15 Inspirational Prayers For Favor And Breakthrough

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In the tapestry of life, we often find ourselves seeking divine intervention and guidance, especially when navigating challenges or pursuing our deepest desires. One powerful way to connect with the divine and invite favor into our lives is through the art of prayer. This collection of heartfelt and purposeful prayers for favor is designed to uplift the soul, align our intentions with higher forces, and open the floodgates of divine favor.

Whether you’re facing trials, seeking success, or simply yearning for a touch of grace, these prayers serve as a beacon of hope and a channel for cultivating a profound sense of favor in every aspect of life. Prayers are powerful and can have a great impact on your journey toward blessings and favor.

Key Takeaways

  • Prayers are meant to seek divine intervention and guidance in times of challenge and to cultivate a profound sense of favor in various aspects of life.
  • These prayers encompass various themes, including seeking God’s blessing and mercy, yearning for God’s kingdom, and asking for strength and wisdom to grow as Christians.
  • Prayer impacts one’s journey towards blessings and divine favor, highlighting belief in the transformative and uplifting power of prayer.

Prayer To Desire For Blessing And Favor Of God During Many Hardships

Lord, our true God,

In this time of hardship, hear this prayer for favor, and let your Holy Spirit come down to this earth and protect us from the temptations that desire to destroy us.

Bring us closer to you with every word from the Bible.

Look not into my sin but at my faith in you.

Help me not to sin again and live a life anchored in Christ, as you have directed me.

All these things I pray for in the name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Favor And God’s Blessing

Heavenly Father,

Send the Holy Spirit among your people, and grant us the perfect gift from heaven.

We pray that you bless each life with your grace and mercy, Father God, to help keep our spirit pure until your second coming.

May multitudes of people experience your truth and presence.

Inspire us with your righteous acts and shield us from the superficial love that the devil offers.

We adore your power forever, and we offer this most popular prayer for favor through your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Favor Today, In The Name Of Our Mighty God

Heavenly Father,

Listen to my powerful prayer seeking your favor, and grant me the gift of dwelling with you in your gracious abode for a lifetime.

Oh, God, bless me with the strength to help me succeed in what I do.

I am not asking you to make me rich, but to help me live an abundant life.

I only ask for the mornings to be filled with your presence without worrying about my children’s welfare or the welfare of my loved ones.

Allow me to do the things that, I know, will glorify and honor you as our eternal Father.

Hear my prayer for favor, Lord, through your Son, Christ Jesus.


Prayer For Favor And God’s Mercy

Our most forgiving God,

Send down your Holy Spirit and absolve us of the wrong things we have done in the past.

More than every good thing we have in this world, direct us to aspire for your kingdom and leave everything behind.

May our hearts be touched and not become blind to the fleeting sources of happiness.

Allow us to anchor all our aspirations in life to you.

This is my prayer for favor, Lord.

a person immersed in prayer, eyes closed, bathed in the ethereal light streaming through stained glass windows

Prayer For God’s Favor And Good Gifts

Good Lord,

Your peace rules both heaven and earth, and your Holy Spirit surpasses all.

As you have bestowed on my life, I pray that you bless me with your glorious love, joy, patience, and wisdom.

With your grace, I pray that you help me not lose sight of the right path leading to your truth.

I also pray that you grant the lives of others with your power.

Allow them to prosper, and lead them to build unwavering relationships with you as our mighty creator.

This prayer for favor I ask through our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.


Prayer To Receive God’s Kingdom With A Whole Heart


I receive you as my one true redeemer[1].

With my prayer for favor, I offer you my allegiance.

I trust in you and all of your ways.

I am more than thankful for all the undeserved graces you have brought into my life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer To Empower And Grow As Christians

Lord God in heaven,

Bless our lives with your wisdom, and fill our spirits with your blessings.

Speak to me in tongues and encourage me as I meditate and read the Bible.

Give me strength as I fight for your name against all those who want to defile it.

With your truth and love, assure me that I will live in your kingdom forever.

Help us become mature Christians with all the undeserved blessings and favors you have bestowed on our lives.

Let your grace fill my heart and strengthen my faith as I walk through the valley of temptations.


Prayer To Pursue God’s Special Favor And Wisdom


With this prayer for favor, I ask for your heavenly wisdom.

Help me make the right decision that will bring glory to your name.

Grant me the discernment so that I can judge between right and wrong with care.


Prayer For God’s Goodness And Great Love

Everlasting Father,

Bless our lives with your Holy Spirit, and let your blessings overflow and strengthen our faith in you as our God.

With your love, forgive us for all the things we have done that led us down the path of unrighteousness.

We ask for your compassion in your glory and continually pray for your understanding.

As we pray, we fully admit that we will never live a Christ-like life, but with unwavering faith, we offer you everything we do in this world through this prayer for favor, in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Favor And Guidance From The Merciful God

Compassionate God,

Hear my prayer for favor and guide me through the direst moments of my life.

Remind me of the reality that you are always with me and will never abandon me.

Help me with my endeavors and carry me in your arms as I ask for refuge.

a hand holding a parchment, with sunlight casting warm golden hues on it

Prayer For A Favor From The Lord God Almighty After All Sins Committed

Father Lord,

Bless our spirits with your love.

Fill our souls with your Holy Spirit, and allow us to honor you as our true creator.

All the blessings I have received are undeserved, Lord, but you still endowed me.

Heal my spirit, Lord, and cleanse me of all the trespasses I have committed in the past.

Let me not fear the abomination, for your Son already died on the cross just to save us from eternal death.

Let your blessed spirit guide me on my way out of the caverns and see the morning sun as it shines over my life.

All these I ask through my prayer for favor, in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For God’s Favor To Help Walk Uprightly


Help me today and direct me to do everything that will please you as my eternal God.

Help me walk upright and seek no wrong in others.

Remind me of my human nature, and do not let me deviate from what you have taught me as your follower.

Help me change other lives the same way you changed mine.

This is my prayer for favor, Lord.


Prayer For God’s Favor And Guidance To Seek His Righteousness

Father God,

I know I have lived a life that is not under your will.

Today, I am praying for you to cleanse my world with your holy word and glory.

Let your love be my ultimate reason for seeking your peace and righteousness.

Do not let the good things here on earth blind me.

Please allow me to become a reflection of your blessed provision for your children.

Through my prayer for favor, I ask you to redirect my life away from the pains of hell.


Prayer To Desire The Goodness And Prosperity Of God


No good thing in this world can exceed your grace.

God, with my prayer for favor, I ask that you help me be prosperous enough to sustain my family and me.

Likewise, I permit you to use me as your instrument to help others who are currently struggling.

Allow them to see you through my actions.

Above these, please help me to desire the kingdom that you have promised as your Son died on the cross.


Prayer To Seek The Fulfillment Of The Promises Of The Lord

Blessed Father,

My soul rejoices to know that your glory will bring us salvation and that your word will guide our spirit to righteousness.

Let your face shine over us, and do not let me worry, for you are in control of everything—my life, my job, and my relationships.

Your blessing alone will suffice and sustain me until I enter your heavenly home.

Hear my prayer for favor, Lord, as I offer it through your Son, Jesus Christ.

a person praying on a mountain peak, with the wind tousling their hair


Jesus, our Lord, bestows favor and honor even on those who have fallen to their knees because of the wrongs they have committed. As Christians, we should acknowledge the truth that our God is merciful and is always willing to welcome us into his house, just like how the father of the prodigal son welcomed him after the mistakes that he had committed in the past.

As we embrace these powerful prayers for favor, let us carry forth the assurance that we are enveloped in the boundless compassion of our Heavenly Father, fostering a renewed sense of grace and favor in our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Powerful Prayer For Favor?

A powerful prayer for favor typically involves heartfelt requests for God’s guidance, blessings, and intervention in one’s life, especially during challenging times.

How Do I Ask God For Favor?

To ask God for favor, one generally prays with sincere intention, seeking divine grace and support in various aspects of life, often emphasizing trust and faith in God’s plan.

What Psalm Is The Prayer For Favor?

The Psalm often referred to as the prayer for favor is Psalm 57:1: “Show me your favor, God. Show me your favor. I go to you for safety. I will find safety in the shadow of your wings.”

How Do You Pray For Divine Favor?

To pray for divine favor, you should ask for God’s blessings and guidance, express gratitude, and show a deep faith in God’s plan and timing.

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  1. Let’s pray for perfect pain free health. That people will stop living in greed and start learning to love themselves. Because, only by learning to love themselves first, can they truly begin to love other’s.
    Let the world healing begin.

  2. If you don’t truly love yourself first, before other’s, and you still have hate, guilt, envy, jealousy, pride, ego LUST and all those other sins in your heart, just how on earth do you have room for GOD?
    If you have God in your heart, then you won’t have room, for all that other stuff, cause that’s ALL it is, STUFF. God is LOVE, and there’s no room for STUFF. So, get rid of the stuff and make room for GOD.

    • Love him back.
      Can I get an AMEN?
      AMEN. Thank you lord, thank you Jesus, thank you holy ghost. Amen, amen, amen.


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