10 Proven Benefits Of Having Night Time Prayer For Kids

Offering a family prayer to Jesus before bed is a fail-proof way to draw the souls of everyone nearer to the Lord Jesus. Praying builds a stronger faith and a more well-anchored relationship with the Lord. It would also help children to build lifelong habits and help their friends create the same remarkable bond with the Almighty Father in heaven with night-time prayers.

May this nighttime prayer for kids bring parents to the realization that to fill the void in their child’s soul, it is crucial that they start young. By developing the discipline of praying to the Lord every time they go to bed every night, they can wake up to a day filled with blessings.

10 Benefits Of Night Time Prayer For Kids

Aside from being able to talk with God and feel God’s peace, bedtime prayers for children present many advantages that would help the young kids act according to the will of the Heavenly Father and become mirrors of God’s goodness. Here are some of the following benefits of bedtime prayers for children as you incorporate prayers regularly into their daily routine:

Praying Helps Alleviate Stress

Backed by research and scientific studies, prayers have been proven to relieve stress[1] and help both adults and children fall asleep faster. Having a deep conversation with our dear God through evening prayer promotes the reduction of angst, facilitates relaxation, and encourages a good night’s rest. Bedtime prayers for children also serve to prepare them as they face future adversities.

It Instills And Helps Express Gratitude

Bedtime prayers for children are the best way to instill in all your children the God-centered value of expressing gratitude. As the Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 6:6–12, in order to pursue godliness and great gain, we must feel content in all of God’s provisions for us. Saying a bedtime prayer will teach children to be thankful for all the good in every difficult circumstance that they will soon encounter in the later years of their lives.

It Helps In Forgiving Others

When children pray regularly, they are reminded to be humble as they should be and forgive those who have sinned against them. Prayers teach them to hold no grudges against other people, as this is against the will of our dear Father. Ultimately, prayers can act as a vent to release pent-up emotions that are caused by others and let go of negative thoughts.

It Allows You To Be Compassionate To Other People

Through simple bedtime prayers, we call to the Heavenly Father, and in this way, we humble ourselves before the Lord, knowing that He is more powerful than anything in this world. Knowing that we are all equal as we stand before the everlasting God, our kids will be able to be more empathetic toward other people and feel more sensitive to the struggles of others.

It Builds Routine And Helps In Building Discipline

Bedtime prayers are more than just a one-time affair. It is a constant practice that draws our children closer to God and away from any influence of evil. Praying every night and seeking God’s blessings allows children to build a routine around God’s teachings. As they practice praying each day, they will be able to build a habit that will last as they grow older.

It Allows The Child To Gain Self-control

Bedtime prayers are ideal ways to train children to have control and confidence over their emotions and understand that it is rude to act uncontrollably when others’ actions seem to not get along with theirs. Moreover, studies suggest that children who pray before a good night’s sleep are less likely to feel misunderstood and throw tantrums.

It Improves Physical Health

Other than improving the emotional and spiritual health of children, bedtime prayers can have a positive impact on their overall physical fitness. Your child’s bedtime prayer can be considered a form of meditation that can help calm down the nervous system, lower blood pressure, boost overall immunity against diseases, and reduce fatigue caused by external sources of stress.

It Strengthens The Bond Between The Parents And The Child

Saying a bedtime prayer and wishing your child to have sweet dreams can be a great bonding experience for both kids and parents. Because of the hectic schedules of adults throughout the whole day, praying together is an excellent way for both to share stories and receive the unending love of the Father from heaven.

It Creates An Indelible Relationship With The Father

More than the physical and mental training you do with your child, their success in life is defined by how anchored they are to the Lord. In prayer, we do not only ask for the things we need. Instead, it is also a way to build a strong relationship with God and be able to sleep peacefully, knowing that He will always be with us despite everything.

It Straightens The Moral Compass Of A Little Child

To teach a child godly things, they must begin through prayer. Praying before bedtime recalibrates the child’s perspective and straightens their moral values. In God’s peace, through prayers, the child’s core values are established, and this allows them to use these when making difficult decisions in the future.

Child Reading A Book And Night Prayer For Kids

Simple Night-Time Prayers For Kids

These prayers are perfect for children with limited vocabulary who do not understand how prayers work. The following prayers are simple, easy to follow, and perfect before you tuck your child into a snuggly bed:

Dear God,

Please guard us tonight as we prepare to sleep. We thank you, God, for this blessed day that we get to keep. We are thankful for the birds, the sky, the towering trees, the rivers, the buzzy bumble bees, the tall giraffe, the brown bear, the black-spotted cow, the brown dog, the yellow chick, and all the animals in this world. Thank you, God, for providing all the yummy food. All this, we pray.


Dear loving Father God,

Please keep us safe from the time that we close our eyes until we wake up to see the morning light. Let your angels watch over us as we sleep tonight. Thank you, God, for the lives of my parents, and may you bless them with hope and loving care. Help me to have a restful night and wake up in your glory.


Father in Heaven,

Please hear my prayer and bless me and my family tonight as we sleep. Forgive us of our sins and help anchor everything to you, deep. Bless others the way you bless our family; may they face each day happily.


Popular And Timely Night Time Prayers For Kids

In this day and age, children face different challenges from the ones we had when we were their age. Use the following prayers to relate to their circumstances and help them realize the power of their prayers as they seek God every night before they crash on their warm bed:

Dear God,

Please guard us as we close our little eyes and await the pleasant morning light. Lead us the way and be our blessed sight. Hear our wonder prayer, God, and let all your creatures, great and small, wait for us as we face the rising sun. Renew our energy for another great and busy day ahead. Use your supreme power over our parents so that they no longer feel worried and a little wary.


Dear Jesus Christ,

As we sleep for the morning’s light, fill us with pure delight from your kingdom, and let your angels guard us as we wait for a fun-filled day tomorrow. Save us from a little fright and grant us good dreams tonight as we rest in your grace that we follow. All these things we ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Night Time Prayers For Restless Kids

Restlessness and children are two words that always come together. As mature Christians, we must know that God created the little ones to be curious, filled with energy, and enthusiastic. Rather than robbing the joy from them, the following bedtime prayers are perfect to prepare their minds and bodies as you wind down the day:

Dear Lord God,

Please hear my prayer and let your loving care help me lay my sleepy head down. As I sleep, I prepare my life for tomorrow and everything ahead. God, as I feel lonely and my room feels scary, teach me all your wonderful ways and help me not to worry. Bless me, Lord God, as I rest in my cozy bed, and let your angels come together from heaven and prepare me for a happier day tomorrow. All these simple prayers I offer through your Son, Jesus Christ.


Dear Lord,

Please listen to your child tonight and fill my soul with your heavenly blessing. As I lie here tonight, Lord, I pray that this night will be at ease. Strengthen my faith in you, and I pray, Lord, that you keep my family safe too—this is what I am fervently praying for. I ask these things in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Siblings Sleeping Together And Night Prayer For Kids


Calling to God and praying for His mercy before sleep and asking for His four angels’ presence sets the mood before sleep for your child to have a good night’s slumber. Praying makes a child see God as their friend, whom they can run to through prayer.

Aside from the Lord’s Prayer, use this nighttime prayer before bed for children to help them lay peacefully and renew their mind, body, and soul for the new day filled with hope and countless blessings.

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