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The hummingbird is a small tropical bird that exudes beauty and displays marvelous precision when it flies. The wings of hummingbirds flap at around 50 beats per second. However, they appear motionless and unmoving when they fly. What does hummingbird mean in the Bible?

The humming sound of their flapping wings gave them the name “hummingbird.” They also don’t have a sense of smell but possess a remarkable sense of color, which enables them to easily detect and identify their food.

Moreover, these tiny birds can fly backward and travel around 500 miles at a time, but they don’t migrate or fly in flocks. Such a magnificent miracle of form, character, strength, and mobility reflects the glorious nature of God’s creation.

What Does The Hummingbird Symbolize In Christianity?

The Magnificence Of God

The hummingbird[1] symbolizes and reveals the splendor and glory of God and His wondrous works. Its color and precision in the movement are wonders to behold. Being able to move, fly, and look still at the same time is a paradoxical quality that these birds display. The hummingbird’s Christian symbolism relates to the bird’s essential capability to spread happiness to all people.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ has used a lot of imagery, metaphors, and paradoxes to illustrate His defining but plain and revealing message to mankind. For example, Paul says in Philippians 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

The Essence Of The Holy Spirit

The hummingbird has a small, needle-like bill that it uses to go through flowers to gather and extract nectar for its food. Nectar is a very sweet liquid made of sugar and other substances that give power and strength to small birds, such as hummingbirds.

Like a hummingbird, the Holy Spirit enters and indwells the being of every believer. 1 Corinthians 6:19 reads: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” You are not your own.

Joy And Cheerfulness

Whenever we see a hummingbird, we are reminded of the goodness of God and the bliss that He gives in His presence. If we are saved in Christ, we are encouraged to rejoice in our lives and share God’s joy with other people. Philippians 4:4 reads, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

When Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth, the heavens, the angels, and the faithful who were anticipating the arrival of the Messiah rejoiced. God promised the arrival of the Lord to save us from the yoke of sin and the fallen nature of our being.

At the present time, we are to remain jubilant about our salvation. We anticipate with eagerness the second arrival of our Messiah to usher in the kingdom of heaven. Like the playful and colorful hummingbird, let us rejoice and be glad as our final redemption and salvation beckon on the horizon.

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What Is The Hummingbird Meaning In The Bible?

Represents Eternity

The patterns of movement of a hummingbird are magical and exact. The sight of the bird flying and flapping its wings at the same time exudes an image of precision that reflects the magnificence of God. Thus, the hummingbird represents the divine attributes of infinity, continuity, and eternity.

The biblical meaning of the hummingbird also represents faith and hope. We are reminded to stay still, live in the present, and stop dwelling on the past and needlessly dreaming about the future.

Peace And Harmony

Birds in the Bible usually symbolize peace and goodwill for all mankind. The dove is the most remarkable bird in the Scriptures because it expresses God’s peace and love toward people. Like the dove, the hummingbird also represents hope for all of humanity because of its beautiful assorted colors and the calmness it radiates when we see the bird in motion.

The nature and character of hummingbirds ultimately remind us that we are part of the grand design of God. When we see a hummingbird in flight, we remember the strength, courage, and endurance that we must cultivate to move on in our mundane existence.

Represents Resurrection

When we see a hummingbird sleeping at night, we often mistake it for being dead because it looks lifeless and very still. However, when sunlight arrives, it slowly transforms into a strong and determined bird, ready to take flight and reach far-off places.

In the Bible, the resurrection of Christ is a momentous event that marks the guarantee of salvation. The forthcoming resurrection of departed believers is also a precious event that all of humanity anticipates. The time will eventually come when pain, suffering, and death will cease to exist. Instead, we will nourish the joy and glory of eternal life.

What Does The Bible Say About Hummingbirds?

Birds are usually portrayed as messengers of God. They have the ability to move and fly swiftly and change their direction in a quick manner. God loves us, and He always wants us to be holy in His sight.

Hummingbirds represent the quick manner in which God wants to immediately prompt us if we are going astray or in sin. Left on our own, we often fail to detect or admit that our actions are wrong and sinful because of our selfish nature. But God demands holiness in the state of our being in our everyday lives.

Hummingbirds are small but significant players in all of God’s creations. They participate in the wondrous perpetuation of the vital ecosystem through the pollination of flowers. The Biblical meaning of hummingbirds clarifies that they are intricate parts of God’s design to make life flourish on Earth. Most importantly, they bring a message of goodwill and peace.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Hummingbird

  • The hummingbird is a creation that signifies that one should have a spiritual life that is godly and righteous in relation to other people.
  • Hummingbirds are associated with angels that act as messengers to deliver messages to people. These birds act as a medium of communication between us and the angels.
  • In Mayan folklore, the very first wedding that took place on Earth was between the first two hummingbirds. The Mayans also believed hummingbird feathers possessed magical powers.
  • In some cultures, a hummingbird tattoo symbolizes freedom in life.
  • The Pilgrims considered the hummingbirds magical. They look like a cross between a bird and an insect that would only shine in the sunlight.
  • In Native American culture, hummingbirds represent spiritual harmony, healing, industry, and integrity.
  • The Aztecs believed that the souls of the departed would live forever on the bodies of hummingbirds. This bird is sometimes considered a spirit animal in some cultures and serves as a medium for messages.
  • In Central America, the tiny bird is a sign of benevolence that will bring abounding love to the person who sees it.
  • In Eastern cultures and countries, the hummingbird’s symbolism equates to spiritual beauty, grace, and wisdom.
  • In Hinduism, the arrival of hummingbirds symbolizes a time of high energy as it marks springtime. In this season, the birds display their sheer industry and hard work in gathering food for their soon-to-be-hatched baby hummingbirds.

What Is The Meaning Of Seeing A Hummingbird?

Sign Of Good Luck And Direction

It is a sign of good luck when we see a hummingbird. In some cultures, they also serve as a forewarning that would help lead travelers to their destination. In North America, it is said that if you see a hummingbird on your trip out of town, you will have good luck and fortune when you come back on your way home.

Some people summon their hummingbird power animal when they lose sight and focus on their direction. Seeing hummingbird tattoos has various meanings and interpretations regarding the state of people’s lives.

The hummingbird also represents a reminder to always move on, persevering and hurdling all obstacles that confront us and not letting grief or sorrow slow down our advancement. When you see a blue hummingbird, it means you are doing your best to conquer your doubts and fears about achieving success.

Symbol Of Life And Death

Most hummingbirds die within a year, but the rest survive for 3 to 5 years. Thus, they also symbolize both life and death. Their fragile bodies brave the long migrations through North America, Mexico, Canada, and Central America. According to the legends, if a person sees a hummingbird flying near a grave or next to someone’s house before burial, some important news is forthcoming.

Secondly, if a tiny hummingbird flies and appears before you after someone’s death or burial, your sickness or disease will be healed. If you have an encounter with a hummingbird, the soul or spirit of a deceased loved one may be watching over you. A dead hummingbird’s symbolism alludes to a person’s readiness for total commitment to a certain project or partner.

You Are Doing Well

Our encounters with any kind of exquisite hummingbird symbolize good health and well-being. The elegant hummingbird is a powerful spiritual messenger of strength and tenacity. Their presence means that you have a good and positive disposition.

Your pleasant character is an affirmative factor in your social life, as you will have many friends. In Native American culture, hummingbirds are regarded as transporters of joy, love, and good prospects in life.

In particular, seeing a green hummingbird is a sign of personal growth and success. The hummingbird’s presence means you have a special way of handling difficult situations and challenges. It reveals you have tremendous flexibility and strength. They remind us that in the pursuit of our mundane and difficult lives, we can move on with enjoyment.

Live Life To The Fullest

If you see a hummingbird hovering above you or around the house, the angels may be reminding you to live life abundantly. Its presence reminds you of the sheer value of simplicity and satisfaction in life.

We should be glad and grateful even for the modest things that God gives to sustain and nourish us in our everyday existence. A hummingbird tattoo represents an optimistic attitude and a love of life. If you also have a hummingbird as your totem animal, your outlook is joyful and colorful.

The incessant appearances of a hummingbird symbolize many things. But a black hummingbird dream means that you are not harnessing your full potential and skills. Time is precious, and we should not spend unnecessary moments brooding over our earthly failures and shortcomings. The greatest treasure and value lie within our souls, which only need to be tapped for the fulfillment of our aspirations.

Persistence And Determination

Hummingbirds are very strong and resilient birds that can travel from Central America to North America every time at a distance of 2,000 miles. When we see a hummingbird, we are reminded that we should be courageous and persistent in the pursuit of our goals.

Despite the odds and obstacles, we have to follow our dreams and worthy aims. The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo is having the capability to overcome troubles and difficulties in life.

Hummingbirds do not travel in a flock, meaning they can go great distances alone. This biological trait of fortitude tells us that we should rely on our own strength and capacity in the fulfillment of our aims. Although we need the help of other people, we should not fully rely on them for the attainment of our goals. We only have to fully rely on and trust God because He alone ultimately controls our lives.

What Does It Mean When A Hummingbird Flies Around You?

Our visual encounters with a hummingbird symbolize the many ideals and positive sides of life. When they appear before you or fly around you, you are reminded of the great virtues of contentment and gratitude. When you sense a hummingbird spirit animal in your midst, it means you are being guided to make the needed changes in your life.

Like the precious, tiny bird that keeps going, we must remain humble and appreciative of life and of the nature around us. We should be able to find joy in the little things we receive. We should also be grateful to God for all the guidance and protection that we and our families enjoy.

The hummingbird is tireless in the pursuit of its endeavors and goals. An encounter with a hummingbird anywhere or in our dreams means that we are in harmony with the spirits. Having many hummingbird encounters means that there are plenty of challenges and opportunities in your life. It is also a sign that we should learn from the past, release all regrets, and always use our life lessons to effectively move on.

a hummingbird and hummingbird meaning bible


Hummingbirds are wonderful creatures that always reflect and reveal the beauty and preciousness of life. When we see a colorful hummingbird hovering around and landing on a flower to gather nectar, we sense the magnificence of God and the splendor of His creation.

These birds live and continue to flap their wings swiftly and traverse great distances without complaint and with gleeful purpose. The same posture and character must reside in humans, the greatest creation of God.

Hummingbirds display the insight, wisdom, and strength we need, despite the many challenges that confront us in our lives. We should not take for granted the small size and role of hummingbirds. They represent a significant purpose in all of creation.

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