15 Prayers For Anxiety To Help You Feel At Ease

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Anxious feelings that are not addressed properly can be difficult. However, we should acknowledge that we are not alone in fighting these battles. That is when the prayers for anxiety give us the strength to carry on.

Indeed, anxiety is a spiritual battle that requires you to believe in God’s Word, and praying is one effective way to build your relationship with him.

Philippians 4:6 [1] commands us not to be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, we make our requests known to him.

Key Takeaways

  • Aligning your prayers with Bible verses can help you cope with anxiety by finding strength and peace through God.
  • Combining daily prayers with professional mental health support offers a holistic approach to managing anxiety.
  • Trusting in God’s guidance and promises is crucial for surrendering worries and finding comfort in faith during anxious moments.


15 Calming Prayers For Anxiety

When we feel anxious, depressed, or lost, there are specific prayers based on Bible verses that we can meditate on. Always remind yourself that God is greater than the highs and lows and that he will always be with you.

A Prayer To Ease Anxiety

Dear Heavenly Father,

Listen to my prayer request.

When my panic attacks visit me, please remind me that my peace, Lord, comes from you and is not based on circumstances or feelings.

I lay my problems and worries at your feet.

I would choose to focus on the love and care that you have given me.

I know that I can’t win this on my own.

I need you, Jesus Christ, and I thank you for carrying my burdens.

With that, I know I cannot be shaken.


Prayer To Soothe Panic Attacks

Dear Lord,

I come humbly before your mighty presence, laying all my anxious thoughts before you.

I surrender all my worries and fears to you, Heavenly Father, and you remind me to stop worrying and believe in your mighty grace and power.

I believe in you, God, and you alone.

Fill my anxious heart, dear Lord, with your Holy Spirit, and I trust you, Lord, that you will lift away all my burdens.

I know that you will always be by my side.


A Prayer To Confront Fear

Dear God,

In times of stress, when fear, worry, and anxiety threaten to consume me, assist me in discerning your truth amidst my overwhelmed and anxious heart.

Hoist my mind to remove all inhibitions and let your love surround me when I can’t move because of the fear that encloses my head and heart.

Help me to confront fear during anxious times, and help me remember to take single steps and find rest in your open arms, Lord Jesus.

When anxiety and fear take over, make me calm with your words and remind my soul to seek refuge in you.

I believe in you, God, and I pray this in Jesus’ name.


A Prayer To Gain Strength

Dear God,

I trust in your undying love, God.

I acknowledge that you are the ultimate source of my strength.

Thank you for being an overcoming God.

When I feel stressed, afraid, and worried constantly, I know you are my refuge, Lord.

You’re the fortress of my life, the shield, and the stronghold.

Thank you, dear God, for being the foundation of my life during the storms of fear and anxiety.

I offer this brief prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son.


A Prayer To Relieve Burdened Minds

Heavenly Father,

Be with me today, Lord God, as I feel stressed and worried.

Oh, God, be my refuge; let me not worry about the things out of my hands.

Give me peace, joy, and hope, and let your will be done for my life here in this world.

Your word strengthens me, and I can accomplish things through you.


A Prayer For Weary People

Father God,

Please help me, for my heart feels heavy.

Give me peace and joy, and make me humble enough to know that I do not have to carry all the burdens in this world alone.

Guide me on this lifelong journey and remind me to rest when I become distracted by worldly things.

Please cast all my fears and problems away.

Allow me to live my life according to Jesus, your Son, with joy and peace.

For all these things, I pray for your sake.


A Prayer For A Restless Heart

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please help my heart and grant me peace of mind and calmness in my heart.

Silence my soul, which is a violent storm, and help me find the balance I desperately need amidst the fear and anxiety surrounding me.

Allow my troubled heart to rest, as you would any member of your flock.

Lord, strengthen my faith and give me the clarity I need to have patience and self-control when facing all the hurdles in life.

I ask in Jesus’ name.


A Prayer For Anxiety In Others

Dear Father,

I believe that you are the eternal source of peace here on earth.

I am praying for those who are struggling with anxiety that they will experience such love in your mighty name.

I am praying for those experiencing anxiety that, as they take a deep breath, they may be filled with your Spirit and come to know more about your Son, Jesus Christ.

I humbly ask in my prayers that these people are good at handling their problems.

May they remain calm when circumstances are out of their control.

I pray all this in Jesus’ name.


A Prayer For Hope During Hard Times

Dear Father,

Shower upon me your divine wisdom and make me capable of dealing with situations that slow me down.

Assure me that I will return to your eternal kingdom.

These hard times will serve to prepare me for an everlasting life.


A Prayer For Trusting God

Dear God,

Please forgive me, as I am not sure of my trust in you, and I have a hard time trusting others.

Please allow me to mature through the Bible verses and prayers I say, and illuminate me with the peace and truth you brought to the world through your Son, Jesus.

I pray for forgiveness, Oh God, and guidance as I live my earthly life until my time has come.


A Prayer To Find Inner Peace

Dear Lord,

In this earthly life we live, help us seek your name when anxiety devours our peace.

Keep us on track so we can follow your instructions.

Help us live in the ways Christ Jesus, your Son, has taught us.

Please urge us to have faith in you and surrender ourselves to you.

These are the things we are praying for in Jesus’ name.


A Prayer For Tranquility

Dear Lord,

Please grant me the tranquility I need when I have anxiety and worry about things that are out of my control.

Accept my humble prayers and give me the wisdom to understand that you are bigger than the anxiety I feel.

I surrender myself to your will, oh God, and I fervently hope for the best, knowing that you are with me in every step I take.

Make me worry less, Lord, and prevent the anxiety that I feel from ruining my relationship with you.


A Prayer Against Any Temptation To Panic

Heavenly God,

I know that becoming discouraged is normal for people, but in times like this, please help me to become more resistant to temptation and fix my eyes on you.

Do continue to show me the truth to help me realize how capable I am of facing any challenge ahead.


A Prayer For The Worrisome

Father in Heaven,

Let me draw closer to you and be the calm I need during the times when anxiety takes over, as I worry a lot about things that are out of my control.

Replace worry with peace, and let my heart hold no fear, as I know that you are in my life in unexpected ways.

Continue to guide me and never let me stray.


A Prayer For Anxiety To Overcome It

Dear Lord,

I humbly kneel before you and ask for guidance, as I acknowledge that I am nothing without you.

I worry a lot, and my anxiety grows even more when I go off track.

Hence, I ask for your provisions, as you are the only one who can see through everyone’s hearts.

I offer you all my problems and anxiety and take it as your way of telling me that I am one of your children and can conquer all things through your mighty name.

I receive you as my Savior.

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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Tips To Incorporate Prayers For Anxiety Into Your Daily Life

Incorporating prayers for anxiety into your daily life can provide solace and strength during times of distress. Whether you find comfort in Bible verses, seek guidance from a mental health professional, or rely on your heartfelt prayers, these tips will help you navigate through anxiety and find peace in your faith.

Seek Inspiration In Bible Verses

Turn to the Scriptures for guidance and comfort. Many Bible verses offer solace and reassurance during moments of anxiety. Find passages that resonate with you, such as Psalm 55:22, which encourages casting your burdens upon the Lord, or Philippians 4:6–7, which reminds you to present your requests to God with thanksgiving, finding peace that surpasses understanding.

Seek Support From A Mental Health Professional

While prayers can provide comfort, seeking guidance from a mental health professional is also essential. They can offer tools and strategies to effectively relieve anxiety. Combining prayers with professional support can lead to a holistic approach to addressing your mental well-being.

Turn Your Worries Into Prayers

When you find yourself constantly worrying, transform your worries into prayers. Instead of allowing anxiety to consume your thoughts, take a moment to pause and offer your concerns to God. Trust that he is listening and cares deeply about your struggles.

Pray For Anxiety Relief During Panic Attacks

In moments of intense anxiety and panic attacks, turn to prayer as a source of comfort. Offer your fears and distress to God, asking him for calmness and strength. Remember that even during overwhelming panic, you are not alone, and God is there to provide solace.

Personalize Your Prayer

Craft a prayer that addresses your specific anxieties and concerns. Pour out your heart to God, expressing your deepest worries and desires for relief. By personalizing your prayers, you create a deeper connection with God, allowing him to understand your unique struggles and offer his guidance.

Embrace God’s Wonderful Promises

Find solace in the wonderful promise God has provided throughout the Scriptures. Promises like Matthew 11:28, where Jesus invites you to find rest in him, or Isaiah 41:10, where God assures you that he will strengthen and help you, can bring immense comfort during anxious moments. Meditate on these promises, and let them anchor your faith.

Practice Short Prayers Throughout The Day

Incorporate short prayers into your daily routine to provide continuous relief from anxiety. Offer quick prayers whenever you feel overwhelmed or anxious, asking God for guidance, strength, and peace. These brief moments of connection can help you realign your focus and find solace in God’s presence.

Trust In God’s Guidance

Trust God and his divine guidance, knowing that he is in control of your circumstances. When anxiety threatens to overpower you, remind yourself of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. Trust that he is working all things for your good, even when you are feeling anxious and the circumstances seem daunting.

Embrace The Calmness Of Nature

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of creation and find solace in the calmness it offers. As the sun rises and sets, witness the quiet words of God spoken through nature. Allow yourself to be present in the moment, finding tranquility and release from your worries.

Do Not Feel Overwhelmed

When you feel overwhelmed, turn to prayer as a source of refuge. Surrender your anxieties to God, acknowledging that he is greater than any challenge you face. Allow his peace to wash over you, knowing that he is capable of carrying your burdens and providing comfort.

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Incorporating prayers for anxiety into your daily life is a powerful way to find relief and peace. Through Bible verses, personal prayers, and seeking support from professionals, you can navigate the challenges of anxiety while staying grounded in your faith. Remember, God is always present, ready to offer his love, guidance, and anxiety relief to those who completely trust in him.

May these prayers lead you to discover God’s truths and enlighten you. As God’s children, we should acknowledge the fact that he is in control of everything and let go of our anxious thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Prayer Really Help With Anxiety?

Yes, prayer can really help with anxiety by providing a sense of peace, comfort, and connection with a higher power, which can alleviate feelings of worry and stress.

How Can I Incorporate Prayer Into My Daily Routine To Combat Anxiety?

You can incorporate prayer into your daily routine to combat anxiety by setting aside specific times for prayer, using short prayers throughout the day, and turning your worries into prayers.

Are There Specific Bible Verses That Are Effective For Praying Against Anxiety?

Yes, there are specific Bible verses that are effective for praying against anxiety, such as Philippians 4:6–7 and Psalm 55:22, which encourage casting your worries on God and seeking peace through prayer.

Should I Seek Professional Help If I’m Experiencing Severe Anxiety, Even If I Pray Regularly?

Yes, you should seek professional help if you’re experiencing severe anxiety, even if you pray regularly, as professional mental health support can provide additional coping strategies and treatments.

How Can I Trust In God’s Plan When I’m Feeling Overwhelmed By Anxiety?

You can trust in God’s plan when feeling overwhelmed by anxiety by remembering and meditating on promises from the Bible, such as Matthew 11:28 and Isaiah 41:10, which assure you of God’s support and strength.

Is It Okay To Ask For Peace And Relief From Anxiety In My Prayers?

Yes, it is okay to ask for peace and relief from anxiety in your prayers, as this is a form of casting your burdens onto God and seeking His comfort and guidance during difficult times.

How Can Prayer Improve My Mental Well-Being And Help Me Cope With Panic Attacks?

Prayer can improve your mental well-being and help you cope with panic attacks by offering a calming presence, reducing stress, and focusing your mind on faith and trust in a higher power rather than on your immediate fears.

Can Praying For Others Who Are Anxious Benefit Both Me And Them?

Yes, praying for others who are anxious can benefit both you and them by fostering a sense of empathy, solidarity, and support, and it can also invoke a sense of peace and purpose in your own life.

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