15 Prayers For Breaking Fast And Receiving Enlightenment

As you successfully end fasting and pour the new refreshment you need into your life, use these prayers for breaking fast to fortify your relationship with the everlasting Father.

In the same way that Jesus fasted for 40 nights, we must have a clear intention and reason for doing so. With that said, seek inspiration from the Bible and continue praying every day as you find rest in the presence of our Lord God.

Prayers For Breaking Fast And Seeking God’s Gentle Hand

Dear Father God,

As we end our abstinence[1] with these prayers for breaking fast, allow us to experience you as you produce wonderful things through your gentle hands. Strengthen the spirit of your children and work in our lives as we grow and flourish to become the mature Christians that you envision us to be.

Enlighten our hearts as we overcome the most challenging parts of abstinence and fill us with your gifts as we continually strengthen our faith in you. All these we pray, in Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Guidance While Reading The Bible During Fasting

Lord God,

As we deprive ourselves of so many tastes of this world, allow us to focus on the deep things that will bolster our faith in you. Let the godly ones keep us focused on the primary goal of reconnecting with you through solemn prayers. Let our vices like fornication and drinking be replaced with your words from the Bible.

Remind us to imitate you as you did for every prophet that walked this earth. With your words, Lord God, guide us through the wilderness. All these things I ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer For Fasting And Receiving God’s True Knowledge

Dear Father,

You are our living God, and all honor, praise, and glory belong to your holy name. As we accomplish our abstinence with these prayers for breaking fast, bless our souls with knowledge and wisdom about your truth. Remind us of all your ways and bring us into the light of your wisdom and understanding.

Bless us with knowledge and experience, and aid us in resisting temptation that seeks to corrupt every heart. All these gifts we humbly receive in Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Unravel God’s Mystery And Eternal Goodness In Fasting

Lord God,

As we are fasting, provide us today with spiritual food and grant us your heavenly vision. As we wait for your second coming, keep us hungry for knowledge about the things that make you holy. Cure our vision and allow us to see your beauty as we receive the spiritual food you give us.

Help us with the cross that we carry every day. Fortify our bodies with your holiness and allow us to accept every new treasure that you endow on us humbly. Hear our prayers, Lord God.


Prayer To Listen Intently To All The Words From The Lord

Blessed Lord God,

Hear our prayers and grant us all the marvelous things as we receive you and reject all the works of the evil one. Help us resist the thirst for sin, and let your word equip us with all your truths as we journey towards heaven, where your goodness serves as the unflickering light.

Let your endless love endow us with great blessings through the word from the Bible and grant us guidance not to be tempted again. All these things I pray for with the highest honor and hope in Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Break From Normal Patterns In Life

Heavenly Lord God,

With these prayers, I am fervently hoping that you grant my family and me the actual breaks that our spirits need. Hear us, Lord God, and do not let us worry about the things beyond our control. Protect us from the detrimental monotony of life, and do not allow us to be content with what we know about you as our one true king.

Remind us of how awesome you are, Lord, by intervening with what we are doing on a daily basis.


Prayer For Fasting And Accepting The Unfailing Love Of Christ

Dear Father God,

Your Holy Spirit rules this earth as it is in heaven, and your grace is worthy of all glory and praise. As we end our fasting with these prayers for breaking fast, allow us to be blessed with your love alongside all the great blessings of mercy and wisdom. Fill our lives with your truth, and with our hearts open wide, we humbly embrace all the treasures you have endowed us with.

As one church, we pray together and feel the love from your heartbeat in the name of Jesus Christ.


Crucifix and Prayers for Breaking Fast

Prayer After Fasting And Resisting Temptation

Father God,

Accept my thanksgiving as I end my fasting with success. I extend my gratitude for being with me as I resisted many temptations that sought to destroy my faith in you.

Today, Lord, I ask that you give me ample strength to be able to spread your good news to the people who greatly need it.


Fasting Prayers To Seek God’s Peace And Mercy

Forgiving God,

With these prayers for breaking fast, we seek thy mercy and understanding for every moment we are tempted to do things that are opposite to what your Son, Jesus, tells us to do. You know all the secrets in every heart of thy servant, and with that, we ask for forgiveness.

As we conclude our fasting, reward us with your saving grace as we patiently wait for your second coming. Allow us to treasure this moment with you in our earthly life. All these things we pray for through the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer To Seek The Right Direction In Life


As I end my fast, point me in the right direction that will allow me to glorify your name to the highest. Deliver me from the works of evil and continue to bless me with your provision to help me keep moving forward with the life you have given me. There are my prayers, Lord.


Prayer For Healing And Nourishment Of The Body

Heavenly God,

You are most worthy of our praise and worship. As we physically hunger ourselves, hear our prayers for breaking fast and feed every soul with thy bread of everlasting life. Allow us to drink from the cup of your blood and heal us from the pains that keep us from fully seeing your wonder.

Nourish our bodies with a spiritual meal to help us navigate the wilderness. Allow us to breathe your word as we face every morning with a strong will to fight every temptation that comes our way. All these things I ask by praying to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Prayer To Reap The Fruits Of The Smallest Seed


As we have planted seeds in your fertile soil, allow us to reap the fruit of our labor. Now that the wait is finally over, grant us the chance to finally receive your blessings. Allow us not to idolize the fleeting things on earth, and grant us peace and unity until you come again.


Prayer To Ask For Freedom From Sins

Dear Lord,

As we conclude our fast with these prayers, I am actively praying for you to free us from living in sin. Use your glory and power to help us resist any form of temptation. Renew every heart and allow us to celebrate as darkness is defeated and our soul is no longer shackled in the deep dungeons of hell.

Watch over us, Lord, as we spread your word to the ends of the earth. All these things I pray in the name of Christ Jesus.


Prayer For Godly Miracles During Fasting

Lord God Almighty,

Hear our prayers and allow us to receive you and your heavenly miracles. Remind us of your mighty presence, and do not let us go astray as we face temptations daily. Even after our abstinence, continue to be with us and reassure every heart that nothing will harm us so long as you are with us.


Prayer To Surrender All In The Great Love Of God

Heavenly Father,

All glory and praise are yours, and we adore your power. With these prayers, we surrender everything to you. We lean not on our understanding but on your precious word from the Bible. Feed our mouths with your living bread to remind us of your presence within each of us.

Instill deep within us the truth of your kingdom as we take in what is written in the scriptures as our spiritual food. Hear us, Father, as we continually pray through your Son, Jesus.


Worshipping and Prayers for Breaking Fast


As important as it is for us to have the will to surrender everything to the Lord through fasting and supplication, we also need to offer our thanksgiving as we conclude these prayers.

Let us allow our delicate hearts to be filled with the mercy of the Lord as we become more confident in the relationship we have with the Father Almighty.

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  1. Please pray for my heath, wealth, protection over family & friends free me from the evil and darkness that clouds my whole being revive my spirit and lead me to the center of my being of what you father see in me. I need you in my life to move all of the things that are blocking my alignment with myself and your desires for me father remove any and all whom are here to discourage me! Lord.I have sat as you asked and have lost so much parents, car, kids financially busted and I need your blessing so that I can fly in your glory- Use me for I can do all things in your name lord just need a push or a tug but without you I’m nothing in the name of Jesus lead me Not into temptation and deliver me from all evil help me to be courageous and strong and speak on the knowledge that you give me and put in my heart Lord help me to get lined up And Jesus name I pray amen!

  2. “IN PRAYER, to Our Father in Heaven it Depicts/Reveals us who Our God is to Us His Humans. It is Our God Who Created Us and the Universe; it is our God Who Placed Our First Parents Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is Our God who Forgave us of Sins attained at the Garden of Eden through Our ‘Saviour’ His Son Christ Jesus. Truly, of Our Earth’s Human Living Today: we Must Stand Firm in True Faith, In that Hope, Trust, Confidence and Righteous Understanding: Well Knowing Our Father in Heaven, Our God is Our Source of Life, Light and Strength and Our Praise, Prayer and Worship Dwells Upon Him in His Eternal Kingdom as we Noble Prepare for Christ’s 2nd Coming, so to Rescue Us for Eternity in God’s Holy and Eternal Kingdom. In Christ Jesus, AMEN.” Deuteronomy 06:04-07/John 03:16.

  3. These prayers have guided and help me in my Prayer and Fasting. I thank you and pray that GOD will continue to bless everyone connected with this website. LORD GOD JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT, help us to stay in YOU, in YOUR mighty name, Amen and Amen🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. This is so powerful and wonderful.these prayer points has helped me to break m prayer and fasting even on my trip.lord thank you n may ur holy name be glorified as u answer my prayers in Jesus mighty name Amen

  5. Thank you for the guidance in prayers and fasting. The wonderful prayers, have revealed to me the way I am supposed to fast and pray. It has revealed to me how to present prayer request. May God bless all who are fasting, praying and reading this guide. To the author may God bless you with more revelation of his word, understanding and knowledge


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