15 Prayers For Communion And Thanksgiving For The Lord God’s Supper

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The constant reminder of the Lord’s sacrifice underscores the promise of salvation for everyone who chooses to embrace Him as their sole deity and savior. Given that we inherit sins from our ancestors at birth, we are summoned to seek forgiveness and to embrace the sacrament of our Creator’s body and blood.

Through these prayers for Communion, allow yourselves to be prepared to receive Him and to live a Christ-centered life, away from temptations that seek to destroy your relationship with our mighty God.

Prayer For Communion For Young Adults

Lord God in Heaven,

Bless this moment as we come to this eucharist celebration to break and eat this bread and drink from this cup in remembrance of the death of your Son on the cross.

With your grace and mercy, encourage us to still our hearts and clear our minds from the thoughts that inhibit us from worshiping your holy name forever in your kingdom.

As we partake of this bread and wine, we pray that you fill our lives in this world with Your blessings of peace and salvation.

As one body, we pray these prayers for communion to ask for blessings to help us live with grace in the present.


Prayer For Communion Before Receiving It


Before I take this bread and drink this cup of wine in remembrance of your body and bloodshed for your people, help my precious body, mind, and spirit.

With this prayer for communion, prepare my life as I wait for your second coming.

I pray, Oh God, that as I take my precious time with you in solitude with this Eucharist, help me that I may see the world as your disciples did and spread your words and create fellowship among men by the power of your cross that shed away the sins of people.


Prayer After Receiving Communion

Lord God,

To be with you in fellowship and to hear your words is more than enough.

Accepting you as my Lord and Savior and seeing your grace up close makes me feel privileged to eat from the same bread and drink from the same cup, which is more than just a life blessing.

Father God, as we celebrate this holy eucharist in remembrance of your Son’s sacrifice on the cross, I pray through this prayer for communion that it will strengthen my relationship with you up to the very last day of my existence here on earth before you accept me into your kingdom forever.

I ask your blessing as I partake of your body and blood.


Prayer For Communion With Our Lord Jesus

Lord Jesus,

We praise and glorify you.

Hear this prayer for communion and cleanse us as we partake of your holy communion.

You have died on Mt. Calvary for our redemption.

For that reason alone, we dedicate our lives to pleasing you and doing the things that follow your will.


Communion Prayer For The Bread And Cup

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for your sacrifice and for every prayer that has been answered.

As you sacrifice your child, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross, hear this communion prayer we offer as we celebrate this holy mass with our family, kids, and friends.

We imitate your disciples’ devotion to your mission, which has significant meaning in our hearts.

In remembrance of your blood spilled and the body broken for the people, we say these prayers for communion and willingly accept the bread of life and cup of your blood.


Prayer To Unite All Followers Of The Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus,

Please help your people be united against all forces of evil as we eat together at this banquet.

Lead us not into the corruption of our minds to help us see the bigger picture beyond our temporal possession.

This prayer for communion for us we offer through you.


Short Communion Prayer With Jesus

Dear God,

Hear me as I say my communion prayer.

Jesus, as I receive you as my one true God, help me straighten the crooked path I have traversed for so long.

Change my ways, Lord, and save me from an eternity of pain and struggle.

Praise and Worship and Prayers for Communion

Prayer For First Communion

Heavenly God,

As I receive you as my savior for the first time, I devote myself to becoming a good servant.

I offer you all my worries as I walk this earth.

As I take this cup and eat this bread, renew me and help me turn away from the past version of myself.

Allow me to grow in your wisdom and use me as your instrument for change on this earth full of corrupted minds.

I offer this prayer for communion to you through your son.


Prayer For Humility Before Receiving The Holy Communion

Father God,

Please accept our prayer, for your sacrifice has made our lives easier.

I have never felt more humbled in my life than as I took this bread and drank from this cup.

Your sacrifice holds significant meaning for me, Lord, for your Son was broken for the sake of our sins.

We praise you, Lord, and acknowledge you in our lives through this prayer for communion[1].


Prayer For Self-Examination

Father God,

I pray for all believers who wish to come to the Lord’s Supper and desire to partake in the new covenant to have a thorough reflection on themselves before they can drink and eat this bread and wine.

Help us, God, to be worthy of the eternal life that you have promised through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Allow His precious blood and body to take away our sins as we spiritually partake in this supper of His church with utmost reverence.

This prayer for communion we offer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer In Preparation For Communion


I ask you to prepare my body and soul with my prayers for communion.

Turn me into someone worthy of your sacrifices, and hold me high so that I may be able to see your heavenly realm from a better perspective.

Help me become like you as I aspire to your righteousness.


Prayer For Exaltation

God, our heavenly Father,

Joining you in your holy communion can be the most precious gift we, as your servants, could receive.

You are the living God, and through these beautiful prayers for communion, we accept the new covenant in your body and blood as we drink this wine and eat this bread.

We proclaim your Son’s death on the cross, and as Christians, we accept your blessings not in an unworthy manner, for we know that the blood of Christ, our Savior, and His crucifixion have redeemed us till eternity.


Thanksgiving Prayer For The Privilege To Have Communion With The Lord

Lord Jesus,

We praise you for your death, which has restored us from the dark.

We say this prayer for communion as a form of gratitude for allowing us to be at your feast.

Forgive us, Lord, for the wrongs that we have committed in the past, and we genuinely hope for the day that you will walk this earth again.


Communion Prayer To Remember The Sacrifices Of Jesus Christ


We come together, as one Christian community church, to partake in the Lord’s Supper and faithfully accept the forgiveness of the Lord through bread and wine.

We take communion after a thorough reflection of ourselves, cling to the power of the utmost, and trust in the Holy Spirit.

This bread and wine are a remembrance of the world of Jesus Christ and his bloodshed for the people.

With great humility, we lift to you our spirit and take communion in honor of the body of Christ, your Son.

We have faith in His glory, and His death will continue to be a blessing for all.


Prayer For Communion And The Forgiveness Of Sins

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

Your precious blood runs into ours, and we are more than privileged to take this bread and drink.

As we present to you our prayers for communion and celebrate this holy sacrament, we ask for your blessings and fully surrender to you every unconfessed sin we have committed in the past and the sins ahead of us.

As we willingly take your body and blood with this bread and drink, we proclaim your glory and death, oh Lord God, and confess to you all our shortcomings.

We deserve your wrath and punishment, Lord.

Bread and Wine and Prayers for Communion


Allow these prayers for communion to guide you along a path toward God’s righteousness and make you experience peace and guidance from God. You can help yourself by devoting every action to the intent of living a Christ-like life amid today’s chaos and by allowing these prayers to penetrate your heart and spirit.

Let us try to imitate Jesus, who demonstrated to us how to love our neighbors, look out for the weak, and forgive those who have wronged us. As we work to spread God’s light across the world, let’s make an effort to live a life of sacrifice and service.

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