grow in wisdom.

Everyone can relate to the idea that there is no gain without any hint of pain. You need to test yourself with challenges before you grow in wisdom.

At some point in our long lives here on earth, we have blamed God a couple of times for the challenges we face every day. But sometimes, Jesus teaches us lessons by letting us go through uphill battles. These uphill battles give us the opportunity to learn so that we won’t make the same mistakes again.

What differentiates the hard stuff we face is the way we perceive it. God animates obstacles to come our way for us to grow from them and not question the existence of God and ours. We need not ask, “When will this problem pass?” because the moment trials stop existing, the opportunity to grow also disappears.

To grow in wisdom, you do not solve the obstacles in life. You should see it as an effective way to build understanding.

4. Gain Wisdom In Obedience

The Scriptures emphasize the loyalty of Jesus to the Holy Creator. Joseph and Mary showed this when they found Jesus inside the temple and asked Him, “Why have you done this to us? You had your father and me worried sick,” and Jesus answered, “Why did you look for me? Didn’t you know I should be in the house of my Father?”

It illustrates how Jesus’ obedience is to His heavenly Father and not to His parents. This act shows that wisdom isn’t an accumulation of ideas and knowledge. It’s an application of learning. Individuals are wise because they apply everything the Scriptures say.

A wise person doesn’t know the truth of the Holy God but applies it no matter the circumstances. Wisdom doesn’t manifest itself in obedience but grows in it.

5. Spend Time In Prayer

As Christians, prayer will encourage us to be more humble before our Lord. It also allows us to spend more time with Him and grow wise through God’s perfect wisdom.

To grow in wisdom, you need to have a deep sense of understanding and trust in the glory of God. Any prayer can achieve this, as we become vulnerable to our Father in heaven.

As we pray, we seek refuge in Him and ask Him to have control over our lives. When you give everything to Him, you receive an irreplaceable form of wisdom from God.

6. Have Reverence For The Lord Jesus Christ 

Growing in wisdom requires your understanding and acknowledgment. The truth is that God is all-knowing and does not sin. With it, we need to have faith and humble ourselves before the Father.

When we appreciate the Lord for what He has done, it means we listen to His words. We must surrender all our ways to Him without feeling afraid. We owe Him everything, from the air we breathe to the food we eat, including our family and friends.

7. Read Christ-Centered Books 

Reading Christ-centered literature can’t give you all the answers to growing in wisdom. But it will assist you in learning about the life of Jesus, His work, and His suffering. It allows you to strengthen your faith in Him.

To grow in wisdom, you must be careful, as Christ-centered books are not all created equal. Learn how to distinguish those that teach knowledge and understanding of God.

There are plenty of Christian books that will help you understand the life of Jesus. These will strengthen your faith, improve your walk with Him, and develop wisdom.

Light Shining on Book and Grow in Wisdom


True wisdom involves more than just gaining knowledge and intelligence; it also entails forging a close and personal bond with God. It involves acknowledging Him as the ultimate source of all knowledge and the various tools He employs to make Himself known to us.

Leading a life of wisdom means obeying the will of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and reflecting God’s love in all that we do. May we all strive to develop this kind of insight in our lives in order to respect God and carry out His plans for us.

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