15 Prayers For A Friend Who Needs Assistance Today

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In building friendly relationships, you must express your love towards the person, as it would strengthen the bond between two individuals, and using these prayers for a friend is one of the many ways that you could express how you feel.

With that said, use these prayers to help you build trust in one another and allow God to intervene in the friendship that is far more valuable than any gem.

Key Takeaways

  • These prayers emphasize showing love and support for friends in various situations, reinforcing the importance of gratitude and caring actions.
  • They call upon God for guidance, healing, strength, and protection, acknowledging spirituality’s role in providing comfort during tough times.
  • The prayers promote building strong friendships by supporting each other, making wise choices, and seeking encouragement from spiritual teachings for mutual growth and well-being.

Prayer For A Friend Who Got Sick

Dear Heavenly Father,

Let your spiritual wisdom come over and help my sick friend as my friend tries to endure sickness.

With your healing hand, grant my friend the chance to be free once more from the bonds that caused the illness.

With your eternal love and almighty power, help my friend soar high on an eagle’s wings and experience your gracious peace amid the surrounding darkness.

With no doubt about your mighty provisions, I pray this prayer for a friend.

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Prayer For A Good Friend To Have Discernment In Making Life Decisions

Lord God,

Listen to my devotional prayer, and grant my friend the ability to discern as my friend makes life decisions carefully.

Grant my friend the divine understanding to know the difference between right and wrong.

God, I pray that you lead my friend into your kingdom, where my friend will receive your greatness forever.

Help my friend not get lost easily in the deafening temptations of this earth.

This is my prayer for a friend, Lord.


Daily Prayer For A Friend To Have Good Fortune

Dear Lord,

With your Holy Spirit, bless my friend’s life and help keep my friend’s footsteps firm.

Teach my friend to walk fully in your goodness and blessings.

With your presence from heaven, protect my friend from opening the wrong doors that only seek to destroy what you have built in my friend’s heart.

On top of the fortune, fulfill your promises and accept my friend’s gratitude for the provisions my friend received.

This is my prayer for a friend today, Lord, and I offer this prayer through your Son, Jesus’ name.


Prayer For A Dear Friend To Build Other Lifelong Companions


You are our friend who sticks closer to each of us than anyone else in this world.

Whisper to my friend and direct my friend to build other friendships to become more mature.

Help my friend to choose wisely and not be biased.

I offer this prayer for a friend in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, your Son.


Prayer For A Special Friend To Walk Worthily In God’s Ways

Father God,

With your mighty power, remind my friend from the very beginning of their life-long journey to be faithful to you.

Grant my friend’s spirit contentment and allow my friend to be reminded of your greater love and peace that surpasses everything on this earth as it is in heaven.

A watercolor painting showcasing friends strolling along a quaint cobblestone street.

Prayer For Friends To Have Fruitful Romantic Relationships


With this prayer for friends, I ask you to endow my friends with a genuine understanding of what romantic love is.

Direct them not to indulge in sins that might jeopardize their purity.

Allow my friends to learn from their mistakes, and I pray that you allow my friends to find the individuals with whom they will build a family together.

Hear my prayer, Lord, and work on my friends’ lives as they actively seek their partners.


Prayer For Friends To Seek Encouragement In What The Bible Tells

Lord Jesus Christ,

Let your amazing power encourage my lovely friends and grant them guidance during struggles and obscure moments.

Send your angels to help my friends not be afraid as they walk on an unfamiliar path.

Remind them that they have a real friend in me.

Teach them to always pray and seek your word and blessing in the right places.

Fill their spirit with your wisdom, and let your love shine over my struggling friends.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer For A Dear Friend To Have Good Health

Almighty Lord,

Be the strong tower for my friend, and grant my friend the best health.

Sustain my friend, Lord, and allow my friend to be living evidence of your holiness.

Shield my friend from evil’s harm, and let my friend reflect your image on earth.

Free my friend from past vices and enable my friend to become the individual you want to see on this earth.

This is my prayer for a friend, Lord.


Prayer For A Wonderful Friend To Have Courage During The Difficult Times

Almighty God,

You know precisely what my friend needs at this moment in life.

Hear me through this prayer for a friend, Lord, God, and bless my friend with courage and hope during dire moments in life.

Let your love and mercy support my friend’s walk endlessly in a tunnel of temptations.

Use your instruments—my friend’s loved ones and other family members—to help my friend get on with life.

Strengthen the faith of my friend in you, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer For Friends To Overcome Eternal Death Brought By The Works Of Evil

God Almighty,

Let my friends be filled with hope, and let them be spared from the eternal pain that the devil inflicts.

Dress my friends in your holiness, and prevent the pleasures presented by Satan from corrupting their minds.

Draw my friends nearer to your light and cast out the darkness with your eternal power.

In the name of Jesus, I offer my prayer for a friend.


Prayer For Friends To Receive The Healing Touch Of The Heavenly Father

Lord Jesus,

Hear my prayer for a friend, and let your peace and love grant healing to the lives of my friends.

I pray, Lord, that you heal my friends from past hurts.

Teach them the act out of love and remind them to become a blessing to other lives.

Free them from feelings of bitterness and revenge.

In the name of Christ Jesus, I pray.


Prayer For Friends To Seek Refuge In God

Loving God,

Allow my friends to seek refuge in you, as difficulties seem insurmountable.

Grant them strength and walk with my friends as they glorify your name with the things that they do every day.

Be the ultimate reason for my buddies to keep moving forward and let go of the past hurts.

An oil painting that captures a group of friends gathered around a bonfire on a starry night

Prayer For Friends To Renounce Faith In God’s Peace And Wisdom

Lord God,

As you have used our friendship, accept my friends with their renounced faith in you.

With your peace and mercy, you have changed the lives of every person on this earth, including ours.

With much joy, we accept the reality of our lives, and we will never be in control.

We let go of our inhibitions, God, and we offer everything to you.

This is my prayer for friends, and I offer it through your Son.


Prayer For Friends To Experience God’s Goodness Today

Generous Father,

May my friends feel your genuine acts of kindness.

Help them see you in the little things that make a significant impact on their lives.

Speak to them in the most wondrous ways and draw them to serve you as we receive the undeserved grace that you have given us as you sacrificed your Son to die on the Cross at Mt. Calvary[1].

Hear my prayer for friends, Lord.


Prayer For The Strength Of A Friend Amid Suffering And Sorrow

Lord God,

Hear my prayer for a friend and grant my buddy godly strength to be able to face all the difficulties that are currently occurring.

With your love, I pray that you grant my friend’s body joy and hope.

Endow my friend with the strength to withstand any temptations that feast on the human tendency to be easily persuaded.

Strengthen my friend to fight, and allow my friend to wake up in the morning filled with hope and new beginnings.

This prayer I offer in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

A digital illustration showcasing friends enjoying a rooftop sunset, brought to life with soft pastel colors to create a calm and soothing palette


Express how grateful you are to have your best friend with these prayers, and allow them to feel your love through genuine acts. More than words, let your actions speak of how thankful you are to have a friend who will always be there whenever you need a helping hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we pray for our friends?

Praying for friends strengthens bonds, extending care beyond actions and into spiritual realms for blessings and protection. It cultivates gratitude, emphasizing the significance of relationships and fostering unity and compassion within communities.

Can we say stay blessed to friends?

Saying “stay blessed” to friends is a friendly gesture, expressing goodwill and positive wishes for their well-being, regardless of religious beliefs. It fosters warmth and camaraderie, strengthening friendships with its heartfelt sentiment.

How do you pray for friends and family?

Praying for friends and family involves expressing gratitude, seeking blessings and protection, and offering support during challenges. It’s a heartfelt practice, whether through traditional prayers or silent reflections, that deepens bonds and shows care for their well-being.

What Are good prayers for a friend?

Good prayers for a friend express genuine care and support, tailored to their needs. They include blessings for health, strength, and comfort, reflecting our deep connection and concern for their well-being.

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