15 Prayers For Addiction Rehabilitation And Strength To Recover

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Overcoming addiction to substances like alcohol and drugs requires professional medical help. However, recovery also involves a personal commitment to spiritual growth and trust in a higher power.

Prayers for addiction can aid in this process, providing healing and strengthening your spiritual bond with God. As you journey towards recovery, find inspiration to overcome your addictions and surrender your fears to Him.

Key Takeaways

  • Recovery from substance addiction involves a blend of professional medical intervention and personal spiritual development, emphasizing the importance of faith and trust in God alongside medical treatment.
  • Prayers are a critical component in the healing journey, serving to deepen the spiritual connection with God. They offer strength and inspiration for overcoming addiction and can be tailored to address various scenarios, like addiction among family members or oneself.
  • The path to overcoming addiction is a challenging one that requires ongoing effort and patience. It suggests that through steadfast faith and prayer, gradual but meaningful changes in behavior and mindset can be achieved, guiding the individual toward sustained recovery.
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Prayer For Addiction Of Son

Dear God,

Let your healing hand rest over the heart of my son.

Let your power move him, and allow him to recognize that drug abuse is never your will.

Let your presence and compassion heal and give freedom to my son’s soul, and lead him to his recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Please help him to have the wisdom to know the difference between good and bad friends, and grant him the strength and courage to change for the better.

Be with my son as he remains steadfast amidst the darkness and suffering surrounding him.

Hear this prayer for addiction for my son as I offer it through Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Addiction To Alcohol

Dear blessed Lord,

I ask you to become my only motivation to keep myself clean from any substance that has caused me harm through the years.

Please allow this prayer to be the key to my long-awaited change.

In time, I hope you will sow love in me through the living miracles of Jesus, your Son.

Hear this prayer for addiction and guide me through the entire duration of my recovery.


Prayer For Addiction To Illegal Drugs


I come to your presence with this prayer, asking you to assist me as I battle to be free from my addiction to drugs.

Help me become fully aware of the consequences and keep me away from the death of my spiritual relationship with you if I continue doing what I do.

Be there for me as I say this prayer for addiction, Lord.


Serenity Prayer For Alcohol And Drug Addiction Of Close Family Member


Hear this prayer for one of my kin to help them realize that their addiction will cause them nothing but harm.

Instill in them your truth, and discipline them if need be.

Know that I love my family as much as I love myself, and I would do everything to help them overcome what they are going through right now.

I ask on their behalf that you absolve them of the sins they have committed, and please allow your mighty power to redirect their lives so they can do things by your will.

In this prayer for addiction, I pray through your Son, Jesus.

a figure in a quiet dimly lit room hands tightly clasped in prayer

Drug Addiction Recovery Prayer

Lord God,

Blessed is the man who died on the cross for the sins of everyone.

As I choose to turn away from drugs and alcohol, hear my prayer for addiction, Lord.

Please keep my spirit clean for my own sake and that of my family.

Allow me to show love through the works of your Holy Spirit.

I pray that your life enriches others who are also stuck in the endless cycle of addiction.

I offer you my prayer for addiction, Lord.


Prayer Request For Patience For Every Addict In Rehabilitation Centers

Dear God,

As I work my shift, allow me to have the patience I need and help me understand their situation.

Use me as your instrument to get them to change for the better.

Give them hope and work through your miracle to help them become a better version of themselves.

Hear every prayer that I speak, Lord, and answer my prayer for addiction for the people who need it badly.


Prayer For The Addiction Of Daughter

Dear Lord God,

Before my life fades, allow me to see my daughter change and find recovery in your perfect image.

Awaken her conscience, and she may no longer suffer from the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on her health.

Let your loving presence illuminate her path; may it bear witness to her earthly understanding that your higher power will be done.

Hear my prayer for addiction, Lord Jesus.


Prayer For Divine Energy Against Withdrawal Symptoms

Dear Lord God,

Allow my suffering to fade away with the quiet assurance that your healing power brings.

Smooth my sharp edges and take hold of all the things that I cannot change or that are out of my control.

Remind me to be patient and understand the circumstances under which withdrawal symptoms[1] will emerge.

Let your persevering love give hope to my life as I pray this prayer for addiction through Christ.

a woman kneeling in prayer with a mix of hope and desperation for her husband's recovery from addiction

Prayer For Addiction Recovery Of My Spouse

Dear Lord God,

Hear me as I say this prayer for the addiction of my spouse.

Hear my desperate plea for his health and healing.

Allow him not to go to prison, as anyone deserves a second chance.

Please change his life through this prayer and help him avoid future problems related to his addiction.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer For Life-Giving Powers From God


Hear me as I cry for help and request that your life-giving powers flow through my veins.

Help me fix myself so I can be of better service to the people around me.

Enable me to live a Christ-centered life, emphasizing His values and embodying His teachings through my actions.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer Asking For The Healing Power Of God

Dear God in Heaven,

I come before your mighty presence, asking for your powerful healing.

I know that I can never do this recovery alone.

Hence, I ask your presence to help me as I commit myself to change for the better for the good of my family and me.

Allow me to be a living example of your might, and may this be the start of my servanthood for your grace.

This prayer I ask through your Son, who sacrificed himself to absolve us of our sins.


Prayer For Recovery From Alcoholics

Lord God,

Help my spirit as I pray and devote myself to seeking freedom from alcohol.

Keep me clean for my own sake and the future of my family.

Please help me live a meaningful life here in this world and remind me that my sin brings chaos and frustration inside me when fully grown.

This prayer for addiction I offer to you through Christ, your Son.

a person standing on a tranquil beach, praying for friends battling drug addiction

Serenity Prayer For Drug Addiction Of Close Friends

Dear Lord,

I am praying on behalf of my friends who are struggling to let go of their addiction.

With your compassion, heal them from their suffering.

Let your peace bring recovery and freedom to their souls.

Forgive them, for they were once lost, and give them strength as they walk alone, seeking their true happiness in you.

As thou wilt, lead them to your kingdom, and let your most holy apostle be their model as they strive to become Christlike.

Hear my prayer for addiction for my friend through Christ.


Divine Wisdom And Serenity Prayer


Grant me the serenity to accept you in my life as one of the believers in your kingdom in heaven.

Let your love show me your way as I cross this stormy sea of doubt, sorrow, hurt, and difficulties.

Cleanse my soul from the sin of my past, and may your peace bring healing energy to this body of mine.

Let your unfailing mercy be my protection against evil temptations.

This prayer for addiction I offer through your Son, Jesus.


Prayer Against Depression During Recovery Journey

Dear God,

Be with me as I willfully dedicate myself to my recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Allow your power to wash away any desire to relapse and relieve me, as my anxiety peaks when I am sober.

Give me the strength to forgive myself fully and to turn down my desire to indulge in the things that would not please you as my eternal Father.

I acknowledge your higher power, and I trust in you as you help me dodge depression as I am on my way to recovery and away from the greatest enemy.

In this prayer for addiction, I pray through your Son, Jesus Christ.

someone on a transformative journey through prayers for addiction


Overcoming addiction involves seeking professional help and embracing faith in God. Through prayer, restore your faith in Him, and you’ll gradually notice changes in your behavior and mindset.

Remember, recovery is a process that involves struggle, but with patience, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pray For Recovery?

Dear Father God,

In this quiet moment, I come before you seeking strength and healing. I acknowledge my struggles and the journey I must undertake to find recovery. I am grateful for your presence in my life, providing guidance and comfort.

I humbly ask for your support as I navigate this path of healing. Grant me the courage to face the challenges ahead, the wisdom to make healthy choices, and the resilience to overcome obstacles. Help me to remember that I am not alone in this journey and that your love and strength are always with me.

For my family, friends, and all who support me, I ask for your blessings. May they have the understanding and patience they need, and may our bonds grow stronger through this experience.

I trust in your plan for my life and embrace the hope and positivity that come from your grace. I am open to the lessons this journey will teach me and am ready to grow and transform in ways that honor you.

Thank you for your unfailing love and for the miracles, big and small, that grace my life. With a heart full of gratitude, I offer this prayer for recovery.


What Is A Powerful Prayer For Quick Recovery?

Heavenly Father,

In your boundless compassion and infinite wisdom, I seek your divine healing at this time of need. I humbly ask for your miraculous touch upon [name of person or “me”] as we seek a quick recovery. Let your grace be a shield and comfort, restoring strength and vitality swiftly.

Lord, I believe in your power to heal and renew. May your loving presence envelop [name of person or “me”], healing all physical and emotional wounds. Provide the courage and peace needed to navigate this journey of recovery.

Guide the hands and minds of those who provide care. May their skills be an extension of your healing power. Bless them with the wisdom and insight necessary to aid in a rapid and complete recovery.

I trust in your plan and timing, Lord. Help us to see your hand at work in every step of this healing process. Let each day bring noticeable improvement and a deeper understanding of your love and mercy.

In faith and trust, I offer this prayer for a swift and full recovery.


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  1. Dear Lord Jesus,
    1. My trust and Faith is in you my savour with my son Thato Christopher Sekole 24yrs life. I plead for your mercy and you please deliver him from the spirit of addition to drugs, now causing him to have sings of schizophrenia.
    2. i ask my Lord to also to heal and deliver my granddaughter Lerato Engela Mokalapa 14 yrs from the spirit of epilepsy and forgetfulness, grand her Lord the widom, knowledge and understanding you given to Daniel your servant in literature in English and Mathematics.
    from South Africa


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