15 Prayers For Conception And Fertility Of Couples

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Using these prayers for conception and fertility, as well as asking for God’s eternal blessing over your family, is one of the many ways to seek divine intervention and ask God’s help as you try to conceive a child and build a family that is centered in all of His works.

Like any other man or woman devoted to Christ, you must ask for the intercession of the Lord as you go through challenging yet fulfilling months together with your spouse.

Prayer For Conception And Healthy Pregnancy

Dear Heavenly Father,

Hear my fertility prayer and grant me the precious gift of life in my womb.

Bless me with a healthy baby and grant my heart’s desire to have a fruitful gestation filled with happiness and thanksgiving.

As your loving servant, I come before you, as I have been longingly waiting for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bear a child and build my own family that is centered on your blessed teachings.

Hear my prayer for conception, Lord God, in the name of Jesus Christ.


Fertility Prayer To Grant Hearts’ Desire To Have A Healthy Baby

Dear Lord,

Hear my prayer for conception and fertility, and grant us your blessing as we continually pray for me to conceive a child.

With your abounding love, gift us magically what we have prayed for.

We offer you all our prayers with the utmost faith and patiently wait for your gift, hallelujah.

I will wholeheartedly wait for your answer, Father God, in the name of your child, Jesus.


Prayer Of Intent To Conceive Twins

Dear God,

Bless me today, and let your Holy Spirit clothe my barren womb.

Listen to these fertility prayers and help me as I constantly try to conceive a child.

With these, I pray that you bless me with twins.

By your grace and miracle, grant me my deep desire to carry two lives at once.

I cling to your promise from heaven, and I am confident that you will help me become the parent I want to be today.

More than having twins, I pray, dear God, that my baby’s birth will be free of any complications.

In Jesus’ name, I utter this prayer for conception.


Prayer For Many Couples Who Have Difficulties Conceiving A Baby

Father, Lord God,

Like all other couples in your holy Catholic churches who are trying to conceive a baby, we surrender all our inhibitions to you.

We are patiently waiting for your answer, and with unwavering faith, we pray for what is best for our family.

Lord God, we seek the chance to conceive the baby that will soon be the bearer of your goodwill with your provisions.

Hear us, Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Strength Against Complications During Pregnancy

Dear God,

Your blessed holy name is worthy of all praise, and I glorify you in all my choices.

Hear my fertility prayer and grant me a safe pregnancy with no inherent complications.

As my child’s life begins, let your holy image be my sole reminder to do everything good for my baby from now on.

Please know that I’ve been trying to conceive my child and am planning to start my family.

I am always your loving servant, Heavenly Father, and I pray that you protect the fruit of the womb of your followers with your words from the Bible.

I offer this prayer for conception in your Son, Jesus’ name.


Prayer For God’s Miracles And Goodness During Pregnancy

Father in Heaven,

As I become pregnant with my baby, grant me your blessing and give me the chance to raise my children.

Protect me, Lord God, from all negative thoughts that seek to lose my focus.

Help me remember that this is what I have prayed for.

Keep me strong enough with your goodness, Lord God, as I endure the pains of pregnancy.

Hear my prayer for conception, Lord, and fill my heart with your everlasting blessing of peace.


Prayer For Conception After A Miscarriage

Heavenly Father,

I cling to what your word declares, and I trust that you will bless the fruit of the womb of your servant.

I trust in your mighty miracles even after what happened during my first gestation.

As I am trying to conceive for the second time, let your blessing protect the life of the child inside me.

With your grace, amplify my faith in you and allow me to see hope through my husband and all the little things around me.

Help me become a loving wife and a responsible mother for the year to come.

Wipe away my tears and bring joy to my earthly body.

This prayer for conception I offer in Jesus’ name.

Toys for Infants and Prayers for Conception

Prayer For Comfort Of Spouse During Struggles And Challenges During Pregnancy


As you have endowed us with life, be the comfort of my partner as she endures the challenges of pregnancy.

Bless her, Lord, and help her overcome the struggle we are currently facing together.

Remind her that I am with her every step of the way.

Use me as your instrument, and show my partner your everlasting grace and love.

Protect her from complications and allow us to identify other symptoms that might put her life at risk.

Hear my prayer for conception, Lord, in the name of Jesus.


Conception And Fertility Prayer For A First-Time Mother

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

Hear this prayer for conception, and let the Holy Mother guide me through my journey as a mom.

Grant my desire to have a fruitful birth after conceiving my first child.

Encourage me with your words and remind me to keep praying and be thankful for the life inside my womb.

Fulfill my prayer for conception, Lord, through your living miracles and eternal love.


Prayer For Wisdom During Motherhood


Listen to your children, and grant us the wisdom we need as we take on new chapters in our lives while raising our children.

Allow us to endure all hardships and enable us to become good role models for our sons and daughters.

In the name of Jesus, we pray.


Prayer For A Healthy Womb For Childbearing

Dear Lord God in Heaven,

Bless me as I pray for healthy ovaries, and allow me to conceive the next generation of your kingdom here in this world.

Let your mercy guide me through all the physical and mental challenges life brings after marriage.

Please know that having my baby is what I have prayed for.

With these prayers for conception, I honor your blessed spirit, and I trust in the miracles your word brings to your people on earth.


Prayer For Thanksgiving Of The New Soul Inside My Womb

Most giving Lord,

Hear my prayer of thanksgiving as we receive the gift of life that you have endowed us with.

With this new life in my spouse’s womb, help us build your kingdom here on earth and spread your miraculous words to the people who need them.

Use us as your instrument, and allow us, your children, to be bearers of your goodwill.


Prayer For The Fruit Of The Womb To Be Healthy

Dear Father God,

Let your blessings overflow my family and protect me as I get pregnant.

I pray that you bless the baby inside my womb.

Help me draw strength from you and my husband.

Help me not to get frustrated over things that are beyond my control.

Direct me to do what is best for the child inside me with your love and miracles.

Hear my prayer for conception, Lord, in Christ Jesus’s name, your Son.


Prayer To Rejoice The Child In My Womb With A Whole Heart

Almighty Lord,

Bless me with your loving kindness, and allow me to rejoice in the baby’s life inside my womb.

Teach me to become as thankful as ever, for not all women are as fortunate as me to bear children.

With my prayers for conception, I ask you to bless every woman with infertility to find joy in you.

All these I pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Prayer Of Saint Gerard: Patron Saint Of Expecting Mothers

St. Gerard Majella,

You are the great imitator of Jesus, and I come before you, asking you to pray for me through all the dangers accompanying maternity.

Help me conceive my child without any problems.

Help me strengthen my faith in Christ Jesus and be with me as I get pregnant and bring new life into this world.

All these I pray for in the name of Jesus, my Savior.

Pregnancy Test and Prayers for Conception


May these prayers for conception help you and your spouse with the goal of building your family and raising children in God’s image[1].

Allow your future children to see how devoted you and your spouse are to the Lord, and help them draw nearer to Christ every day.

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