15 Prayers For A Broken Heart To Mend Their Wounds

Mending your own broken heart is not as easy as mending a physical wound we had as kids. It is ultimately not an overnight affair that will magically disappear as you wait it out. It requires a willful action to fix yourself and seek the truth through God’s word.

Let these prayers for a broken heart miraculously heal you and allow them to be your ultimate source of strength to continue fighting in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Prayer Asking For Healing

Dear Father,

I worship your holy name and I acknowledge that you are the source of everything here on this earth. Today, I ask you for the healing that I desperately need after the trauma I have had from my past relationships. Hear my prayers as I humbly ask for your healing hands to renew me and redirect my life to something worthwhile as I live the life that you have given me. In time, help me become a blessing to others and allow me to spread your words across your land. I pray for all of this through Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.

Prayer For Someone Who Needs Healing

Heavenly Father,

My heart prays on behalf of mourning individuals that need your guidance and mercy. As your Spirit binds up their wounds, fill their soul with loving kindness so that they may find the healing that they need after living lives full of hurt and struggles.

Lord, I pray that they may no longer experience their hard past and help them to move forward and become bearers of your good name. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray these prayers for broken hearts. Amen.

Prayer For People Who Caused Your Heart To Be Broken

God our Father,

Despite what they have done, I pray for the person that caused all the pain I am currently feeling. I ask you that you may help them find their way to the right path. Allow them to realize their own mistake and change for the better.

I pray for their peace so that in their next relationship, they will be more learned and be fully aware of your ways and teaching. Hear these prayers for broken hearts, Lord God. Amen.

Prayer After A Toxic Relationship

Father God,

I thank you for giving me the courage to let go of the damaging relationship that I had with my partner. Allow me to build myself again and become your servant till eternity. Allow me to live a new life filled with hope and trust in you. I also pray for my previous partner, that he may become a better person than he was before.

Do forgive him of all his sins against you and give him the chance that he deserves as one of your children. Hear my prayers for broken hearts, Lord. Amen.

Prayer For The Forgiveness Of Others

Dear God,

Do know that my heart is broken. As you allow me to rest in your arms and heal the pain of the struggle that my heart had, help me to forgive others that caused my heart to be broken.

Allow your peace and joy to direct me and clothe me with your grace as the past consumes my mind and seeks to bring the feeling of sadness back into my heart. Restore me, Lord, as I face tomorrow. All these prayers for broken hearts I am continuously praying, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer For My Broken Heart To Have Purpose

Dear Jesus,

As I wake up this morning, broken-hearted, allow me to still be thankful for all your provisions despite the truth that I still face uncertain times. Forgive my spirit, Lord, and fill my heart with your peace and joy and reanimate my life, so that I may find the purpose you have directed me to do. Take away the pain implanted by the hard years of my life and heal my faith so that I may see your plans for me. I pray this prayer for broken hearts in your mighty name. Amen.

Request For A Heart To Be Strong

Lord Jesus, the one who delivered us from the dead, allow us to draw strength from you as you healed us. Make us strong despite all temptations, Lord God, and help us become one of the bearers of your mighty name. Help us stand back on our feet and be the only reason why we continue to live this life here on earth. I pray all these prayers for broken hearts. Amen.

Couple With Problem and Prayers for a Broken Heart

Prayer For Joy Even With Broken Heart

Lord God our Father,

Regardless of the fact that my heart is broken, grant me the joy that I need to get me going. I fervently hope, Father God, that as I see the person that broke my heart, I will no longer feel damaged. More than being healed, I ask you, Father, that you renew me and help me become the person you want me to be. These prayers for broken hearts I pray, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For The Protection Of Broken Hearts

Dear Father God, our blessed majestic King, I worship you as I face a hard time with all of my endeavors. Hear your crying child, Father, and grant my heart protection against hurt and all works of evil. Let your peace surround me, Lord God, and allow your words from the bible to be my great anchor as I journey to your kingdom where hope and peace are abundant. In the name of our Lord Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For The Rest Of Broken Hearts

Dear Christ Jesus,

I humbly acknowledge that my heart is broken. With all the pain that I had, I ask with faith, that you give me peace and rest, Lord. Fill my soul with comfort as my tears fall long. Hurt me not, and do not allow death to take its toll against me. I offer to your holy name, these prayers for broken hearts. Amen.

Prayers To Mend A Relationship

Dear God,

As we decide to get back together with our significant other, may God mend our souls[1] and help us let go of the pain that has passed. As we say these prayers for a broken heart, bring us back together, Lord God, and help us forgive one another. Help us to become good parents to our only child. Let this moment be living proof of your blessed kingdom. In Jesus’ holy name I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Hearts To Have Courage

Lord our Heavenly Father,

I acknowledge that only you can heal my broken heart, Lord. I ask, however, that you grant me the courage that I may endure the pain of this world before I receive the peace and joy you have promised me in your kingdom. Allow my wounds to fade in time and help me not to be afraid of the things that lie ahead, for you are with me every step of the way.

I pray that all the things that happened before the wrong decisions, all the hurts, struggles, darkness, and suffering will end today as I fully accept you as my one true God and Savior. In Jesus’ name, I pray these prayers for broken-hearted people. Amen.

Prayer For Relationship Not To Worsen

Dear Lord,

As your Holy Spirit intercedes in our relationship, allow our problems not to worsen. Help us to find peace in you today, Lord. Direct us away from any trouble and allow our emotional wounds to heal as we continue to traverse the path as partners in life.

Restore us from our painful past and break the chains of grief and fear that we had before we conceded to your grace and mighty power. All these prayers for broken hearts we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer For Broken Hearts Not To Go Weary

Dear Lord,

I praise you and your Holy Spirit and I acknowledge your living word. I humbly come before you, dear Heavenly Father, asking that you would guide my own heart to your holy presence and not grow weary after what it has been through. Allow me to walk closely with you as I live my life here in this world.

Be with me always, especially when I can no longer bear all the pain and burden. Remind me of the tears shed and the wounds of the past to direct me not to be lost again. In you, Lord, I will never be abandoned. All these prayers for a broken heart I offer in Jesus’ name. Amen

LOVE Blocks and Prayers for a Broken Heart


Going through tough times, such as having your heart broken, enables you to seek Christ and his words. As you pray these prayers for a broken heart, allow yourself to be able to have the healing that you need. Finally, help yourself to be able to anchor all your thoughts and actions to Him, who is the source of all things.

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