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The Bible is a treasure trove of ethereal wisdom, full of allegory and cryptic allusions. It also contains a wealth of information on numerological symbolism, often called “biblical numerology.” One of the most intriguing numerical figures in Scripture is the number 11.

Some suggest that the biblical meaning of the number 11 points to a prosperous future. However, this number has another meaning in the Bible. The number 11, as well as the number 22, are also associated with evil and chaos.

Finding the significance of the number 11 in the Bible is a fascinating way to learn more about the Scripture, which contains secrets about eternal life.

What Is The Number 11 Meaning In The Bible?

There are 24 occurrences of the number 11 and 19 occurrences of the word “eleventh.” This number is also considered the opposite of the biblical number 10. The Bible uses the angel number 11 many times for a variety of purposes. It has a profound religious connotation and is laden with spiritual significance.

Applying the spiritual meaning of the number 11 in the Bible to our daily lives, we can draw strength from its inverse, the number 1. The number is a symbol of leadership, authority, ambition, and individuality on an individual level and of community and teamwork on a group level.

Mankind’s first major act of disobedience against God was the construction of the Babel Tower[1], recorded in Genesis 11. He passed judgment on them by mucking up their vocabulary and giving them multiple languages, stirring confusion and mayhem. One of Judah’s final kings, Jehoiakim, reigned for eleven years (609–598 B.C.). His son and successor, King Jehoiachin, has only three months to rule before Jerusalem falls to the Babylonians.

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was successful in conquering Jerusalem and installing the evil king, Zedekiah, as a puppet ruler in Judea. But Zedekiah soon turns on his masters and rebels. Nebuchadnezzar reconquers Jerusalem and destroys the city and temple in 586 B.C., ending his short eleven-year reign. To add to this, the apostle John had eleven visions concerning the Day of Judgment (Revelation 20:12–14).

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Where Does The Number 11 Appear In The Bible?

They deserve praise for trying to construct a skyscraper that they imagined would reach the stars (the Tower of Babel; Genesis 11:1–9), but the people of Judah, speaking only one language, were punished by God. The Lord caused chaos among the laborers by mingling their tongues, and they abandoned the skyscraper plan.

In Genesis 32:22, Jacob’s brother, named Esau, displays his disapproval of Jacob for stealing his birthright. Because of this, Jacob took his 11 sons and wives and left his brother’s presence for home.

Joseph, Jacob’s eleventh son, had the ability or skill to decipher dreams. Joseph had faith that this gift was from God, but his siblings didn’t share his faith and traded him into slavery in Egypt (Genesis 37).

God said in Deuteronomy 1:2 that the Israelites could have reached the Promised Land from Horeb without stopping so frequently. Normally, Moses and the Israelites might have arrived at their destination in eleven days, but they ended up spending forty years wandering around in the wilderness.

And among the last kings of Judah was Jehoiakim, who ruled for eleven years (609–598 B.C.) but “did evil in the eyes of the Lord” (2 Kings 23:36–37).

After that, King Nebuchadnezzar installed Zedekiah as the puppet king of Judea, but Zedekiah quickly rose up in rebellion against his kings and took control of Jerusalem. Zedekiah, like his evil predecessor Jehoiakim, reigned for eleven years (2 Kings 24:18–19).

He then proceeded to take control of Jerusalem and burn it down, and Jehoiakim threw all of the Jews in jail. After Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple as well as Jerusalem in 586 B.C., he lost power.

Daniel 7:8 states that the “little horn” was added to the ten other horns of the fourth beast in Daniel’s dream. The tenth horn, symbolizing the Antichrist, will one day take control and alter the laws governing the Torah and the Days Festival. In Revelation 20, the apostle John receives a vision of 11 events leading to the Final Judgment of humanity.

What Is The Prophetic Meaning Of The Number 11?

The Bible uses the number eleven less frequently than other numbers. True, it appears twenty-four times throughout the entire scripture.

Its negative connotation is likely the reason the Bible never uses the number eleven. It’s a metaphor for chaos, prejudice, and flaws. These symbolize disorder.

The sins of humankind are reflected in this number. Men rebelled against God, and at first, it appeared that there was no hope of going back.

To back up this intriguing claim, there were a few instances where the number 11 was associated with disorder and chaos in the New Testament and the Old Testament.

Does The Number 11 Have A Negative Meaning In The Bible?

It’s intriguing that the number 11 comes right after 10 (which represents law, order, and peace), which means the complete opposite. Throughout the prophecy, the number 11 is associated with evil and disorder.

For instance, Israel and the 11 dukes of Edom were perpetual enemies. In addition, Jacob’s 11 sons were largely responsible for the breakdown of the family unit.

Overall, the number 11 in the holy scriptures is associated with chaos and other negative aspects of biblical prophecy.

What Does The Number 11 Mean In Daily Life?

The numerological meaning of the number 11 differs greatly from its biblical meaning. In numerology, the number 11 is associated with harmony, completeness, foresight, elegance, and conformity. Ancient people also associated the number 11 with decoding dreams.

Seeing the number 11 forces a person to be mindful and aware of their mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Your guardian angels have a message related to vibrational frequencies, and you will learn what it is when you reach number 11.

In addition, angel number 11 and angel number 14 are representatives of harmony, balance, kindness, and fairness. If you take this number’s advice to heart, you’ll start to figure things out from a more neutral perspective on the world.

Your ability to foresee potential problems or disasters will improve over time. The power of number 11 may even help you achieve a position of authority or be a high-ranking official.

The angels use Bible number 11 to tell you to stop making excuses for your behavior and start living a life of integrity and purpose.

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In John’s Gospel, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, makes 11 specific promises. Since John was one of Jesus’ favorite disciples, commonly referred to as “the beloved disciple,” it stands to reason that the information in his book is reliable and accurate. One of these says that if you eat Jesus’ body, you will have eternal life (John 6:54).

Anyone who follows Jesus Christ will never have to worry about being in the dark (John 8:12). Remind yourself what God promised you as you read the rest of the scripture, not just the Gospel of John. If we want to be confident the Holy Spirit is guiding us, we must constantly return to believing the Bible for guidance.

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  1. As I continue to seek the LORD and spend time in His WORD, I am seeing many 11, 22, & 33 signs everywhere. I know the LORD is calling me into a deeper relationship with Him and actively working to transform my life, but I am concerned or curious if the numerology is of light or darkness / angels or demons / good or bad spirits… For the first time in my life, I am asking Jesus to illuminate and confirm the meaning of these “signs”. Based upon your article, do you believe these spirits are from the LORD YHWH?

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  2. And so he appearing homeless but friendly touched me in the street and where he touched there was a rash and in that rash was the number clearly written XI.
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