15 Prayers For Fear To Help You Find Peace In Times Of Anxiety

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Frightening moments can be daunting at first, but they can turn into an excellent opportunity to work on our own prayer lives and come to trust our Lord to help us when dealing with fear-filled problems that we all face every day.

Allow these prayers for fear to work on the things that cause fear and anxiety and turn them into something that will help you grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. Seek inspiration from Bible verses and fear nothing but God. Use the same Bible verses to cast out all the works of the devil and have peace with our true King.

Key Takeaways

  • Prayers addressing fear and anxiety can foster growth in faith and reliance on God’s power and love to overcome life’s challenges.
  • Incorporating prayer into daily life, through dedicated moments and meditation on scripture, enables individuals to experience God’s peace amidst fears.
  • Trusting in God’s Word and promises provides strength and protection against fear, encouraging believers to find solace and courage in their faith journey.


15 Powerful Prayers For Fear

Prayers can transform lives—not just your own but those around you. May God’s peace and love mark your journey as you overcome fear and anxious thoughts through prayer.

Prayer For Fear And Anxiety To Subside

Dear Jesus,

Hear my prayer as I humbly come before your mighty presence.

I pray that your grace and power will bring me the peace I need to overcome my fears in life.

Please help me not worry about all the problems in this world that are ahead of me.

Strengthen me with your word and shield me from the darkness that seeks to cloud my thoughts and hinder me from having freedom from the spirit of fear and all anxious thoughts.

Please help me not to lean on my understanding and shine your eternal light.

In the name of Christ Jesus, I pray.


Prayer For Fear To Rest In God’s Perfect Love

Dear God,

Forgive me for the things that I have committed in the past.

I come before you with this prayer for fear, as I am afraid and seeking refuge against fear, death, and darkness.

Hug me with gentle kindness and clothe me with your perfect love that exceeds the love of my parents or any type of love here on earth.

Let the night pass and help me let go of the fear that I feel right now.


Prayer For Fear And Troubled Hearts

Dear Lord Jesus,

Fill my spirit with your kindness, and teach my heart to have courage when my fears start to cloud my thoughts and actions.

Hear my prayer and carry the excess burden that my heart can no longer hold.

Pave my path to lead me to your righteousness, and help me escape the chains of fear that cause me to struggle with what I do.


Prayer To Overcome Fear When Overwhelmed

Heavenly Father,

I acknowledge that I’m afraid of the overpowering problems right now, but I know, oh God, that you hear my prayer for fear.

Be my brother and help me with my struggle.

God, please carry me the way my mother carried me when I was younger; let me be as strong as my father; and help me overcome my fear.


Prayer To Walk Without Doubt And Worries Of The Darkness

Dear God,

Please help me walk in your truth and never be afraid of the uncertainties in life.

Use your words against all the fears, feelings of being worried, and inhibitions.

I cling to your promises, Lord, and I trust your saving embrace to rescue me from the trouble of my past, present, and everything hereafter.

Answer this prayer for fear and lead me away from this dark path and into your peace and joy.


Prayer To Seek Light And Overcome Fears Of The Future

Dear Father God,

The future’s uncertain, oh God, but I trust your eternal light to cast out every fear that I have.

With this prayer, I ask you to save me from eternal death, Lord God, and help me be more confident in your provisions for me in the coming years of my life here on earth.


Prayer To Have Faith And Courage When Overwhelmed

Lord Jesus,

I praise you, and I glorify your holy name.

I humbly come before you with my prayers for fear and ask you to grant my spirit faith and courage during the overwhelming moments of our lives.

Hear me, as I am constantly praying that you grant me the patience and energy not to get easily exhausted as I deal with my earthly problems.

Please remind me of your mighty power, which is far superior to any of my difficulties in life.

All these things, I pray in your mighty name.

man praying in the dark with smoke around him and prayers for fear

Prayer To Guard Your Heart During Fearful Circumstances

Dear Abba Father,

As I face my circumstances, walk with me and safeguard me during frightening situations.

Hear my cry and allow me to grow from these experiences so that I will become a better servant of your mighty legion.

Cover me with your love and define my existence with your kindness.

Hear my prayer for fear, Lord, and open my eyes with your living miracles.


Prayer To Be Encouraged Even With The Spirit Of Fear

Heavenly Father,

Keep me calm, Lord, and allow me to see your truth and undying hope every time the sun rises.

Let me not be afraid of all the uncertainties of this world, and grant me rest, for I am vulnerable to being tired as I am dealing with my problems

Allow me to cling to all your promises and support me as I try to be undaunted by fear that seeks to challenge my loyalty to you.

Please grant me the self-discipline I need to dedicate my life to glorifying your mighty name.

This prayer for fear I pray through your Son, Jesus.


Prayer To Silence The Deafening Fear To Fail


Guide me away from living a life devoted to pleasing other people’s expectations

Clothe me with your love, God, and remind me that my failures in life do not define me as a Christian and a devout believer in your miracles.

Help me see the reality of failure and start a new beginning with the lessons that past actions have taught me.

With this prayer for fear, please help me fight the expectations of others in my life and grant me the power not to be afraid of failing in everything that I do.

All these, I pray.


Prayer To Protect You From Troubles And Anxieties That Seek To Destroy You

Lord God,

Protect my delicate soul against distress and anxiousness that seek to ruin my allegiance to you.

Hear my prayer for fear and grant me additional protection against the corruption of my spirit.

All these things I pray in the name of Jesus, your Son.


Prayer To Assert Control And Dominance Over Enemies

Dear Lord God,

As we live our lives here in this world, help us assert our dominance over fear and other works of the devil.

Be with us, and help us not be afraid or worried about defining the things we fear the most.

Cast over us your power to bring hope into our hearts.

Allow us not to be scared of the days to come and remind us that aside from uncertainties, there are great opportunities ahead where we can showcase our gifts as devout Christians.

Listen to our prayer for fear, Lord.


Prayer To Seek Comforting Words From A Family Member During Fearful Times


Hear my prayer for fear, and grant me the comforting words that I currently need.

Use my family—my mother, father, and siblings—and allow me to feel your mighty presence through them.

God, lighten up the load that I am carrying right now and allow me to see your goodness in others.


Prayer To Have A Sound Mind

Lord God,

Despite the towering concerns of my life, health, job, and family, I ask that you grant me my healing.

Help me not to worry or be scared in moments filled with fear.

Grant me a sound mind and a spirit filled with peace, so that I may no longer hide from every frightening matter.

Hear this prayer for fear, Lord God.


Prayer To Seek God’s Goodness To Not Be Consumed Of All My Fears And Pain


Help me see your goodness in the little things in life, and do not let my fears stop me from being the person you want me to become.

Use me as your instrument [1], and help me become a blessing to others in need.

Hear this prayer as I offer them through your Son, Jesus.


Tips To Incorporate Prayer Into One’s Life To Overcome Fear

On the journey of faith, fear can often creep into the lives of God’s children, hindering their progress and peace. However, through the power of prayer and reliance on God, fear can be defeated and inner peace can prevail. Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate prayer into one’s everyday life, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and grant God’s peace.

  1. Embrace The Wonderful Promise: As the children of God, we have the wonderful promise that when we seek him in prayer, he will grant us his peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). Recognize that this peace is available to you in the midst of life’s challenges and uncertainties.
  2. Prioritize Time For Prayer In Everyday Life: Make prayer an essential part of your everyday life. Dedicate specific moments throughout the day to commune with God, seeking his guidance, strength, and wisdom in your everyday activities. By consistently connecting with him, you invite his presence to bring inner peace and calmness to your spirit amidst the demands of everyday life.
  3. Seek Peace In God’s Presence: Amidst the chaos of this broken world, find solace in the presence of the Holy Spirit through prayer. It is through his guidance and empowerment that you can experience God’s peace in a tumultuous world. The Holy Spirit provides the strength and assurance needed to navigate life’s challenges with confident hope.
  4. Meditate On God’s Word For Inner Peace: God’s Word tells us of his promises, love, and faithfulness. Spend time daily meditating on scripture that speaks to overcoming fear and finding inner peace. Let his words permeate your thoughts and emotions, reinforcing your confidence and hope in him. It is in his presence that you will discover true freedom from fear and experience the depths of his perfect peace.
  5. Pray For God’s Peace To Overcome Fear: Ask God to infuse your heart with his peace that transcends all understanding. Pray for his perfect peace to guard your mind and heart against fear, anxiety, and worry. Trust that in his love and faithfulness, he will provide the peace that surpasses human comprehension.
  6. Find Peace In God’s Promises: Throughout Scripture, our good God has given us numerous promises that offer comfort and assurance. Meditate on these promises and pray for the Holy Spirit to help you completely trust in them. Cling to the promise of God’s perfect peace and find solace in his unchanging nature and steadfast love.
silhouette of a woman praying in the dark and prayers for fear


Taking a deep breath will help us face moments filled with fear, hesitation, and uncertainty. However, dealing with our worst fear may require us to draw strength from our Savior himself, be born again from the teachings he has given this world, and trust in all of his plans for us.

It is completely normal to worry about the things that lie ahead of us, but during these times, we are challenged not to be afraid, for we should know that we have the most powerful weapon that any person could possess, and it is the Word of our Lord God from the Bible. Trust in his name, and no death or harm will come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Prayers For Fear?

Prayers for fear are invocations or supplications to God seeking comfort, strength, and peace in the face of fear, anxiety, and uncertain circumstances.

Can Prayer Really Help With Anxiety And Fear?

Yes, prayer can really help with anxiety and fear by providing a sense of peace, comfort, and a deeper reliance on God’s power to overcome challenges.

How Often Should I Pray To Overcome Fear?

You should pray to overcome fear as often as you need, making prayer a regular part of your daily routine to continuously seek God’s guidance and strength.

What Bible Verses Are Good For Combating Fear?

Bible verses such as Isaiah 41:10, Philippians 4:6-7, and 2 Timothy 1:7 are good for combating fear, offering reassurance of God’s presence, peace, and power.

Can Prayer Impact My Physical Response To Fear?

Yes, prayer can impact your physical response to fear by reducing stress, promoting a sense of calm, and potentially lowering anxiety levels through spiritual peace.

How Can I Incorporate Prayer Into My Life To Deal With Fear?

You can incorporate prayer into your life to deal with fear by setting aside specific times for prayer, meditating on scripture, and seeking God’s presence in moments of anxiety.

What Is The Importance Of Trusting In God’s Word When Praying Against Fear?

The importance of trusting in God’s word when praying against fear lies in the power of His promises to provide assurance, strength, and peace, helping believers to face and overcome their fears.

Are There Specific Prayers That Can Protect Me From Fear?

Yes, there are specific prayers that can protect you from fear, which typically involve seeking God’s protection, guidance, and peace to shield the heart and mind from anxious thoughts and situations.

Can Praying With Others Help Alleviate Fear More Effectively?

Praying with others can help alleviate fear more effectively by fostering a sense of community, shared faith, and collective support in God’s promises and protection.

How Can I Make My Prayers More Effective In Overcoming Fear?

You can make your prayers more effective in overcoming fear by praying with sincere faith, focusing on God’s attributes of love and power, and incorporating scripture into your prayers for affirmation and strength.

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