15 Prayers For Discernment To Make Good Decisions

Seeking the right decisions that will please the Lord can sometimes be challenging, as we often let our earthly desires control us. However, with the help of these prayers for discernment, you will be more discerning when choosing between the things that will satisfy your earthly desires and the ones that will bring honor to God, our Almighty Father.

Fill your heart with God’s Holy Spirit as you go through these prayers, which will surely help you the next time you encounter a diverging path—one that leads to Jesus Christ and one that leads to eternal damnation.

Prayer To Imitate Other Discerning Christians

Dear God,

Bless me with your wisdom and help me imitate other mature Christians as they live their lives in accordance with your words from the Bible. Let me listen to everything you say and make me wise as I make life decisions that will bring honor and glory to your grace.

Use other believers to teach me and lead me to a place filled with your peace and light. Hear my prayers for discernment and grant me guidance as I walk in the valley of temptations.


Prayer To Receive God’s Gifts To Help Prosper Against Any Temptation

Lord Almighty,

Like solid food that eases my hunger, satisfy my starving spirit with your heavenly gifts, oh God. As we are all waiting for your second coming, fill every heart with gladness and help us win over different forms of temptation that seek to take control of us.

I pray that we may be able to carefully discern the apparent difference between your works and the works of the devil with your gifts. Our King, who hears His people, listens to our prayers for discernment. Grant our spirit the reassurance we need. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer To Gain Hope And Insight Through The Scriptures

Lord Jesus,

Talk to me through the Bible and teach me to seek the path that leads to your peace. Let my life be filled with your truth and peace as I walk through this world with its temptations. Let every quiet hour I spend with you bring me insight and an understanding that your power surpasses everything.

Speak to me, fill my heart, and allow me to cast my faith in you. In Jesus’ name, I pray this prayer for discernment.


Prayer For Discernment To Seek The Truth From The Word Of God

Father God,

Your kingdom endures forever, and you hold superiority over all the pagan gods that this world has. Hear my prayers for discernment and guide me while pursuing your truth as I make decisions every day.

Teach me to trust you more amidst all the uncertainties that I face. All these things I pray for in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Prayer To Have Discernment Between Good And Evil

Dear God,

I praise your holy name and offer my life and soul to pursue your truth and righteousness. As I encounter diverging paths in my life, I pray that you grant me the ability to judge the difference between the good and the bad easily. I pray that you fill my soul with your knowledge so that I may be able to make the right decision that will lead me to your righteous kingdom in heaven.

I pray that you do not let me lose sight of the eternal treasure you have promised to those who live a life like Christ. Hear my prayers for discernment, Lord; in Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayers To Help Listen With Heart And Make Wise Actions

Our gentle God,

Help me hear with my heart and guide me as I make wise decisions regarding any matter. Help me to have compassion for others and, at the same time, make me stern as I protect your name against those who seek to defile it.

Lord, allow me to become a vanguard of your truth and hear my prayers for discernment.


Prayer To Remind Me Not To Lean On My Understanding

Heavenly Father,

Bless me with your heaven-sent knowledge and do not let me lean on my earthly understanding. Remind me not to seek the rewards of this world, and grant me the advantage over every human desire that leads to certain death. Be with me as I make decisions based on your voice from the Bible.

I pray for wisdom to be able to choose the path that leads to everlasting joy and the beginning of my eternal life with you. In Jesus’ name, I pray these discernment prayers.


Open Palm and Prayers for Discernment

Prayer To Make The Right Decisions With My Life Partner

Eternal Father,

As I step into marriage with the person who will be the mother of my children, help us do all things that will honor you as our one true creator.

Help us to be of help to one another, and do not let any one of us fall from your grace. These are my prayers for discernment, Lord, in Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Help Me Discern Good And Make Sound Decisions

Heavenly Father,

With these prayers for discernment, let my spirit be filled with your wisdom, Lord God, and help me to be prudent and discern carefully and understand that obedience to your commandments is the primary goal of our human lives. In the midst of all temptations, help me to judge with wisdom so that I may not fall into the hands of evil.

Enrich my senses and fill my heart with your righteous love and mercy. Listen to the voice of your servant, Lord, as I pray in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.


Prayer To Have An Understanding Heart For The People Around Me


As I say my prayers for discernment, help me to be considerate of other people whenever I make choices. Remind me of their importance and allow them to feel your everlasting love through me, your faithful follower.


Prayer For A Good Discernment During Struggles

Lord Jesus Christ,

Let your Holy Spirit come down and cover me during these trying times. Have my senses trained, and please help me as I dodge every sin that seeks to destroy me. As your servant, I pray that I will be able to build a good relationship with you so I may be able to understand the great importance of your heavenly guidance.

I pray that your words will fill my spirit with love and compassion. These prayers for discernment I offer through your holy name and mighty spirit.


Prayer To Have The Courage To Break My Silence Against Oppressive People

Our Father,

Hear my prayers for discernment, oh God, and help me have the courage to stand up against oppressive people. Help me protect those people who are being taken advantage of. Use me as your instrument, and prove to them that what they are doing is not in accordance with your will. In the name of Jesus, I pray.


Discernment Prayer To Seek Counsel From The Lord God

Loving Father God,

Let your Holy Spirit help me discern what is good and use other people to give me counsel after all the pain I have experienced. Heal me, Lord, and hear my heart speak. I pray that you fill my spirit with joy and do not let me surrender to the desires of my flesh. Bless me with great people surrounding me that will help me prosper and aspire for your kingdom.

Likewise, help me learn tremendously from difficult people. These are my prayers for discernment, Lord, and I offer them through your Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross.


Prayer Requests For Divine Guidance

Heavenly God,

Hear my prayers for discernment and guide me through the obstacles in my life. Please don’t let me make decisions that my friends solely influence. Grant me the ability to carefully discern the things that will bring honor and glory to your name here on earth as it is in heaven. Be with me, Lord. I pray through your Son, Jesus Christ.


Discernment Prayer Request For Divine Wisdom

Father God,

Fill my heart with discerning wisdom that helps me understand the great importance of following your teachings. Allow me to serve others and practice everything written in the Bible. I pray that your word will help me win over sin and distinguish the paths I traverse here in this world.

Do not let me deviate from the true mission of building a good relationship with others and spreading your word beyond races and languages. All these prayers for discernment I offer through your Son, Christ Jesus.


Person in Forked Path and Prayers for Discernment


As a man sees nothing but the future, it is crucial that each and every one of us seek help from our true Father[1] and lean not on our earthly knowledge, as Proverbs 3:5 emphasizes.

As we all wait for the second coming of our Lord, fear not, for His kingdom is ours, and continue praying these prayers for discernment to fill your hearts and spirits with gladness.

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