The Biblical Meaning Of The Number 4 And Its Significance

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The number 4 is one of the numerical values that may have significant importance, appearing over 300 times in the Bible. Repeated sightings of the same angel number, such as 4, can be a case of synchronicity, indicating that God is trying to convey some information to you.

The number 4 has hidden meanings, and there is a lot we can gain from delving into them. By employing numerical patterns, Biblical numerology is a way of looking at the universe and making sense of the weird coincidences that crop up in our daily lives.

What Does The Number 4 Mean In The Bible?

The Bible connects the number four to the beginning of time. Specifically, God’s power to create is proportional to this number. The earliest mention of the number four in written history was in the Book of Genesis. God finished putting together what we now know as the “material universe” on the fourth day of creation week. The four basic building blocks of the universe are water, fire, air, and earth.

In addition, the Sabbath Day Commandment is to be kept holy in accordance with God’s instructions, a direct reference to the process of creation found in the Bible’s first book, Genesis.

God worked tirelessly for six days to bring the heavenly bodies into existence, and then, on the seventh day, God rested. Then He instructed man to commemorate His creation process by making the day holy.

Many passages in Revelation have references to the number 4, suggesting that it is a symbol of the perfect creation. In the Bible verses, God classifies people into four categories.

We may classify individuals, communities, linguistic communities, and political entities by a variety of criteria. God refers to Earth’s inhabitants by employing the said creation divisions.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Number 4?

God’s Witnesses

Regular atheists typically use the need for proof to back up their stance that God does not exist. The fact that we cannot see God physically does not negate the fact that he has supplied us with witnesses to attest to his presence. However, Christians are given a special ability by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Spirit’s will.

There are four witnesses in all. These are the works of the Holy Spirit, which include miracles, signs, and marvels. The Book of Hebrews makes reference to these eyewitnesses. Signs, marvels, and miraculous occurrences can take many forms. While he was still on earth, Jesus could issue commands to these eyewitnesses.

Living Creatures

According to Ezekiel and Revelation, there is a mysterious race of beings known as living creatures. These living creatures transported a throne that had four wheels as well as four sides in the Book of Ezekiel.

All four living beings have four faces. There is a lion-like face, a human-like face, an eagle-like face, and an angel-like face, among others. Every one of these creatures flies on four wings. Ezekiel calls them cherubims, and they are the ones tasked with transporting God’s throne. Because each of their four faces is aligned with one of the four cardinal directions on Earth, these living things don’t need to turn around.

red holy bible and compass and number 4 meaning in the bible

What Does The Number 4 Represent In The Bible?

Four Seasons

God created Earth with four seasons. By the end of the fourth day of creation, everything that could be seen and touched had been made. After this, the solar system, galaxy, and cosmos were complete (Genesis 1:14–19). To me, the significance of the number 4 stems from the fact that it occurred on the fourth day of creation week when the physical universe was created and set in motion.

Christians consider Sabbath Day holy because it is the day on which God’s creations, whom He made for His glory, are required to rest from their own labors of creation. This is the Fourth Commandment God gave Moses.

In the Hebrew language, the term used in Genesis for “fourth” (rbiy’iy) means “the fourth,” “four square,” or “fourth portion,” which is important given that the fourth commandment refers to the physical world where God’s creations take a day of rest as He did.

Four Major Cardinal Points Of The Earth

There are standard cardinal points on Earth. God has ordained that there be a north, a south, an east, and a west. The Hebrew term for fourth, “four square,” conjures mental images of the planet’s four corners. Up, down, left, and right are the four cardinal points of the compass that may be used to navigate the physical universe. A tesseract is the name given to the hypothetical fourth spatial dimension, sometimes known as the “fourth dimension.”

Other Representations

There are many examples in the Bible where the number 400 is used to represent a large group: the years of slavery in Egypt (Genesis 15:13); Esau’s entourage (Genesis 33:1); David’s men (1 Samuel 22:2; 25:13; 30:10, 17); the “four hundred and fifty” prophets of Baal and the “four hundred” prophets of Asherah (1 Kings 18:19, 22); and Israel’s prophets (1 Kings 22:6).

Four thousand represents several important scenarios in the Bible. Aside from women and children, Christ fed “four thousand men” (Matthew 14:14); Solomon’s temple had musicians and porters (1 Chronicles 23:5); Solomon’s stables had stalls for horses (2 Chronicles 9:25); assassins rose up in rebellion against an Egyptian (Acts 21:38).

There were “four hundred thousand footmen that drew swords” among the Israelites who assembled at Mizpah (Judges 20:2, 17), 400,000 in Abijah’s army (2 Chronicles 13:3), and twice that number in Jeroboam’s army (Kings 12:32).

What Is The Biblical Significance Of The Number 4?

At least four times in the Bible, rainbows play a significant role. Additionally, Ezekiel gets a vision of four living creatures that carry a throne on four wheels. They have four faces (a human face, a lion’s face, an ox’s face, and an eagle’s face) and four wings (indicating that these are Cherubim, a type of angel) (1:6).

Ezekiel is instructed later in his namesake book to warn the Israelites that “the four corners of the land” are about to be destroyed (Ezekiel 7:2). In the 14th chapter, the Eternal warns the prophet that four sore judgments will fall upon Jerusalem unless Israel’s unrepentant elders repent. The four horsemen of doom are the following: sword, starvation, wild beasts, and disease (14:21).

Jesus’ life and teachings are chronicled in four separate gospels. Various parts of his ministry and sacrifice are highlighted here. Christ’s royal lineage and status as David’s son are Matthew’s focus in his gospel. In his ministry, Mark highlights the aspect of suffering servants, including the fact that Jesus himself endured pain for the sake of others. John proclaims Jesus is the begotten Son of God. Luke even presents him as the ideal male role model.

The Hebrews, along with a number of other cultures, held the cardinal number four as a sacred and complete number. It’s used a lot in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

It is also significant that God’s revelation ends with the number 4. That means God doesn’t accept a half-hearted effort. After he has helped you for a while, he will not suddenly disappear.

It’s a mark of completion. There are four rivers in paradise (Genesis 2:10; Ezekiel 37:9; Daniel 7:2; 8:8; 11:4; Zechariah 6:5, the Revised Version, margin “spirits”; 2 Esdras 13:5); “the four winds” (Matthew 24:31; Mark 13:27); “the four corners of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12; Revelation 7:1; 20:8, the King James Version “quarters”; Job 1:19).

In addition, “four cities” are mentioned several times in Joshua in the distribution of inheritances (19:7, 21:18, etc.); Nehemiah’s enemies sent him “four times” (Nehemiah 6:4); “four kinds” (the Revised Version, margin “families” of destroyers were threatened,” Jeremiah 15:3); Yahweh’s “four sore judgments” (Ezekiel 14:21); and Job saw “four generations” (Job 42:16).

This insight is shown in Joseph’s life as Jesus’s earthly father. At least four angels made appearances to Joseph in the Bible, each time with instructions for protecting the baby Jesus.

What Does The Number 4 Symbolize In The Bible?

Any time you see the number 4, know that your guardian angels are doing their best to help you. Be wary of these four biblical symbolisms in the Christian religion:


In the Bible, the number four represents finality. The Bible says that the new Jerusalem will have four walls because it will be a microcosm of the future Earth. The Bible talks in the Book of Revelations about the four corners of the globe and that four rivers originate in the Garden of Israel.

Aside from that, when God offered directions for building an altar, He specified that the priests build one with four sides and four pillars. Still today, altars are built with four sides and four pillars to symbolize the fullness of God.

Ministry Of Jesus

The four gospels that recount the life and career of Jesus Christ have a lot to do with the significance of the number four in the New Testament. The gospel of Jesus Christ is found in the books of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John.

While Luke describes Jesus’ perfection, Mark describes him as a servant who bore the burden of humanity’s sins on the cross. John says that Jesus is the only Son of God. However, Matthew said that Jesus was David’s descendant in his own discourse.

Name Of God

People commonly refer to Jehovah as another name for God. However, the correct spelling is somewhat different. The Hebrew word for God’s name is spelled JHVH, which has no vowels in English. The consonant sounds in JHVH are represented by only four letters in the word.

Given that four is the number of fullness and perfection, it stands to reason that God’s name has just four letters. It is a common theme in the Bible that God is portrayed as a perfect God, void of sin.

The Cross

The crucifixion of Christ is another example of the significance of the number four in the Bible. Jesus, as everyone knows, was put on trial and ultimately sentenced to die via crucifixion. To bring salvation to humanity, Jesus willingly took on the punishment of death on the cross.

There are four corners on the cross. The right side, left side, top, and bottom are all distinguishable. Therefore, 4 represents the cost of redemption.

What Is The Prophetic Meaning Of The Number 4?

In a prophetic sense, just four Persian rulers were identified, despite having many more. According to Revelation 7:1, four angels are stationed at the four corners of the Earth. The Bible mentions four wild animals; we know of three of them—bear, leopard, and lion—but the fourth is a mystery.

Numbers, often called “Wilderness,” was the Bible’s fourth book. In addition, Revelation 4:6 states that there were four beings sitting on the throne. The first one was a lion, and the second one was an eagle.

The third thing looked like a man, and the fourth resembled a man-like eagle. Four horsemen[1] were linked to the end of the world, according to Revelation. First, there was the man on the white horse, then the man on the red horse, then the man on the black horse, and finally the man on the pale horse.

woman with red nails and bible and number 4 meaning in the bible


Seeing the sacred number 4 pop up often may be a cosmic message of great significance. If you keep seeing this number, it may be a sign that you’re ready to take the next step on your spiritual path and let your guardian angels help you along the way.

As long as you keep coming across the number 4, you may be assured that your angels will bless you with a life of steadiness. You can trust them to keep you secure and facilitate the decision-making process. If you allow the number 4 to be a part of your life, you’ll be more open to receiving advice from the angels who watch over you.

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  1. I had gotten 444 3 times in less then 2 weeks. I am looking for the meaning if this since I believe God is getting my attention.

    • Google the strongest concordance 444 and read the Greek and the Hebrew meaning separately and ask the Holy Spirit is either one for you. If this number is from God he wants you to know. And he will reveal to you what it is cause he wants you to know. Always pray about everything. And if your not filled with the Holy Spirit and you never excepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior . Ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins and confess that Jesus is Lord. Believe that He died for your sin and God the Father raised Him from the dead on the third day for your justification. Ask him into your your heart. To fill you with His Spirit and to help you to live for Him. Say , In Jesus Name Amen.

  2. To be clear on the name of “God “ His name is YHVH.. Yod Hey Vav Hey it means Behold the nail Behold the outstretched arm/hand. There is no J in Hebrew Aleph Bet . So using the English letter Alpha bet J distorts His real name and what it means… Yod .. a symbolic picture of a hand or outstretched arm. 🙌🏽💝


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