Blue Stone Of The Throne: The Meaning Of Lapis Lazuli In The Bible

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Lapis lazuli, known as “the wisdom stone,” is revered for its reputed healing properties. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs favored this style because of its timeless elegance. Most of the information, wisdom, and spiritual wonder enter your inner serenity through the lapis lazuli stone.

Due to its brilliant blue hue, lapis lazuli is regarded as a semiprecious stone of celestial beauty. Blue lazurite, silvery pyrite, hazy calcite, and a few other minerals make up the mixture. This blue cord is believed to ward off psychic attacks and bring about inner peace, harmony, the disclosure of truth, honesty, compassion, self-awareness, and the freedom to express oneself.

Key Takeaways

  • Lapis lazuli is celebrated for its healing properties, including mental, physical, and spiritual benefits, due to its unique composition and vibrant blue color.
  • The stone holds historical and cultural significance, being mentioned in the Bible and valued by ancient civilizations for its beauty and supposed mystical powers.
  • Wearing or using lapis lazuli promotes inner peace, self-awareness, and communication, aligning the wearer with positive energy and truth.

What Does The Bible Say About Lapis Lazuli?

Historically, people misnamed lapis lazuli, which is now known as sapphire. Being a blue stone, it may be easily mistaken for a sapphire. Stone research was not as in-depth in the past, and although ancient societies cared about the quality of their items, their priorities were primarily aesthetic.

However, the lapis lazuli is also flecked with pyrites that reflect light and look like the dew of gold.  There is no way that the precious stones described by Theophrasto and Plinio were the sapphire we know today since the sapphire is not blue with golden specks. These are the traits that define lapis lazuli. Furthermore, sapphires weren’t known until the time of the Roman Empire.

Why Is The Lapis Lazuli Called The Blue Stone Of The Throne?

The Bible frequently alludes to lapis lazuli as a precious stone. It’s described as part of God’s Throne in the Holy Bible; others think it’s the tablet God used to inscribe the Ten Commandments. One possible explanation for the discrepancy is that some translations mistakenly translated the Hebrew word Sapir as sapphire. Pure lazurite, or lapis lazuli, was referred to as Sapir at the time.

What Are The Historical Appearances Of Lapis Lazuli?

The 10 Commandments in the New International Version, which God delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai[1], include the Ten Rules that everyone should observe. This stone with lapis lazuli seems like an appropriate site to engrave the Ten Commandments, which come straight from God and a high priest. Hebrews in ancient Egypt were already familiar with it and its great value.

Having left the realm of the Pharaohs as a prominent man, Moses may have appreciated lapis lazuli as a symbol of the affluence he had acquired. Some of the most fundamental laws of ancient Judaism and other cultures were not codified in stone.

King Solomon has more power than any other king in history. The monarch was given a lapis lazuli ring by the Archangel Michael, referred to as the ring of Solomon, which granted him the ability to command an army of demons, call forth brilliant minds, and communicate with plants and animals.

Our hero’s stone was engraved in gold, and the ring was made of precious metal. Since ancient times, this foreign stone has played a significant role in many different areas, including religion, art, health, beauty, and much more.

blue stone in a plain surface and lapis lazuli meaning in the bible

What Are The Benefits Of Lapis Lazuli?

The therapeutic powers of lapis lazuli have been known for a long time, making this ancient gemstone highly sought-after. Due to this, there has always been a strong connection between mystics and royal families.

Wearing a piece of jewelry with these precious stones has numerous positive effects because of their calming energy and connection to wisdom. The only way to experience its benefits is to wear it consistently over time, and only if you’re mentally prepared to do so. Its wearer is thought to be protected against harmful energy and its effects.

Medical Benefits

The use of lapis lazuli in medicine is widespread. It improves resistance to infection, reduces blood pressure, cleanses the blood, and calms inflammation. It’s also supposed to help with things like melancholy, sleeplessness, and issues with your throat and thyroid. The respiratory and neurological systems both benefit from this.

These precious stones are helpful for the neurological, throat, larynx, and respiratory systems, and are used to alleviate the agony of migraines. It is effective in treating sore throats and boosting the immune system.  Spleen, cardiac, autism, depression, libido, pain, epilepsy, eye, and virility disorders can all benefit significantly from its use. As a bonus, it’s beneficial for treating RNA and DNA damage and tuberculosis.

Even a glance at lapis lazuli can lower blood pressure. The calm tones of the room alter something within, washing you clean from head to toe. It’s a lovely immune system booster, particularly if you’ve been feeling sluggish, down, or out of whack lately. Lapis lazuli has been known to help with various mental health issues, including melancholy, sleeplessness, and dizziness.

It’s a stone that encourages mental stability, which has a profound knock-on effect on our ability to maintain our footing in the world. Inflammation is reduced, and the respiratory and nervous systems are protected, thanks to lapis lazuli. The thyroid and pharynx are both unblocked by this. This stone helps flush your system and keep you prospering if you have a sore throat, trouble singing, or other organ ailments.

Spiritual Benefits

Lapis lazuli cleanses the wearer of negative energy and realigns with more positive, uplifting vibrations when worn or carried. Its energies aid in developing an understanding of one’s inner existence. Its soothing qualities are helpful in any setting, whether at home or in the workplace.

It frees one from restrictions and issues that one has created for oneself. It paves the way for the true self, positive magic, cleansing, and love by activating various chakras. It protects the wearer from psychic attacks, reduces tension, and instills serenity. It can help you gain insight, objectivity, and creativity. It’s an excellent tool for strengthening relationships and communicating your feelings.

Mental Benefits

Some of the healing characteristics of these precious stones are thought to produce frequencies activating the mind and influencing a life of increased wisdom, success, and serenity of the inner senses due to their connection with heaven’s energies and their use by ancient royal families in the distant past.

The individual gains self-awareness and finds it simpler to speak the truth. Since it harmonizes psychological, physiological, and spiritual states, it is known as the Wisdom Keeper.

Its potency might help you connect with your emotional self and knowledge. This can help people relax and get a new frame of mind to think of creative solutions. Lapis lazuli possesses and can bring openness, tranquility, and self-confidence in exchange for anxiety, depression, and negative ideas brought on by a variety of life situations.

This healing crystal can help you remember how much you are worth by bringing you a deep blue color and regal sparkles of golden pyrite. This is an excellent blue stone for unearthing the hidden wisdom that leads to genuineness and the independence to live one’s truth.

Bringing the therapeutic ability of a blue lapis lazuli into your daily life might be a game-changer if you have difficulty putting yourself out there or if you’ve suffered a blow to your confidence.

Since it is a semi-precious stone that promotes honesty and open communication, you can use it to strengthen bonds with individuals who understand and support the real you. One of the best ways to enhance our spiritual vibrations is to learn to speak our truth.

This precious stone encourages us to be ourselves, lessens pent-up resentment and rage, and makes us more confident in making the best choices, both broad and small. It’s not always easy to go beneath the surface for the truth, but doing so is always necessary. While constraints are to be expected, so is the great potential for development and honor. We can take courage from the lapis lazuli crystal.

blue stone in the soil and lapis lazuli meaning in the bible


The precious onyx and lapis lazuli are absolute treasures bestowed by the gods. There aren’t many diamonds that can boast such a long and distinguished history, let alone one that still wows guests after all this time. The presence of lapis lazuli tends to cause a shift in one’s spiritual house. It’s as though the night sky banishes your worries and replaces them with the warm glow of the stars.

It creates conditions in which unpleasant feelings cannot persist. The blue stone does have an extraordinary ability to make you feel protected without making you feel shut down. Your lines of communication and your heart will always be open. Lapis lazuli may be the remedy you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is a semiprecious stone known for its deep blue color, composed of lazurite, calcite, pyrite, and other minerals, revered for its beauty and believed healing properties.

Why Is Lapis Lazuli Called “The Wisdom Stone”?

Lapis Lazuli is called “the wisdom stone” because it is believed to promote wisdom, enlightenment, and inner peace, making it highly valued in various cultures for its spiritual significance.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Lapis Lazuli?

The healing properties of Lapis Lazuli include promoting mental clarity, emotional healing, and spiritual growth, as well as physical benefits such as reducing inflammation and improving the immune system.

Can Lapis Lazuli Be Worn Every Day?

Yes, Lapis Lazuli can be worn every day as it is thought to protect the wearer from negative energy and promote positive vibrations, enhancing wellbeing and self-expression.

How Does Lapis Lazuli Affect Mental Health?

Lapis Lazuli affects mental health by promoting serenity, reducing stress, and aiding in overcoming depression and insomnia, thereby supporting overall emotional balance.

What Does The Bible Say About Lapis Lazuli?

The Bible mentions Lapis Lazuli as a precious stone of great beauty, possibly used in the High Priest’s breastplate and symbolic of God’s throne, highlighting its significance and value.

Why Is Lapis Lazuli Considered A Stone Of Truth?

Lapis Lazuli is considered a stone of truth because it encourages honesty, self-awareness, and the expression of one’s inner thoughts and feelings, fostering communication and understanding.

How Should Lapis Lazuli Be Cleaned And Cared For?

Lapis Lazuli should be cleaned gently with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap if necessary, avoiding harsh chemicals and high temperatures to preserve its color and finish.

Is Lapis Lazuli Expensive?

The price of Lapis Lazuli can vary widely depending on its quality, size, and origin, but it is generally considered an affordable gemstone compared to other precious stones.

What Makes Lapis Lazuli Unique Compared To Other Blue Stones?

Lapis Lazuli is unique compared to other blue stones due to its rich, celestial blue color speckled with pyrite that resembles stars in the night sky, along with its historical significance and attributed metaphysical properties.

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