Meaning Of Christmas Tree In The Bible And Its Significance

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The Christmas tree represents Jesus Christ’s birth in Christianity. The tree’s branches and bushes are thought to express Christ’s crown of thorns while also serving as a symbol of immortality and eternal life. Additionally, each ornament used to adorn the Christmas tree is thought to have a specific meaning during the winter solstice.

However, people decorate their homes with the decorations of their choice. So, what is the meaning of “the Christmas tree” in the Bible? Others view their own Christmas tree as a universal holiday symbol that holds the same weight as Santa Claus and other decorations. Ultimately, establishing a legacy of Christ-inspired traditions within one’s family boils down to the realization and assurance of seeking out practice with God Himself.

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas Trees?

Christmas trees were popularized by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1840s and 1850s, even though the Christmas tree had its origins in Germany. These early German customs served as the foundation for our present-day Christmas tree during the Christmas season.

However, until a depiction of the royal family celebrating around a decorated Christmas tree in Windsor Castle was published by the Illustrated London News in 1848, the concept of decorating an entire tree remained uncommon among Britons.

Nothing in the Bible either mandates or forbids the use of Christmas evergreen trees. Some people have erroneously assumed that Jeremiah 10:1–16 forbids chopping down and decorating trees in the same way we do at Christmas. But even a quick examination of the text reveals that Jeremiah is outlining the ban against worshiping wooden idols that have been covered in silver and gold in this section.

A similar concept may be found in Isaiah 44, where Isaiah describes the foolishness of idolaters who cut down a tree and use part of it to make an idol that they kneel to while using the other feature to warm themselves in the fire. Therefore, we cannot apply these passages to Christmas trees unless we kneel before them, turn them into idols, and worship them.

Are Christmas Trees Folklore Or Christian Belief?

Early cultures in the ancient world hung evergreen boughs over doorways and windows instead of the pine, spruce, and fir trees that modern people use to adorn their houses during the holiday season.

Whether you have a Christmas tree or not has no spiritual meaning. In a section regarding liberty, Romans 14:5–6a states the guiding principle: “One man considers one day more precious than another; another man considers every day alike. Everyone should be completely persuaded in their minds. Whoever treats one day as exceptional does so in the name of the Lord.”

When Christians look down on one another for celebrating or not celebrating Christmas[1] in a specific way, the Lord is grieved. That’s spiritual haughtiness. We abuse our freedom in Christ, cause strife within His body, and disrespect the Lord when we believe that we have somehow attained a higher plane of spirituality by doing or refraining from doing something about which the Bible is silent.

Is It A Sin To Put Up A Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees are acceptable for Christians as long as they do not elevate them to the level of idols. The Bible never instructs Christians on whether or not to have Christmas trees, but it instructs them to forsake all other gods and worship only God. Christmas is not about what we place on our Christmas trees but about the birth of Jesus and God’s word.

Jesus Christ Is The Center Of Christmas

Christ’s love is not something we merit, but His generosity is sufficient for us. Although we do not deserve to enjoy Christmas, we do so because of grace and faith. We can use Christmas decorations as a chance to connect with our families and friends and love them like Jesus would if we put God first and others before ourselves.

Because all good things come from God, and He is deserving of all that is lovely, we can use Christmas trees to praise Him via beauty.

Deuteronomy 16:21

You must not establish a tree grove close to the altar that you will build for the Lord, your God (Deuteronomy 16:21). Although this scripture does not explicitly reference Christmas trees, it notes trees that are close to the Lord’s altar. Others contend that this scripture has nothing to do with Christmas and that it simply says that trees should not symbolize the birth of Jesus.

Jeremiah 10:1–25

This verse mentions the practices of the Pagans, who cut down trees and fashioned the wood into idols. However, they are not necessarily related to splendid trees, palm trees, or Christmas trees. Some claim this means you shouldn’t put up leafy trees, while others think it simply indicates that having Christ at the center of our worship is what matters most.

The Meaning Of Christmas Tree Toppers

The bells that are strung from the tree branches’ side branches stand for the joy and happiness of today. On the other hand, the candy-cane-shaped shepherd’s crook symbolizes God as the good shepherd. The wreath is a picture of true love.

star on tree and meaning of christmas tree in the bible

8 Bible Verses About Christmas Trees

The Lord warned us not to emulate other people’s practices because they are vain, nor should we be alarmed by the signs of the heavens because other people are frightened by them. A craftsman’s hands use an axe to fall and shape a tree in the wild. To prevent it from moving, they adorn it with silver and gold and fasten it with hammers and nails.

— Jeremiah 10:3–4

To make them days of feasting and joy, days for giving food, presents to one another, and gifts to the needy, as the days on which the Jews received relief from their enemies, and as the month that had been transformed for them from sadness into gladness and from mourning into a holiday.

— Esther 9:22

The brothers promptly sent Paul and Silas inside the Jewish synagogue when they arrived at Berea after traveling there by night. These Jews, however, were more honorable than those in Thessalonica; they eagerly listened to the message and regularly checked the Scriptures to determine whether the claims made were valid.

— Acts 17:10–11

But when the goodness and loving kindness of God, our Savior, manifested, He saved us in accordance with His compassion by the washing of regeneration and rebirth of the Holy Spirit, rather than as a result of our good deeds in righteousness.

— Titus 3:4–5

Honestly, I tell you, I go to the Father, and my Father will reward me; and whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and more excellent works than these he will do because I go to the Father. I will carry out whatever request you make in my name so that the Father’s honor may be displayed in the Son. I shall carry out any request you make in my name. If you truly love me, you’ll obey all of my commands.

— John 14:12–15

Then he placed the Asherah carving he had created in the temple, where the Lord had promised David and his son Solomon that He would establish His eternal presence, together with Jerusalem, which He had selected from among all the tribes of Israel.

— 2 Kings 21:7

For as the Lord your God did with the Red Sea, which he dried up for us until we passed over, so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord’s hand is mighty and that you may fear the Lord your God forever, the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan for you until you crossed over.

— Joshua 4:23–24

Celebrate and rejoice, O daughter of Zion! O daughter of Jerusalem, shout and glorify God. See, your king is approaching you; he is saved; he is also modest and riding a colt that is a donkey’s foal.

— Zechariah 9:9
christmas lights on tree and meaning of christmas tree in the bible


The Bible informs us that the Christmas story is the tale of Jesus’ conception and incarnation. He left heaven and adopted human form in order to create a way for us to spend all of eternity with Him. to enable Him to serve as our Savior.

Christmas is joyful and lovely, and it’s the best season of the year to praise God for sending His Son, Jesus, to save the world. Therefore, remember that you may do anything for the Lord your God’s glory, whether you want to praise Him by treating your family with kindness while you decorate a tree or cling to the simplicity of Christmas. Jesus is always preferable to this world’s possessions.

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  1. This was truly informative. That God will always give a way to reprove the beliefs of others. Thank you lord for understanding that Christmas is not called a simply tradition but acknowledgement of the beauty of his birth of the gift of love that keeps on giving. Symbolizing care and love for all to share.

  2. The Candy Cane was created to teach children:
    1. The Good Shepherd Jesus Christ – turned curvy side up it is a shepherd’s crook, or staff. “The Lord is my Shepherd” (see Psalm 23 – this is why Michael Jordan chose 23 for his jersey)
    2. “J” for Jesus when Curvy side DOWN the Candy Cane is for J in Jesus. Hebrew:”Y’shua”
    3. 3 Red Stripes represent his 3 days burying sin BORNE IN HIS OWN BODY in the tomb followed by a Miracle Resurrection, which shows us Father God ACCEPTS the blood payment. Also “by his stripes we are healed” (see Isaiah 53 written by prophecy 700 years prior) refers to the brutal 39 lashes he received from Jewish Tradition “40 save 1” out of Moses’ Law, and delivered by the STATE and specifically Roman Soldiers who scourged Christ.
    4. WHITE Cane – the White speaks of the complete and untarnished PURITY for our Lord Jesus Christ lived a sinless or spotless life as regards RIGHTEOUSNESS. He is pure.
    The hymn says, “What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me whole within? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Oh, precious is that flow. That makes me white as snow. No other fount I know. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

    Finally, In John 6:28 we have a daring question from the holiday crowd, to Jesus, “What must we do to do the works that God requires?” What a perfect and essential question! And they asked THE RIGHT GUY❗John 6:40 Jesus Christ summarizes his entire answer to them that day, “This is My Father’s desire that anyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him has everlasting life. And I will raise him up at the last day.” We celebrate because He (Jesus) saves us from our mistakes, bad choices and hurtful actions against others, against Creator God and against ourself. We celebrate that Jesus saves us for today but also SEALS US with Almighty ETERNAL Holy Spirit for all time and even BEYOND TIME. Hallelujah🔥 (see epistle I John 5:11-13 for certainty that He has you, and won’t lose you).

  3. Thanks , am so impressed with the explanation about Christmas and long side the significance about putting the tree in houses and Churches. It has help me to better celebrate Christmas with all joy, love and happiness with my family And love once .


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