The Meaning Of The Number 14 In The Bible

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The number 14 is one numeric figure that may symbolize a hidden message we should uncover to rightfully move on in our lives. In our daily and mundane lives, we sometimes come across “angel numbers,” or a set of numbers that can have a significant and specific meaning that involves our existence.

Numbers play an essential role in our lives. In childhood, we learned how to count and view the world from a numerical perspective. In later life, we learn that science, physics, chemistry, and other vital fields of study involve numbers.

What Is The Number 14 Meaning In The Bible? 

So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen; from David until the captivity in Babylon, there are fourteen generations; and from the captivity in Babylon until the time of Christ, there are fourteen generations.

— Matthew 1:17
  • Seven is the symbol of spiritual perfection in the Bible. The Number 14 signifies a measure of double completion.
  • The scriptures reveal the three sets of 14 generations between (and including) Abraham and Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ.
  • The Number 14 is used twenty-two times in the Bible. The ordinal number “14th” is found 24 times in the scriptures, representing salvation and deliverance.
  • Passover is held on the fourteenth day of the first month of the Hebrew calendar,
  • Jesus Christ manifested in the flesh on the 14th day of Nisan[1] (the first month) in 30 A.D.
  • The numerical value in the Hebrew alphabet of David’s name equals the Number 14. David’s name is also the fourteenth name listed in the genealogy of Jesus.
  • The Number 14 in Hebrew means “Yod-Dalet,” a symbol of release and deliverance.
  • There are fourteen generations from Abraham to David.
  • Saint Paul wrote the fourteen epistles, comprising 100 chapters in the Holy Scriptures.
  • Jacob worked for his uncle, Laban, for fourteen years to be able to marry Laban’s daughter, Rachel.
  • In churches, there are fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross.
  • The ordeals and sufferings of Jesus Christ began fourteen days before the Passover. He surpassed the death sentence and ushered in new beginnings for all mankind.
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What Are The Hidden Meanings Of The Number 14? 

In secular or Biblical numerology, we employ an interesting method of uncovering the deep meanings of numbers that we encounter in our lives. The diverse aspects of these numbers or sets of numbers are represented in imagery, metaphors, and symbolism, which convey several levels of interpretation.

Where Does The Number 14 Appear In The Bible? 

Abraham’s name is mentioned for the 14th time.

— Genesis 18:10–11

Jacob worked 14 years for his uncle, Laban, to enable him to court Rachel, Laban’s daughter.

— Genesis 31:41

The Passover marks the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, which is celebrated on the 14th day of the first month.

— Exodus 12:6

The phrase “the Fear of the Lord” is mentioned in this part of the scriptures fourteen times, from chapters 1 to 23.

— Book of Proverbs

In the Bible, the genealogy of Jesus is divided into 14 generations.

— Book of Matthew

Jesus delivered a man from a demon for the 14th time.

— Luke 4:35

What Does The Number 14 Mean Prophetically?

A Symbol Of Salvation And Deliverance  

For the Israelites and the faithful Christians, the number primarily represents the deliverance of the chosen people of God from the bonds of slavery in Egypt. In the Old Testament, the people of Israel suffered intense pain and slavery at the hands of Pharaoh.

But God intervened, and the Lord told the Israelites that they would be freed and told them about the Promised Land in Canaan. The Lord sent plagues to Egypt and parted the Red Sea to show the Israelites His power and the sincerity of His benevolence toward them.

The Passover, which marks the deliverance of Israel, is held on the 14th day of the first month of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar. This festival also celebrates the deliverance of the firstborn child when God was about to release the Israelites from the yoke of Egypt.

Moreover, Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross on the 14th day of Nisan in the year A.D. 30 to herald the redemption of fallen humanity. In the New Testament, God gave His children the assurance of salvation. In the Bible, the number 14 represents completion, spiritual perfection, and biblical significance.

The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ

The genealogy, or “family tree,” of Jesus Christ is divided into 14 generations according to the Book of Matthew. The Bible specifically indicates that there are three groups made up of 14 generations. These three sets comprise the lineage from Abraham to David, from David to Josiah (from the Babylonian captivity), and from Josiah to Jesus Christ.

Does The Number 14 Have Negative Meanings?

  • Number 14 is a karmic debt number. This may indicate that you need to have self-discipline and self-control regarding your commitment to your goals and to other people.
  • People who see number fourteen sometimes find themselves in chaotic situations because of the haphazard and hazardous experiments they carry out on themselves.
  • The number 14 can also mean you have emotional instability and a disorganized way of life.
  • In China, the number 14 is an ill-fated number. Pronounced “one-four,” it signifies death.
  • This number can also reveal issues of overindulgence and codependency. You need to practice modesty in all aspects of your life.
  • The number 14 may mean recklessness in your character and actions. There is a need to be careful in your endeavors. This number alludes to individuals who need to learn the gifts of self-control, balance, and independence.
  • This number can be a bad influence on others. People who see number 14 should examine this negative trait.
  • The number 14 can also mean eccentricity. People who adopt this number often do things other people would not consider.
  • People who see this number may need to be careful about money-related matters to avoid financial problems and difficulties in their lives.
  • Number 14 means that you need to avoid getting involved in pursuing risky business ventures because you might also jeopardize the financial state of others.

What Does The Number 14 Mean In Daily Life?

Generally, 14 is a divine number that can serve as inspiration in many aspects of our lives. Despite all the changes in our job, family, and circle of friends, we possess the capability to surpass life’s trials. We are characterized by our persistence and determination to look for ways to hurdle all the roadblocks that prevent us from achieving happiness and harmony with other people.

With angel number 14, we should remind ourselves that the Holy Spirit may be in our midst to guide us. Its presence can unlock new opportunities and ways to achieve our success. We will also be able to release all the negative thoughts, mindsets, and aspects that can cripple our aim of pursuing a righteous and balanced life.

We should also inculcate positive thoughts and emotions for healthy psychological well-being. Moreover, we need to remind ourselves of the importance of balance, discretion, and justice in our outlook to steer us in the right direction.

Why Are You Seeing The Number 14?

When we see the number 14, a powerful message is being delivered to our attention. God or the angels may be transmitting specific messages that are relevant to our mundane lives. Angel Number 14 is a good sign and a symbol of balance and justice. In this respect, seeing the number 14 means the angels will bring these harmonies into our lives. Angels can also help us accomplish our goals and fulfill our life mission.

The frequent appearance of the number 14 is a remarkable sign that spiritual forces are trying to speak to us. This means that God or our guardian angels may be trying to tell us that we are not alone in our endeavors—the pursuit of a well-balanced life between ourselves, family, and work. But deeper study and prayer are called for when we examine what the number 14 and related numbers mean in the Bible.

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Numbers will always remain an important part of our lives. Our existence will always involve numbers. They are essential in our everyday lives as well as in advanced fields such as astronomy, medicine, and molecular biology.

Numbers may also carry distinct spiritual or symbolic meanings, sometimes relayed by angels, that have relevant implications for our lives. But Satan and evil spirits can deceive and lead us down wrong paths because of mistaken or false beliefs.

In the pursuit of our earthly lives, it is always best to place God at the center of our being and put God’s Word in our hearts. Through sheer and sincere faith and prayers, God will always lead us to the right path.

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  1. Kimberly, thank you so much for your study of the number 14. It inspired me and educated me in this area of knowledge. I have so much more to learn at age 72. It came to me today to find out what the Bible said about the number. It was such a blessing to read that it means RELEASE and DELIVERANCE. I knew that God was talking to me. Thank you for the work you put into this piece 🙏

    • Glorrrrryyyyy to God for this study on the number 14 by Faith I believe after 14 years of being at my job in the same position for 14 God is about to promote me into a higher position with a pay raise from what I have read about the number 14 a double portion is coming my way I a being delivered from my old position to a new one and I say thank you Heavenly Father this help me to really understand what the 14 means in this season of my life

  2. Thank you so much! I died for 14 seconds two days ago and it hit me today (because I saw the white light and was with god) that 14 HAD to mean something. The main thing I felt in those 14 seconds with god is fear of his forceful protectiveness and fierce summoning of my attention to deliverance. I also don’t think seeing the number 13 annoyingly constant for a few weeks proceeding this was a coincidence either.


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