15 Prayers For Friends And Family To Achieve Success In Life

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A good friend and an understanding family are important for any person to have a well-spent life. In the Bible, God commands us to love the people around us—friends, parents, siblings, and relatives—even if it costs us our lives, as stated in John 15:12.

Go through this list of prayers for friends and family to express how thankful you are for them and to wish them success in life as you pray before God, our Father[1], friend, and Savior.

Prayer For Friends And Family Members To Have Good Health

Dear Lord Jesus,

Hear me as I say this prayer for friends and family.

With your grace, bless them with good health.

With your ever-present power and glory, cover them with your miracles and strengthen their bodies to be able to withstand any form of illness. I pray for my mother to be in good health. I pray for my father to have strength.

Let them find comfort in you today, whenever they struggle.

Grant them protection and guidance as they walk on their own.

I pray these prayers for friends and family in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Friends And Family Members To Experience God’s Never-Failing Care

Father God,

I praise you, and I glorify your holy name, Lord. Hear the prayer of your faithful child, and allow my friends and family to experience your care.

Guard their hearts against distrustful thoughts and wrong motivations. Through this prayer, be with them, Lord God.

Bless them with the ability to appreciate and offer their thanks for all your provisions. For all these things, I pray in the name of Jesus.


Prayer For Friends And Family Members And Their Genuine Happiness

Dear blessed and loving Father,

Hear my prayer for friends and family, and let your blessings fill their spirits.

Let your presence grant them genuine happiness and instill your words in their minds to give light and wisdom to their thoughts.

Help them realize that no earthly desire can satisfy their soul, similar to how your power grants joy and contentment to anyone.

I pray that you forgive my family and friends whenever they deviate from every word you speak.

These are the desires of my spirit, Lord, and I am praying for them in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Friends And Family Members To Have Hope Amidst Trying Times

Almighty God,

During these difficult situations, I pray that your words bless my family and friends.

Allow them to find comfort in you, draw strength from you, and feel loved as if they were your children.

Restore the hope in their hearts and allow their spirits to feel worthy of all your blessings.

By your grace, protect their faith in you and spark the hope that flickers inside of them.

Bless my family and friends with blessings and good news, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer For Friends And Family Members To Find Wisdom In God’s Presence

Lord God,

I offer this prayer of thanks and rejoice, for your kingdom will soon be open for your devoted children.

I pray that you bless my family and friends with knowledge and wisdom through this prayer.

Allow them to think like you and take responsibility for the actions they have taken.

Thank you, Lord God, for this wonderful fellowship that gives me the strength and inspiration to do what pleases you as our Lord and Savior.

All these, I pray, through your mighty Son.


Prayer For Friends And Family Members To Have Forgiveness With One Another

Lord God in Heaven,

Let your face shine and remind my family and friends of your peace and grace.

As I am praying for my loved ones and my friends, grant them the gift of forgiveness through your holy word and wisdom from the Bible.

Fill this world with sweet love and compassion, and let us build a good relationship with one another during our existence here on earth.

Let kindness win over pride, and may the lives of our loved ones be filled with joy.


Prayer For Friends And Family Members To Find Inspiration In The Scripture Of God

Lord in Heaven,

Listen to my prayer and grant my family and friends the inspiration that they need to help them keep moving forward.

I ask through this prayer that you will be with them every step of their expedition to your righteous kingdom.

As you inspire them, grant their flesh the strength that they need to overcome all the works of evil.

All these things I pray for through your Son.

Silhouette of a Family and Prayers Friends and Family

Prayer For Friends And Family Members That Have Died But Have Never Forgotten

Lord God,

Hear me as I pray this prayer for the spirit of my friend and all my loved ones who have died.

I pray that you allow them to enter your kingdom and live their spiritual lives to the end of eternity.

Forgive them for all the sins they have committed while still here on earth.

Fulfill your promise to your children and grant them the guidance they need as they journey through darkness.

Hear my prayer points as I offer them in Jesus’ mighty name.


Prayer For Friends And Family To Find Encouragement And Support


With this prayer, I pray that you encourage the people I love to do the things that will bring praise to your mighty name.

Remind them that I am always behind them and will support them whenever they need a shoulder to lean on.

Allow this to serve as a reminder for them and a whisper to their hearts, for they have me as their confidant.

All this I pray for in the name of Jesus.


Prayer For Friends And Family To Find Help During Challenges

God, our Father,

Let your goodness be a blessing for the lives of my friends and loved ones who are currently having difficult moments in their lives.

Allow them to see your truth in their lives and have faith in all of your provisions.

Grant them patience during every hard time, and help them remember that challenges are meant to serve as an opportunity to strengthen their faith in you as our Father.

Let the Bible speak truth to them, and don’t let any enemy hinder their enlightenment by your goodness.

All this I pray in the name of Jesus, your Son.


Prayer For Friends And Family To Find Their Paths That Lead To You


Listen to my prayer, and help the people I love find their way to you. Let them see your goodness in every little thing they experience in life.

Remind us to live a Christ-like life as we wait for your second coming.

Pave the path away from detrimental actions driven by temptation, and allow them to realize how powerful you are over anything.


Prayer For Friends And Family To Fill Their Heart With Good Intentions

Lord God,

Hear my prayer and send your holy spirit down to my friends and loved ones, asking them to have good discretion.

Lead them to better things that seek to help them prosper spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Allow them to remember you in dire circumstances and accept their heartfelt prayers from this world.

All this I pray for in the name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Friends And Family To Heal Their Past Wounds


As we move on with our lives, grant the people I love healing.

Heal them from the wounds they acquired in the past and help them see the silver lining in every difficulty they face.

Hear this prayer and work most miraculously.


Prayer For Friends And Family To Be Filled With The Mercy Of God

Dear merciful God,

Grant the lives of my friends and my family the blessing that will allow them to find success and abundance on a day-to-day basis.

Fill their lives with your mercy, and I pray that you help them go through their struggles.

Prompt them to have a good prayer life so that they may be able to talk to you despite the present clamor.

This is my prayer, Lord God, in the name of Jesus.


Prayer For Friends And Family With Untimely Death

Lord God,

Let the souls of my loved ones rest in your kingdom till eternity.

Welcome them with a festive celebration, and grant them your promise of eternal life away from sin and pain.

Friends Standing on the Field and Prayers for Friends and Family


Your friends and family are your safety nets whenever things do not go as you want in this world. A good friendship or an open household are the best agents whenever you wish to vent out emotions like sadness, anxiety, and even delight.

Through these prayers for friends and family members, you may express your sisterly or brotherly love toward the person who plays a good role in your life. Praying for them is a single act out of many that will help you show how thankful you are for their present help.

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  1. I wish love for my family people and friend..I wich to have the best home and car in my life.I like to have my job carrer lightly and live in abundance


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