15 Prayers For Family Healing During Hard Moments

Families play a critical role in our society and the holistic growth we want to achieve for our children.

To keep the relationship between the family members healthy, practicing these prayers for family healing can have a significant impact, especially for those who pray together.

Whether you pray for your family—brothers, sisters, spouse—or you pray for other families, it can be a great way to practice the life of being a genuine follower of Christ.

Apart from reading Bible verses, praying these prayers will help you and your family grow in the love of God.

Prayer For Family Healing From Bitterness And Emotional Pain

Dear Lord,

We come to you as one family and acknowledge that you are our one true healer. We entrust to your healing hands our family relationships and the bitterness and emotional pain we felt towards each family member.

As we concede to you, let your healing power flow, so that it may grant our family unity after all the painful memories that brought hurting emotionally.

Allow us to be grateful for your mighty power as our loving father and enable us to seek forgiveness from one another as we glorify your precious name and acknowledge that you are the eternal one. Amen.

Prayer For Family And Healthy Boundaries

Heavenly Father,

Help us erect healthy boundaries between our parents and us. Allow our soul to grow in you, for we know that raising people is your specialty. Heal us as well as my father and mother, and give us peace of mind as you watch us in our home tonight.

I also pray that other families may value the boundary between child and parent to allow both of them to grow with your protection.

We pray that as boundaries are established, may it bring families closer together, throwing away all forms of doubt and distrust. Amen.

Prayer For Peace And Unity Between Family Members

Lord God,

Hear our prayers as we patiently ask for peace and unity in our family. Allow us to be of great help to our siblings and both our mothers and fathers. Be our protection against all the works of evil that seek to destroy our family.

Remind us of what the bible tells us and allow us to spread our grace across the land as one united family. Amen.

Prayer For Family Healing After Arguments

Dear God,

I ask for your mighty hands that you may hold my family together during these uncertain times. Protect us from the wounds that result from the harmful instruction of the evil that manifests in the division of family members after disputes.

Remind us to seek truth and light in your wisdom to guide us through the darkness[1].

Grant us the compassion for the pain felt by our other family members and give us the encouragement to understand them the same way you did to the people that nailed your Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross.

Help me become a safe place for my kin and give me the ability to understand where they are coming from.

Let us find rest in you as we restore ourselves and become one family unit, the way you would want us to be. We ask this through the precious blood of your Son, Jesus, Amen.

Prayer For Family Healing From Unhealthy Attachments

Lord Jesus Christ,

We come to you on behalf of our family members whom we love but have fallen to the influence of evil.

Forgive them of all the sins they have committed, fix them and their broken hearts, and be the spiritual shelter they need in this chaotic world.

Allow them not to be further influenced by the works and the power of evil and help them fight their own spiritual battle. Bring healing to them, Lord Jesus, and help them live again in eternal life with you as you promised. For these, we pray in your name and grace. Amen.

Prayer For Grandchildren

As I age gracefully and my health begins to slow down, Lord God, I pray that you keep my grandchildren away from any forms of temptations.

Free them from any illness that may come their way and allow them to live their life to the fullest as I did in mine. Let them not go astray and let them be familiar with your words through the bible. Amen.

Prayer For Family Healing From Illnesses

Dear God,

Hear this family healing prayer and let your holy spirit take over the body of (name of a sick family). Grant them the physical healing they need, and let your healing hand save them from certain death.

Help them to overcome the obstacles of their life journey, and may your grace and glory serve as their physical resting place.

Let them be filled not with suffering but with your healing words. We have faith in you as you take over the life of (name of the family member who has fallen sick) as we know that you are the one and only great physician. In the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, we pray. Amen.

Family Healing Prayers For Jealousy

Heavenly Father,

Protect our minds against all ungodly thoughts about our loved ones and relatives. Remind us that as we are praying, you are equally blessing us with equal joy, love, hope, and courage and preparing us before we go to heaven.

Help us to remove all hints of jealousy, Lord, and let family love take over. Let your Holy Spirit serve as our spiritual protection as we continue to pray together as one family centered on all your goodness. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

Prayer For Family Healing After Divorce

Father God,

We ask your peaceful spirit to heal our family and all other families broken by divorce. Provide comfort for the weary members of the family.

Allow us to trust in you, bring back joy, cast away fear, carry our tired bodies, and keep this family safe. Help us, Lord, to heal from the wounds of this tragic memory, and bless us with the love that we need, Father God. Amen.

Prayer For Family And Forgiveness

Dear Jesus,

We ask for miraculous healing for our family today. Hear our powerful prayers and help us as we ask for peace and forgiveness within us as a family that is centered in your teachings.

Restore, as well, all other families and allow them to have hope to heal and forgive one another and find peace in each other’s company. Amen.

Prayer For Son

Dear Lord,

Help my son to discern better when it comes to friends, Lord Jesus. Allow him to recognize the actions that will please you and those that will not.

Allow him to grow in your words as we say our prayers together before sleeping, eating, and doing our daily routines. Give him aid as he matures to be a great leader of his future family and give him the courage that he needs when it is time for him to guide his children.

Prayer For Healing And Family Guidance

Guide our family, Lord God, together with all other families that pray before you. We ask that you bless us with peace and heal us from all of the pains we have faced before as one family.

Allow us to rest in your arms, for you are our only safe place. We are constantly praying that you free us from the shackles that prevent us from reaching you and give us the protection that we need against all works of the devil. Amen.

Prayer To Reunite Our Family

Lord God,

Bring my whole family and me back together, for you know we have been apart for too long. I constantly pray this prayer, Lord, for I know that you are the only true God capable of doing unimaginable things.

Heal our relationship and renew us as we surrender our life to you. Amen.

Prayer For Daugther

Dear Lord,

Do hear me as I say my prayer for my precious daughter. As I raise my daughter, allow me to be as stern as I can be, but at the same time, as gentle as the breeze.

Allow her to see my actions as something that will help her improve in her future endeavors. Give her the chance to grow as she faces her struggles independently, so that she may become the capable mother that her future children need.

Prayer For Care And Loyalty In Families

Lord God,

Allow both care and loyalty to grow within members of every family. Let thy Holy Mother be a good role model for us and remind us that apart from you, our families are our refuge.

Allow us to support anyone’s struggles and let true care overflow from every action we take. For these, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Family of 3 and Prayers for Family Healing


May these prayers be of great help to your family. May they grow in Christ Jesus and become the responsible stewards of the Lord and spread His words to the ends of the world.

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